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Yaya Han  ✨Cosplayer/Costume Designer/Entrepreneur✨ "booking@yayahan.com" ➡️Need some cute animals today? Watch my vlog on visiting Bunny Island!


My @ukoalabag has been with me all around the globe! Brian and I moved from the south of Japan (Saga) up to Tokyo with 2 backpacks, and our #ukoalabags. They are durable, comfortable, and stylish. Most importantly, the leg strap/waist strap combo keeps my valuables safe!
Can't recommend them enough! #wanderlust #yayaventures

Escaping into the woods today, before I buckle down and craft for the rest of the weekend.
Nice day for a hike and a Pokémon hunt! Though I missed all the Legendaries WEEP

Sharing more Zhen Ji photos!
We found a fountain, so naturally I had to sit in front of it 😝
Costume made by me, photo by Brian Boling
➡️A few construction notes:
- I made a mock up of the dress, tailored it, and cut the asymmetrical hem. Used that as the pattern for the dress + lining.
- outer dress is made of dupioni silk
- gold swirls and Phoenix are home made appliqué pieces, designed by me, embroidered, and hand stitched onto dress
- gold fabric & dual fantasy dupioni are from my @joann_stores fabric line
- sleeves are gradient dyed - bolero made from my @mccallpatterncompany M7218 Peacock pattern
- all embroidery and sewing was done on @berninausa machines - hair & hip pieces made of dyed fabric roses and various coque feathers

#dynastywarriors #cosplay #yayahan #zhenjicosplay

New obsession - ita bags! Canvas bags that you can decorate with anime and fandom merch, then protect with a clear sleeve. It's a super creative way to show your dedication to a show, as you are literally walking around with a collage of your favorite characters lol. I got a lot of Yuri On Ice items in Japan, and realized that this is the absolute best way to display them!! I ordered my blue ita bag from @aitaikuji, it arrived quickly and was perfect for my Victuuri keychains and badges. Aren't they precious?? It took me a couple of hours to decorate the bag, with most of the time taken up by prepping the keychains, and figuring out placements. It's super easy and fun! What do you think, should I make a video about how to decorate ita bags?
Browse #itabags and #yurionice items on www.aitaikuji.com and get 10% off storewide with code "YAYAONICE10" ❤️

New bright hair, for these hot summer days @roguehairstudio outdid herself! I'm excited to see what it looks like curled, and with extensions in!
#vividhair #pulpriothair

My next convention is #DragonCon!!! I am going FOR FUN, after missing most of the last 3 years! I do have a booth - Floor 2 Dealer Mart, F201-F202 - and will be there at designated times each day to meet you, do autograph and take photos!
Also really looking forward to cosplaying this year, and doing lots of photo shoots. Photographers ask me all the time how they can secure a shoot with me, and honestly, it's super easy and only dependent on time! Email me with your portfolio and ideas, and don't hesitate to ask me in person to shoot if you see me walking around in costume.

Schedule coming soon!
Cosplay of Zatanna from DC Bombshells made by me
Photo by @omg_dj_judy, taken at Dragon Con of course!!

A little hello video during a hectic summer! I’m about to get some time to sew, so expect some progress posts! I have hoarded a pile of materials, tools and notions, and finally managed to carve out some me-in-my-craftroom-time. FUZE in hand, playlist ready to go, I am stoked!
What are your goals this summer?
Get your FUZE here: http://bit.ly/2uchQEI #Ad #sponsoredby @drinkFUZE

I love ordering #YuriOnIce merchandise from @AitaiKuji, and now you can shop all of my favorites! Get 10% off storewide w/ "YAYAONICE10" ❤️ I'll be posting some merch reviews soon, keep your eyes peeled if you are #YOITrash like me!!! #Repost @aitaikuji (@get_repost)
❄️ Aitai☆Kuji is happy to announce @Yayahan!!! On Ice, a collaboration to celebrate the Yuri!!! On Ice anime! ⛸
For more details on our collaboration, please check the link in our bio!
➡️ aitaikuji.com/yaya-on-ice ⬅️

Book readers who are also cosplayers ➡️ Jon & Dany photo shoot back in 2011!! Six years before they met in canon! 😂
Jon Snow - @cobheran
Daenerys (Qarth attire from 2nd book, hence small Raeghal) - @yayahan
Photo by @omg_dj_judy
What do you think of the new season of #GameofThrones? We're past the books, so I have multiple small heart attacks every Sunday! I really miss the pacing of older seasons, but I understand they have to wrap up the story. Despite the cringeworthy speed, I like a lot of what's happening! I just wish that I could have experienced these long awaited and hoped for scenes through George's writing. Season 7 is like an elaborate and expensive preview for "The Winds of Winter"...
Only 2 episodes left!!! 😱😱😱
#asongoficeandfire #cosplay #daenerystargaryen #jonsnow

Sewing day! Making a Top using M7554 by @mccallpatterncompany, and 3 different fabrics:
Scuba Hex (2 way stretch)
Jumbo Stretch (4 way stretch)
The first two are available at @joann_stores, as a part of my @cosplayfabrics line!
These are some heavy duty fabrics, so I expect to be able to wear this Top until the Apocalypse.... 😆
Might post some sneak peeks on Stories

As promised, Bunny Island video is live, over on YouTube!! I can't tell you how much I needed to work on this video, and to channel my negative feelings over today's events into something positive.
Please click LINK IN BIO to watch the full video. Time for a bunny break. Take a deep breath, and know that right now, there is a whole island of happy, unrestrained rabbits enjoying their freedom on the other side of this planet. Snuggling each other, living together, regardless of color of fur, or heritage.
Let's be more like the bunnies. ❤️🐇

I am genuinely disturbed by the situation in Charlottesville today, and have spent hours following and processing the horrors unfolding. For mental health's sake, I decided to unplug for a while, and work on a vlog from my visit to Bunny Island. 30 minutes in, the postman rings... and brings me this ray of sunshine. My long awaited Katsuki Yuuri Nendroid. He is so precious and beautiful and I will take it as a sign to not give up on humanity yet. Uploading Bunny Island video to my YouTube today (LINK IN BIO), for those who also need a healing dose of cute animals.

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