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Yaya Han  #Cosplayer #CostumeDesigner #CreativeEntrepreneur ✨ booking@yayahan.com ✉️ Cosplay materials, patterns, signed Yaya merch & more available at:

....Is this my Competition Judge Face 🤔🤔🤔?? @pixel_stitcher captured some moments during @japanweekend Barcelona’s Cosplay contest and I can’t get over dis face 😂
I really love meeting cosplayers and helping judge competitions, because it’s a special intimate moment and I get to see the extra work each person has put into their costumes, as well as understand their motivation and passion for the character/series.
Basically thank you always to every competitor who allows me to make this face at them and flip their seams 🙏🙌👏
#cosplaycontest #judgeface #yayahan

Does anyone else watch #VioletEvergarden??? I am so in love with this anime, and decided after 5 episodes to make Cattleya’s costume because she is #waifu. She reminds me a bit of Camilla (FE) and Lulu (FFX) ❤️. I think by now it’s clear that I’m into vivacious yet wholesome big sister characters! I suppose I relate 😳...
It’s another simple costume but I am really happy to express my love for this gorgeous feelsworthy series by cosplaying from it. I am now caught up with all 10 episodes and have cried through each of them. The season is coming to US Netflix in April and I highly recommend it.
As for Cattleya, I’m sewing a bit on her at my parents’ home in Germany. My #McCallsPatterns M7644 came in super handy! 👍
#yayahan #cosplayprogress #violetevergardencosplay

Alright, here they are! #YuriOnIce Barcelona real life/anime location comparisons! SWIPE to trash out with me!
Thank you @pixel_stitcher for indulging me and helping me take many of these photos. We even roped my mom in as a stand in 😨

Now that I have real-life-anime’d Karatsu/Hasetsu and Barcelona, would anyone be interested in a blog guide post with the locations to visit themselves?
#yayaventures #animeinreallife

BERNINA USA is randomly giving away ONE BERNINA 215 sewing machine to a lucky winner. All you have to do to enter is post a picture of what you are cosplaying this year using the hashtag #iwantaBERNINA215. (You must also be following @berninausa.) You can enter as many times as you want for the duration of the giveaway. Giveaway runs from March 17, 2018 2 pm CST through midnight CST of March 20. Open to U.S. only, ages 18 & over. Please make sure that your profile is open (not private) to be eligible. Don't forget to use the hashtag 😘! @berninausa #yayahan

Drowning in Barcelona photos! In two days, I managed to see Plaça Reial, Sagrada Família, the Cathedral, Parc Güell, Casa Batillo, and so so much more. Yet there are so many sites I missed. Which means another trip must happen in the future!!! (Now how long do I have to wait to upload the real life/anime comparison photos?) #barcelona #yayaventures

(Forgot to post this)
Blackcat D.Va - Overwatch

I made this costume for fun over a few days with fabric I already had on hand! I thought it was such a cute skin, and that my cosplay ears would be perfect for it.
The ears are my fox ears, that can also be used for kitty and wolf costumes etc. You can get them via the Link in Bio!
The wig + clip on extensions are from @ardawigs! They were perfect, I just trimmed the bangs a little!
The fuchsia fabric for my bows is actually the dual fantasy dupioni from my @cosplayfabrics line! I just used the backside of it!
I got the tights printed up on ArtsCow.com with a design created by @missmessymia!
The gun is the usb charger you can get on eBay lol! I repainted it!
Lastly, my mom gave me some real freshwater pearls from her days of making jewelry, so my accessories look extra fancy! 😆

So yeah, super silly floofy loli cosplay to kick off the year! Shoutout to @thejinxcosplay for encouraging me to do this hahaha!
#overwatchcosplay #blackcatdvacosplay #yayahan #blackcatdva #blizzardcosplay

After 2.5 days of walking around in Barcelona, I am still gobsmacked by the beauty of this city. Haven’t had time to post much cuz there is so much to see and take pictures of, the hours just run away from you. Expect a lot of latergrams soon...
For now, there are some updates from today on my stories. And, well, this was taken at the Parc de la Ciutadella... Please tell me every cosplayer in Spain has taken photos here?! What would you shoot on these steps? When am I coming back here in a costume?!! Thank you again @japanweekend for giving me the opportunity to visit awe inspiring #Barcelona!! 😭❤️
#yayaventures #parcdelaciutadella

I pulled a Pitchit at Sagrada Família! @pixel_stitcher had to lay on the ground to get this photo for me (yay friendship!) and all the tourists around us looked at us like we were insane. Sweet!
Swipe to see the actual selfie I took, and there are a bajillion Barcelona videos on my stories today if you have a moment to check out all the places we went to!
Even without Yuri!!! On Ice, I have wanted to come here all my life! But now, this visit is even more precious to me! 💜💙
#yayaventures #sagradafamilia #yurionice #phichitchulanont

Is it fate that my first photoshoot in Barcelona was at the Cathedral?? As in “that Cathedral”! This was so worth getting up at 5:30am for! Thank you @pixel_stitcher for this pic - can you believe it’s a BTS photo?? I will share the photoshoot results whenever I can! 🖤✌️🖤
#witchercosplay #yennefercosplay #yayahan #barcelonacathedral #thankyouforeverythinguptonow

A closer look at my new Yennefer costume from #Witcher3. This is definitely version 1 and I will be remaking/finishing parts of it ASAP. I literally started this in March, and estimate that I put about 4 solids days into it. It was truly a speed build for me, and I’m just glad it was wearable this weekend lol.
The most fun part was choosing the fabrics and creating different color tones and textures.
The knee pads are 3D printed by a company called Prop Forge, I got a paint-ready set from their Etsy shop and omg they saved me so much work. I would not have finished this costume in time without the damn knee pads! Everything else I made myself, and oddly enough, the stupid leather boot toppers took the longest! Even more time than the cincher!
I definitely enjoy Yen’s look and the combination of Smokey eyes, pouty lips and raven hair 😆 #teamyennefer all the way...
#witcher3cosplay #yennefercosplay #yayahan

Day 2 of @japanweekend Barcelona! Or, #Witcher3 Day!
@pixel_stitcher really wanted to cosplay Triss and Yennefer together, so we made these costumes in less than a week 😱
I’m so happy we got them to a wearable condition! Hannah looks so perfect as Triss, and I feel more like myself as Yen (compared to the loli madness yesterday 🤣). Heading out to the con now, but I posted a full body Yen pic on my stories! 🖤
#witcher3cosplay #yennefercosplay #trisscosplay

Day 1 of @japanweekend Barcelona, and first time I put on the Black Cat D.Va cosplay I recently made! Super love the wig & clip on ponies from @ardawigs 💕
And of course I’m using my own cosplay ears! You can get these in my shop - link in Profile haha!
#yayahan #overwatchcosplay #blackcatdva #blackcatdvacosplay

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