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Yashafluff  I really like foooood (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ ❀ contact: yashafluff@gmail.com ❀ next con: afasg


When your #steakfund becomes #helppayforappsfund LOL. Selling my Akko set! Comes with cosplay, wand, shiny rod and wig! The shoes are sold separately but are also up in my storenvy~ go take a look ✨Hehe also will have full set of pictures with group soon(ish) > u> when I'm dying a little less
📸 @lostdumplings
#littlewitchacademia #lwa #akko #cosplay #cosplayer #selling #witch

This photo was meant to be a "pretend it's comiket" joke photo but then somehow @saterialeproductions made it look hella nice. Bless 🙌 this cosplay and a couple more are on sale in my storenvy! Link in bio~

OK yah so I redownload league for the new star guardian skins LOL. At first I thought Ahri's chara was hella rude but after reading starfall and seeing the video i understand where she's coming from > u>~~~ why couldn't they have just used her academy skin for the school outfit thoooo!?
📸 @lostdumplings
#leagueoflegends #ahri #leagueoflegendscosplay

Happy birthday best birb~ 💖
#LoveLive #kotori #minamikotori #cosplay #lovelivecosplay

From igari to 🔪🔪🔪
wig @donalovehair
sweater @kinwamonster

Igari style ☺️
I haven't finished responding to everyone but a lot of people suggested simple makeup and @allison.exe suggested igari style makeup so I hope you guys like it! #jfashion #motd

flowers for m[A]chines
👗made by @danisaurz 📸 @natthirajuice

I never thought just sending in requests for recommendations would be so stressful ;;; here on day 3 without a response yet like 😰😨😰 BUT I'm really grateful to have such amazing supportive friends who have helped me edit my essay and emails and have reached out to me overall. When I first got into the cosplay community i never expected for them to help me with such...real..life events such as this. Wouldn't be able to do it without you guys 😭❤️Also, I'm super grateful to my BFF who has helped me in math since elementary to high school, now helping me in math again for grad school LOL. The cycle never ends, poor girl XD ❤️SOBS, honestly just really grateful for all the people in my life!
I'm working on responding to people slowly! Just no phone when studying ;;
💎 @cloudemporium
#jfashion #motd

Happy 10th birthday Miku! I love idols but this girl will always be my #1 ❤️✨
📸 @alive_alf
#miku #hatsunemiku #canary #vocaloid #cosplay

Really stressed out so sorry for the slow replies ><;; will try to get to everything once I send these recommendation requests out. Deep breaths in the possibilities of rejection 😨😨😨
Also this is best cold noodles and it's instant! It's paldo bibimen and now I feel like they should sponsor me since I stress eat this like crazy

Ahh~ I finally got around to checking my instagram insights and...h-hello where all the girls at!?!? P-please notice me pretty ladies!!! If I post more makeup looks will more ladies like me 😭❤️??? I'll share beauty tips!....tho er tbh it's just like mashing on makeup and tons if photoshop....BUT er anyway, I really love seeing girls supporting one another and hope that my IG can be a place for that so LADIES comment below on what kinda looks you'd like to see so I can shout random compliments at you ✨❤️! 💎 @cloudemporium
#jfashion #motd

It felt... very liberating to do non-cosplay makeup. It was just really nice to do makeup without having the artistic restrictions of a set character and personality type.
To be honest, I didn't really think it would be well received since this entire account was made with the basis of cosplay and well...this ain't cosplay XD;;;;.....BUT, you guys blew me away with your kind words and encouragement! So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your support! I'm really having a lot of fun unhobo-ing myself~ so be prepared for more!
💎 from @cloudemporium
#jfashion #motd

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