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I like mi fanta with no ice ☀️

This is the only thing I own that is not activewear/swimwear

Ayyyeee London wasssguuuud I'm back📍

Bye for now Bahrain☀️
(100% here for this turban life)

flexin my calves at u 🐮


SINGLE DUMBBELL WORKOUT🤘🏼 I only had one dumbbell so made this lil single dumbbell circuit. HOWEVER I've said before and I will say it forever, it is so important to training single sides in every area! This is a total body workout that will not only challenge your whole body but will help you pin point areas you need to work on to improve balance and strength as well as prevent injury.
1. Stiff leg deadlift➕bicep curl➕lateral raise
2. Single arm row➕press up
3. Glute➕tricep kickback
4. Squat➕turned out side lunge
5. Single arm sit up


water baby 🍊

Lunge variations▶️
If you're like me and find normal lunges pretty uninspiring then try a lil circuit with a few of these variations. Use a weight to increase intensity or just use body weight
1. Curtsey to side lunge
2. Lunge with leg raise
3. Clock lunge
4. Woodchop lunge
5. Lunge pulses
6. Front to back lunge
7. Lunge burpee variation

Morning Dubz 🐫

That's a booty fairy on my leg ✨

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