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Hey guys! Come to the @marvel booth at 6:15pm for the big #SDCC cosplay contest! @castlecorsetry and @mmmmmiya are judging, and I am hosting!

First photo of ZhenJi from Dynasty Warriors 8!
I will wear this costume tomorrow at #SDCC, just to wander. If you're a photographer and would like to shoot with me, drop me a line! ✨
I'll post progress images and share techniques after SDCC, until then:
Silk dupioni dress & bolero. Fully lined/boned.
Gold fabric used for Phoenix is the metallic 4-way stretch from my @joann_stores line. As is the two-tone taffeta for ruffles.
Embroidery designed by me, digitized on @oesd_embroidery software.
Everything was sewn on @berninausa machine & embroidery module.
Phoenix was designed in 18 pieces, for more placement flexibility.
I used my @mccallpatterncompany M7218 patter for the bolero!
#dynastywarriors #cosplay #yayahan

I went to the #WestWorld Experience and they let me keep the hat!! So flipping badass!
You have to get an appointment card at the Hilton Bayfront to do the Experience. Lines are long but go early, swap with friends, and know that it's sooooo worth it!
#sdcc #hbo #blackhat

Thank you so much, @heruniverse, for inviting me to partake in the Fashion Show last night! It was magical and inspirational, and so uplifting! Dreams came true!
Congratulations to all the winners! Check out the fashion show on my InstaStories before it disappears this afternoon!
@hottopic #sdcc #heruniverse #heruniversefashionshow #hottpic

I have a front row seat to the @HerUniverse Fashion Show & will update live on my Instagram Stories!! @HotTopic #heruniversefashionshow

Don't you hate it when both, the computer repair shop, and the bank, are not open, just when you need to start a Revolution?
#sdcc #mrrobot #fsociety #bankofe

Here are some of my fave InstaStories from last night! Keep an eye on my Stories this week for live updates at #SDCC!
#previewnight #marvel #dccomics #sideshowcollectibles

Finally! After 4 months I did a photo shoot with ZhenJi! Proper photos coming in!
Thank goodness for San Diego's breezy weather. Even with the sun out, I didn't melt!
Preview Night at #SDCC is up next! Are you excited?!?! #yayahan #cosplay #dynastywarriors #dynastywarriors8 #zhenjicosplay

New Fascinator Hats Pattern! 🎩
Visit ➡️ yayahan.bigcartel.com to purchase!
Five adorably-shaped, fascinator-style hat sewing patterns including witch, tricorne, heart, top, and pillbox fashions! Designed by @yayahan for @mccallpatterncompany! What would YOU make with them?

#cosplay #sewing #millinery #crafts #fashion #yayahan #mccallspatterns

Vegas, you were fun in the most extra way. Until next time! .... Hello San Diego!

In honor of #GameofThrones' season premier tonight, have a throwback to my best #SDCC memory - cosplaying Daenerys for the first time, and getting to meet GRRM and the cast of the show after their epic panel!! I read the books for the first time almost 20 years ago, and they remain my absolute favorites.
Super ridiculously excited for the new season!!! (thank you Kevin Green for the photos!)

I'm still in Vegas, but it's time to chat #SDCC though. I have decided to take it easy this year, and not do any signings. I am very sorry to those who were hoping to easily locate me next weekend. I have been coming to SDCC since 2007, and have spent most of every edition behind a booth, or running from booth to booth. Last year, I missed SDCC, and I have been working very hard in the past several month, the latest project unveiled being the Bernina B590 Sewing Machine Expert Campaign. I really would like to take the advice of my family, friends, and many of you guys, and actually take a break. I don't get to see much of SDCC usually, so I am really excited to sleep in, go see my favorite artists, do some off-site activities, and generally be a fan!! There are only two events I will be participating in: 💥Thursday - Judge for the @heruniverse Fashion Show, by @hottopic, 6pm at the Hyatt 💥Saturday - Host for the @marvel Becoming Cosplay Contest, 6:15pm at the Marvel Stage

I will be hanging out around the Marvel booth the afternoon of Saturday, so you are guaranteed to meet me if you head over there! For the rest of the weekend, I will be more than happy to stop for a selfie, or a chat if there is time, and if you have stuff on you for me to sign, I'll be glad to do that as well. I feel like I'm generally very easy to spot with my purple hair lol!

Please feel free to follow my twitter and Instagram @yayahan, I will post updates through out the con!
Thank you in advance for understanding, and I'm sorry for not being more available during such a big event. 💜

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