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4/1/94 - 10-10/15
Feeling very sad today! We lost a very special little girl, a bright light in our family circle. I just found her where she had gone to sleep. Hopefully dreaming of younger days, chasing balls, climbing cabinets, scaring mice, and curling up in Daddy's arms at night. Meaux Fourche was born April 1, 1994. She was a Dilute Calico Manx. Her mother was feral and Meaux was borderline. She epitomized the old saying, Crazy Calico", there was no where she couldn't go, no heights she couldn't climb. When I would come home from work, she met me at the door and would discuss, at length, all that had occurred at home that day. She always brought A smile to our face and joy to our heart. I will dearly miss my Crazy Little Old Lady. I love you, Meaux!

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I'm not a sleep, I 'm just resting my eyes!

Happy Halloween from my niece, Rosie. She is a little Diva, as you can see. She keeps asking to meet @kobi_bob_and_dillon she says when she gets through with those three they'll be pussy cats! Calm down Rosie, leave the boys alone, long distance relationships never work out.

HAPPY BIRTH CERTIFICATE BIRTHDAY TO YOU! It has got to be so much fun having 2 Birthdays! Hope you have a fun day.

She's beautiful not only outside, but inside too! My daughter, Shannon. @sshadburn

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday Dear Tanner Dane Shadburn,
Happy Birthday to You!! Poppa and YaYa love you so much, you're the sweetest boy ever. We love you.

You have brought more joy to my life than you will ever know.
You are the greatest Granddaughter God has ever made,
and I thank God for you each and every single day of your life.
I can not imagine my life without you in it.
I love you a bushel and a peck
and a hug around the neck,
my sweet Cami Lynne
xo xo xo xo ~
Happy 14th Beautiful Baby Girl! @cami_lynneeee

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#mcm my darling husband, Duke. @papa6083 he has gone through so much, lives in so much pain yet he still fights on! He means more to me than he will ever realize. I couldn't go on with out him by my side. He loves my daughter and her children as if they were his own flesh and blood and does without so they can have. He is the true meaning of the word MAN! 1-4-3x100

Brand new paw. Never been used. #pawineveryhand #pawineveryhand51

Such a wonderful day. Rare time spent with my family. My beautiful daughter Shannon @sshadburn and my sister Frances and favorite brother-in-law Louis Smith. My sister taught me all I know of life and love. My daughter taught me the depths love can go!

My Darling Daughter, @sshadburn Shannon. She is beautiful, loving, smart, strong, loyal, and giving. She is a much better woman than I. Love her with all my heart! #wcw