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Yashafluff  I really like foooood (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ ❀ contact: yashafluff@gmail.com ❀ next con: ax


I've been lucky to have a Kobayashi each time I've cosplay Tohru! Thank you for the love @nyftee <3 Tohru cosplay is also for sale in my storenvy! If you're going to AX we can schedule a con pick up as well just DM me~
📸 @kaze_mike
#kobayashisanchinomaiddragon #kobayashi #tohru #dragonmaid #cosplay #cosplayer

Since I'm going to AX I'm offering convention pick up for the cosplays I have on sale in my storenvy including this cosplay (link in bio)! Just DM me if you're interested~ gotta replenish that #steakfund *u* 📸 @harrisoncosplay
#cosplay #selling #miku #hatsunemiku #liondance #cosplayer #vocaloid

Got some exciting plans for the birthday weekend~ my wish is for it not to rain ;3;!

First 2b photo back and I CRYYYY @kaze_mike made me look so cool ;;3;;!!! Also, I am in LOVE with how @danisaurz made the dress because for the slit to show, the fabric has to fold back which resulted in HELLA HIPS-- like bless no photoshop needed *____* ❤️ Also, @lumlionel made the pod and the Beastlord and even made it so it came apart for easy shipping and it all just makes this photo look even more badass!
Huge shout out to @shiro.cos for lending me her virtuous contract and to @tsikyocos @donkeyisadog for the asisst in this shot!
Honestly this cosplay and photo is only great because of everyone's help! You guys are the best and I'm forever grateful 😭❤️✨
#nierautomata #nier #2b #cosplay #cosplayer #yorha #beastlord #squareenix

When you're dead on the inside and out but you remember you were cute once. Why didn't I take today off work @___@ didn't get home until like 2 am ;;;

HAPPY <belated> BIRTHDAY @kitsurie!!! I I can't believe it has been over 4 years since you accepted this silly fangirl as your friend <3 Thank you for always being there for me whether it was for cosplay reasons, life reasons or to just to fangirl about how hot someone is in a kdrama. I cannot believe it took us 4 years to finally do a duo cosplay together but I'm not even mad because you are the Nines and I get to call you mines *//3//* (seewatididthere)
📸 @lostdumplings

Need to do a fashion shoot or something one day

Thanks for joining in on that random ass live. Also, wish this was my real hair lolol

Cosplaying with friends is always better than cosplaying alone! I've been friends with @sorairo_days since 2013, crazy how fast time passes *____*!!! 📸 @kaze_mike <3
#kobayashisanchinomaiddragon #dragonmaid #kanna #tohru #cosplay

One of my favorite shots from Blizzcon! I won't be able to attend again this year but~ might have some other amazing plans for November *____* 📸 @alive_alf
#overwatch #overwatchcosplay #dva #hanasong #cosplay

Was just blessed with photos from @alive_alf *3*!!! Awesome things happening for him tomorrow so go give his amazing photography a like <3 can't wait to hang out at AX! Also shout out to @harrisoncosplay for being best hair flipper
#overwatchcosplay #overwatch #dva #dvacosplay

New favorite boba place and honestly craving some boba right now ;3; I also want the Ferrero rocher macaron they had here.....why is it so far from meee? (It's by Tyson's Corner)

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