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Yasu Tano  My long awaited 3d modeling Patreon is LIVE! Go check it out now!


Made some progress over the weekend on my K2SO statue build with the 3d modeling from scratch. I can officially say that most of the legs are done and all I have left to complete is the head, torso, and arms.I should have that done this week! Then I can get cracking on printing all the parts using the new printers generously sponsored by @monoprice.

Also all of the modeling has been recorded, I just need to edit it and post to youtube!

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#starwars #makersgonnamake #craftyourfandom #monoprice #maker

Just managed to finish the first 3d model of the new Halloween event McCree skin revolver. The stl will be available to folks on my Patreon chooser tier link is in my bio @yasutano. I will be offering a limited run of 3d prints as well on my Etsy store.
Now back to the bigger modeling projects.

I am super excited now, some of the sponsorship printers came from @monoprice this evening. Time to get cracking and install them into my new enclosure setup and start printing the droid for the CES reveal!

#monoprice #3dprinting #3dprinters #k2so #starwars #ces #ces2018

Exciting news folks I haz a Patreon now.
So if you have ever wanted access to my STLs for personal use this is now the way to do it. I offer 3 reward tiers ranging from $1 to $10, all of them get access to my STLs!

The link to my patreon is in my bio link @yasutano or type it in www.patreon.com/hirocreations.

I am super excited to announce that I am a proud owner of brand new #Fillastruder filament extrusion kit. For the uninitiated, this device can take most raw plastic pellets and turn it into usable filament for my 3d printer.
Which means I can start producing my own small batches of custom blends of filament like conductive or carbon fiber filament at a fraction of the cost.

This might be another game changer folks.

#3dprinting #3dprint #3printed #3dprintedcosplay #cosplay #makersgonnamake

I 3d modeled this awesome Warhammer 40k bolt pistol for fun and for a random projects far off in my future.

#warhammer #40k #warhammer40k #warhammercosplay #bolter #3print #3dmodel #craftyourfandom #3dprintedcosplay #3dprinting #3dprinted

Doing a K2SO 3d modeling stream tonight at 8:30 on #twitch. Come hop on for a fun and Q&A craziness.

#3dmodeling #starwars @3dprinting #k2so #3dprint #3printedcosplay #monoprice #rogueone #thelastjedi #droid #craftyourfandom

After about 7 semi serious days worth reassembly, repairs, upgradess, and organization the print room is looking really good. A few days ago I went to my local @ikeausa in Vegas and it felt like I bought out all the Läck tables to have 7 new enclosures for all the printers I am getting from @Monoprice for the K2SO project.

And to answer your inevitable question, yes this room is very hot--which is great for the prints I am running.

Now to create a filament storage area to keep my @ic3d_printers and @sainsmart filaments nice and dry. And of course finish out the Läck table enclosure builds.

Once all the printers are up and running, it will take me days, not weeks to print new sets of power armor. That will be a sight to behold.

#3dprinting #3dprintedcosplay #3dprinter #3dprinted #powertothemakers #cosplay #cosplayroom #craftyourfandom #lacc #maker #makersgonnamake

Wanna see something cool?

This is a benchy printed with @sainsmart TPU and as you can tell by my rough handling is virtually indestructable.
I honestly believe that this in the very near future is going to be the defacto material used in 3d printed cosplay because its precise, has the flex of foam, the durability of a tire while still holding the correct shape, and very reasonably priced at about $30 per kg.

Oh and it is crazy easy to print on both direct drive and bowden systems.

#3dprint #3dprintedcosplay #cr10 #cosplay #benchy #3dbenchy #3dprinter # powertothemakers #craftyourfandom

Finally properly settled in and ready to kick into phase two. That was marked today with getting a resupply of #TPU from @sainsmart. Also I got my hands on a pair of awesome crimpers and a ardunio/motor shield to start assembing the electronics in the frame.

The TPU is going to be used to make the outer shells on the T-51b power armor which will be lighter and more durable than other filament types.

To top it all off they added this awesome t-shirt that I definitely will wear around the shop in thw weeks to come.

#powertothemakers #3dprint #3dprinting #3dprintedcosplay #cosplay #sainsmart #fallout #falloutcosplay #fallout4 #powerarmor #powerarmorframe #craftyourfandom

I am super excited to announce that @monoprice is sponsoring me to build them a life sized K2SO droid statue for their booth display at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

This all started when I used a pair of Monoprice Maker Selects to 3d print my T-60 armor a year ago. Since then we've been exploring ideas on how to showcase all of Monoprice's printers in one project, at least we have settled on a life sized K2SO Statue.

Monoprice will be providing me with their entire line of printers to print with.

In the next few days I will be putting up a streaming and video schedule that covers the entire build process from modeling to painting.

You have no idea how excited I am for this project!

#3dprint #3dprinting #k2so #rogueone #cosplay #ces2018 #ces #twitch #youtuber #3dprintedcosplay #monoprice #craftyourfandom

Got all my gear and printers packed up as I start my drive back to Vegas and complete my relocation back to the west coast (ish). Ohio was amazing and I had a ton of amazing experiences while making fantastic new friends, I will be back for cons for sure.

I will be driving for a few days and be stopping in Kansas City and Denver overnight.

#relocation #vegasbound #cosplay #cosplayer

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