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Yas tha spaz;  South African. NYC. Meraki. Unravel your entity:

Happy birthday my “brah #brasse” Hope it’s as jiggy as your Reebok and Mr Loosey Goosey at the club. CPT JOZI NYC- whoop. @tashdancer

Rest playfully my best friend. You were the ultimate kitty. Going to miss my baby and all the character and compassion she embodied. I love you, Milakins! #sammyandmila

Enjoying our 10 minute beach "day."

@nicolagfarrell and I are in an adventureship 💍

My experimental final round at battle xchange (@pacouposcd) last week. Enjoyed this even though I felt nauseous through it all. Thanks for the love, support and exchange everyone! (where is my eye contact 🤷🏽‍♀️) #battle #experimental #streetdance #noshoeshippiechildlol

Cold chillin' + looking like a 12 year old 🐒

Playing in some sand. Thought of you and your class @maleek_washington#dance #improv #beach

Dancing with the sunset & Tubs. Momentous. 🌅 #BEAUTIFULMOTHEREARTH

My favorite part of this experience were the parts not captured through the lens of a phone camera, but I don't get to do this everyday, so I couldn't resist some pics hehe. Living. #bucketlist #adventure #southafrica #capetown #hike #SOBEAUTIFUL

Vegans out on a dessert date. What a treat to see you after so many years and have the interesting convos we had- Bex: "what milk do you drink?" Me: "almond and you?" Bex:"same." All my love, my special Bex 💛 @becca.is.love

Thanks for the shot roomie @ein.geist 🌃

3 month summer/winter "break" waiting for me after this 25 hr long ass journey home. Spare me some sun, SA. See ya in "the fall" and thank you, NYC 😜

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