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Made it out to the desert.. 💦

I hope you had nice easter 🏔 #roadtripnamibia

Your soul, it's outta this fucking world my friend.. 💦🌍 #roadtripnamibia

Never seen anything like this 💦💕😛 #LoveMyHood #benchoriginal #roadtripnamibia @benchoriginal

Paddling between SouthAfrica and Namibia with @christezz wir waren auf jeden Fall die 360° Profis 💦😂 #roadtripnamibia

Few crazy last days in the middle of nowhere 🌴 💕 with @chengloew @sabibooo @eesmusic @mrtrashpack @_janaklar_ @christezz @fresh_torge @kamera_matz #roadtripnamibia

Somewhere in the desert 🌴 #roadtripnamibia

Looking back I wonder how did life ever turn out this way... #roadtripnamibia

Make it last a life time 💦 Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Start in die Woche... 😜⌚️ @ziiiro_germany

Stay positive, work hard and make it happen... ☀️🌴 @chengloew @sabibooo 🤙🏾

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