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Ok I’m in bed and I’m thinking about wanting to play a practical joke on someone I know.
What’s the best / worst practical joke that you’ve played on someone or that was played on you?

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“The biggest coward of a man is to awaken the love of a woman without the intention of loving her.”

He’s here!
Jasper has arrived to live at @kingfisherwildlifesanctuary in his snazzy new enclosure!
He’s been really chilled considering he’s never moved home before and there are so many new sights and smells to explore!
Thank you to everyone who helped get him here!
He’s a Fantastic Mr Fox! 🦊❤️

Bunyip is laughing at YOU! 🤪
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Here Kitty Kitty 🐈

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Bodysuit: Here Kitty Kitty sequin bodysuit @lovechildboudoir

“You will see that plus size women are more than capable of marketing the seduction that is lingerie.
The reality is that lingerie is worn by everyone and the trepidation that Victoria’s Secret displays by continually excluding what may be perceived of as an “average woman” is fraught with archaic notions of idealised beauty. We are fortunate to be living in a time of change, in which many, like @volup2 are actively choosing to showcase the beauty that is humanity. The glorious allure of authenticity. Yes there is still this aspirational aspect of glamour, but it is grounded in normalcy.”
Photographer: Velvet d’Amour

How it looks when I’m in a hotel room in Manchester uploading new sexy images to OnlyFans.com/yazminthefox 🧠

Excuse me for a while.
While I’m wide eyed and so damn caught in the middle.
#strong #weak #lg

I don’t often share my day to day job with you guys here on my modelling page, I usually only post it on my wildlife page @kingfisherwildlifesanctuary
But I’ve had more and more of you ask to see what I do each and every day, and so I thought I’d show you....
As you can see, my life is definitely not as glamorous as it appears on Instagram 😜

Today I was called to a vet that had just received a tawny owl into their practice.
They had said that they’d seen a lesion inside the mouth but weren’t too sure what it was so could I come and take a look.
I had an inkling that it might be Frounce, which is the raptor equivalent of canker which is found in pigeons and doves.
Frounce is a yeast infection of the digestive tract (similar to thrush) caused by a protozoan called trichomonas. This debilitating condition is transmitted to birds of prey through eating pigeon meat, the causal bacteria being present in the crop of a dove or pigeon host.
The typical signs of frounce are white spots in the mouth or crop, often described as "cheesy" or "white plaques.”
I had some of the correct medication on hand so I took it with me and once at the vets I was able to confirm that it was indeed frounce.
We mixed the medication into a paste of highly digestable formula and I carefully syringed it down the owls throat.
The cheesy growths can often cause a complete obstruction of the throat and so you need to be very careful when pushing a tube down an affected birds throat.
The owl came back to the sanctuary and after a period of rest I tube fed it again but noticed tiny maggots that had started to feed in the tissue inside and around the birds mouth.
Cleaning minute maggots is not exactly a fun job (especially when you were half way through cooking dinner😩) but it’s very satisfying when you clear all the parasites away and you feel like the bird may have a chance.
Frounce and canker are sometimes far too advanced to treat successfully and we lose many birds to this horrible disease....but it’s always worth trying!
Fingers crossed the little tawny owl makes it through the night. 🦉❤️

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