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It was a fun experience to be able to share my pregnancy experience at The Baby Expo in midvalley the other day.

Come join me mummies, mummies-to-be or even Daddies too! Just would like to share my experiences. My stories may be useful to some as I want to share what I've learnt along the way, or maybe learnt from my mistakes. :) xoxo

Mummy used to do everything for you. Now its your turn 😀let me sit and relax.

We will go together when @eissaelzanderwong is slightly bigger n can remember the trip to Angkor ya @noahismailwong 💋
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Life is the train and not the station. -Paulo Coelho-

Happy Mother's Day to my mother Kamariah Ismail, my mother in law Khatijah Ismail, my sister @yasminsue , thank you for loving me and my children. @balqis1313 ,my sister in laws @noed7772 , Ya. I have so much respect and so much to learn from all of you. To all you mommies out there, salute and much love. I pray that all our children will grow to love, respect and honour their mummies. Ameen. 🌹

Shian my Noahkin demam today. A bit of flu n redness in throat. Kat rumah kasi dia main air, so i squeeze lemon dalam bath tub, sprinkle Epsom Salt (sebab @elementz.magnesium i dah habis kena restock really soon!), titiskan Sniffle Ease & Peppermint essential oil. Air suam kuku je. Kasi dia main sampai air tu sejuk. Bismillah.. esok nak fly pagi, hopefully he gets well really soon! (Oh of coz drink lotsa water)

The things i have to go through with crazy friends.. 😅
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'I've always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman's outfit.' -Michael Kors-
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4th class with my trainer Farell from @salvadorsboxingacademy ! Super happy coz he taught me new moves! I was tired n everytime i train i get very encouraged! Macam kena rasuk kau! Hahah sebab best sangat! Thanks Farell! Now i can sleep well.

Eissa's first swimming lesson at @splashtastik pool! They use salt in the pool so its safe for babies and todlers. Suhu pun sedap2 je, 32darjah selsius. Alhamdulillah Eissa was good and teacher pun best! Tak sabar nak tengok progress @eissaelzanderwong nanti. Mummy akan practise apa teacher suruh buat kat rumah so next time Eissa lagi pandai ye.. hehehe

Love, love, love my Mother's All-Natural Skincare range from Four Cow Farm Australia! I love knowing that it's 100% natural, organic and made with only food-grade ingredients meaning it's totally safe for baby and me (no chemicals or fragrances so safe for baby's system). I absolutely adore that their skincare is HANDCRAFTED right on their farm in Australia - you can just feel the care they have put into their range. The Mother's Rich Cream Salve can be used as daily moisturiser (it's incredibly moisturising and gentle) and their Mother's Castile Wash as daily body wash and shampoo! Their Mother's Oil is amazing on stretch marks and restoring suppleness to the skin. I can't tell you how much I love their Organic Skincare :) psssttt hey, mother's day is around the corner, it wud be a great gift for your mum, show her your love by giving her the best 🌹
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