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Yaya Han  🇨🇳🇩🇪🇺🇸 #Cosplayer #CostumeDesigner #CreativeEntrepreneur ✉️ booking@yayahan.com ✉️ ✨2019 Yaya calendar pre-order are open!!! Shop now:

Are you ready for @Dreamhack Atlanta this weekend? Whether you are a gamer or cosplayer, you shouldn’t miss out on this premier event - Friday through Sunday at the Georgia WCC!

There is still time to sign up for the Dreamhack Cosplay contest, which will be broadcast from the Main Stage and be full of cash prizes! Check the website for full info: www.dreamhack.com/atlanta

I really encourage you to enter if you have a costume you are proud of! But even if you’re not cosplaying, please feel free to say hi if you see me around the con. Aside from judging contests, I will also have an Autograph session on Sunday at 3:30pm in the Community Zone Meet & Greet area!
So that’s your guaranteed chance to meet me! .

See you guys soon at #DHATL! . (Photo by @pixelettepinups)

My favorite cosplay shoot from Japan was Oiran Sheryl Nome for month July of the 2019 calendar!
The print run is underway so I will be signing and shipping your calendars very soon!
It’s not too late to grab a copy at ⭐️ yayahan.bigcartel.com
⭐️ or click Link in Profile .

This was a shoot I had dreamt about for years!!! I made the costume originally because I was enchanted by the Geisha theme with a modern anime twist, and because it really embodies Sheryl’s confident glamorous idol star personality! When I thought of the Japan cosplay trip, I was determined to use the traditional Japanese set at Haco One for Sheryl. And - it worked! The opulent set complemented Sheryl’s rich colorful costume perfectly, and we even had a ton of props to play with! .

This photo is only available in the calendar, and it will mark my 20th year anniversary of cosplaying in July 2019. It truly is very dear and close to my heart ❤️ .

The best way to support me and future cosplay creations such as this is to purchase a calendar, so thank you so much to everyone who has participated in the pre-order so far! .

Photo by Brian Boling
Assistance from @royal_kawaii_ and @rtp_lostlink .
#macrossfrontier #sherylnome #macrosscosplay #geisha #animecosplay

Wandering around Shibuya all soft and comfy in @osleepyboi. I LIVE in this hoodie and you can too! The first collection of chic street wear launches tomorrow at www.sleepyboi.com! .

I want the hat and the naptime hoodie LIKE STAT 💤

Queen Junko demands your attention! ⭐️ The calendar files are at the printers, so you can expect your orders to begin shipping before the end of the month! 🤟 .

This Junko photo will be month September! I carried the crown (and Monokuma) all the way to Japan and back and this shot was so worth it! I always have a blast cosplaying this character because she is so crazy and expressive! . ⭐️Don’t miss out on the 2019 calendar edition - check the link in my profile! ⭐️ .

Costume made by me
Photo by Brian Boling
Base wig from @ardawigs
Contacts from @ttd_eye
#danganronpacosplay #junkoenoshima #junkoenoshimacosplay #monokuma #danganronpa

My Lace Butterfly Wings are on sale right now--link in bio! Intricate and flexible, they weigh less than 2 ounces and have subtle ¼ inch stretchy backpack-like straps. 11 colors available!

Photos by Brian Boling
Featuring @yayahan and @soniaralynn

#butterflywings #lace #uniquegifts #butterflyfairy #cosplaywings

#Dreamhack Atlanta is next weekend! I will be judging the big #HRX Cosplay Contest on Saturday, Nov 17th, where cosplayers from around the world will compete for $15,000! My fellow judges @shappiworkshop and @vrykolakosplay and I look forward to meeting everyone at #DHATL18! Best of luck to you, hope you won’t mind us crawling all up under your costumes 😬🤣

Waaah, I only NOW feel recovered from Japan and especially Halloween in Shibuya! It’s been over a week!!! Let’s just say it was a UNIQUE experience! I had a lot of fun because I was in a sizable group and everyone looked out for each other, but it would have been very easy to get swept up in the crowd. I saw almost as many gaijin as residents, many many dressed up and rowdy. The MVPs were the police officers who worked tirelessly to keep order. Sonico was well-recognized (unsurprisingly) but I wish I had worn a costume with tall boots. I was so short that night and the streets were like not clean (🤮that stuff). We left at 11:30pm before the trains stopped running, and apparently after midnight a lot of crazy shit happened so I’m glad to have missed it. Just check out @shibuyameltdown if ya curious....
Thank you sooooo much to @aitaikimochi, Claudia and Jennifer for being my girl squad, and of course it was awesome to see @rtp_lostlink, Mike and their crew! Brian, as always, humors my life #bless 🙏. So yeah, do this if you’re in Japan over Halloween, but stay vigilant and safe. Do not push over any cars!
#halloween2018 #shibuyahalloween #shibuyacrossing #supersonico #hachiko

Look how cute @dearhannah is in my Tattered Bat Wings and Small Fantasy Horns, available at the link in my bio! She even customized the horns with red detailing. Nice!
#Repost @captainpuertorico_ (@get_repost)
#sundayfunday with my friend @dearhannnah from our Dothan shoot. Thanks again @fanaticonbama for helping with this event. -
📸 by @captainpuertorico_ -

Madam Hydra image for my 2019 calendar! See the listing at yayahan.bigcartel.com
click Link in Profile 🐍

Can you believe the cosplay studio had a cyberpunk/army set with a rusty green door?? This costume has been through a lot and one of the pleathers is sadly starting to disintegrate, so I’m really glad to have some nice photos of it! I made Madam Hydra before starting my @cosplayfabrics line and finding fabrics was difficult to say the least. Now I design fabrics with durability and strong finishes because I don’t want to see disintegration happening. .

If you want to support me and the costs of the mad dash trip to Japan to do 12 cosplay shoots, consider grabbing a calendar! The first 300 orders get a free exclusive print and I’m running low on those! .

Photo by Brian Boling
#madamhydra #vipercosplay #comicbookcosplay #marvelcosplay #yayahan

New photo of Lynn Minmay from Macross! I swear, this character has been off and on my cosplay list for many years, but often, a more complicated project would demand my attention. In September, I finally set aside a few days to sew the outfit, and it’s super cute and comfy! Really easy to travel with too (as long as i bring the travel steamer). I had all the fabrics already, some hoarded from several years ago, and the wig was an older @epiccosplaywigs I kept around, possibly for this exact project!
My sparkly contacts are the clear sky lenses from @ttd_eye, and I spent an ungodly amount of time on the animu makeup that day.

The photo was taken inside Booty Studio, a cosplay studio near Shinjuku that had a whole idol room! Thank you Brian Boling for the pic!
#macross #macrosscosplay #lynnminmay #yayahan #animecosplay

Zero Two is Miss December in my 2019 calendar! I thought the cool tones were perfect for a winter month.
This is my latest costume, made from scratch with red stretch vinyl and white Ultrapreme from my @cosplayfabrics line. I used my @mccallpatterncompany bodysuit pattern. The backpiece was borrowed from @stellachuuuuu and I also used her pattern for the hip parts as well as plan to make the backpiece for myself. The horn headband was made by @cosplus3d, and the wig was a Venus in Sera Pink from @ardawigs.
I love this character’s design, and am happy to finally have a mecha plugsuit of my own.
The 2019 calendar will be full of brand new never before seen photos like this one, and we are going to the printers in a couple of days! To get in on the pre-order deal of a free exclusive print, visit my shop ➡️ LINK IN PROFILE ⬅️ Photo by my trooper Photog Brian Boling ❤️
#darlinginthefranxx #zerotwocosplay #darlinginthefranxxzerotwo #darlinginthefranxxcosplay #002cosplay

It finally feels like Autumn, and I am almost recovered from the past.... bazillion trips. My next con is @dreamhack Atlanta, Nov. 16th - 18th, and then @holidaymatsuri in Orlando, December 14th - 16th.
I’m booking limited appearances for 2019, so if you’d like to see me at your local convention, please recommend me as a Guest to the organizers! The misconception is that I just contact whatever con I wanna go to and they bring me in, but actually I wait for events to contact me first. I know, not super proactive. Call it a leftover habit from past cosplaying days 🤷🏻‍♀️. If anything, I depend on you guys to recommend me so your con organizers know that peeps wanna see me at their show!
Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta and Orlando!

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