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YbomAcademy  Academy of Fashion and Crafts


Don't be hidden. You are a city set on the hill. Here is an opportunity to showcase your creativity to the world.

If you want to turn your idea to reality, pls call him...
Tell him you are from Ybom
You are bound to succeed.

Congratulations @thewcommunity
I have really enjoyed being a part of the community and look forward to so much more.
#wis3 #kidpolis #thewcommunity

who says u can't learn by proxy? Even online students are making us pride.
Nice one by @jahdezzy1
Distance is no barrier, it's all in the mind.
Ybom Academy of Fashion and Crafts has a package for everyone. 08033901697. Officialybom@gmail.com

I rep ybom.
She wanted it as simple as possible and she was pleased with what she got. Wish we could get a fuller view.
#ybomtrained #Fashionacademy #fashioneducation #fashionschool #womenempowerment

Oya turn up
Find your passion and follow through. We all don't have to make skirts and dresses, our gentle @tipzobis took a step further to jazz up her fashion design skills, a final year student but already turning her passion to profit.
It's in you, tap it... #ybomtrained #fashioneducation #Fashionacademy #fashionschool #womenempowerment

OK now. Let's keep it coming... Despite shuttling between academic and fashion school, she never ceases to amaze me with her designs and effects. Sometimes I tease her if she is a geology student or a fashion designer.
Well done Titi, it's really worth the effort.
Don't limit yourself, add a vocation to your CV, it goes a looooooong way.
If Nigeria made the likes of @houseofmabellaevents @tedadesigns @h.o.p.e.fashion and so many other women making waves, there is nothing stopping except your mind.
For training enquiries,
call 07080380948 or
visit ybom academy of fashion and crafts, iyaniwura house, as his junction, Ibadan.
#ybomtrained #womenempowerment #Fashionacademy #fashioneducation #patternmaking

It feels good to see your mentees coming up strong. Well done Latifat.
#ybomtrained #fashioneducation #womenempowerment #creativemind

The choice is yours...

Enjoy the holiday but don't forget the reason for the season.
He didn't carry the cross for weight lifting, neither did He endure the flogging to marry a fulani lady nor did He wear the crown to be the next Oba of Benin.. He did it for u, ur family & I. I pray that His death & resurrection will bring to u, ur family & I salvation in Jesus Name, Amen. Happy Easter.

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