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1 year
It's hard to believe that exactly 1 year ago, we exchanged vows and committed our forevers to each other. For the past 365 days, this woman has made me laugh, fervently stood by my side when things didn't go as planned, celebrated harder than anyone when things were great, and been the best partner on every new experience of moving to Montana. There's no one on this planet I'd rather share my days with.
@iamsamwhite, you're the one whose smile lights up the room, the on the party revolves around and the one who makes every day count. Here's to our forever days and holding hanies through all of them.

It was the last night of our 6 day trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and our lead guide, Nate, says gather around in a circle around the fire, we have a tradition.
The last night of every trip @idahoriverjourneys has the entire group go around and say what their most memorable experience on the river was. It's incredible opportunity to reflect on the previous 5 days adventure and remember the moments, the beauty, the people, and the wonder that we had just explored.
For me, it was something I had been waiting on for quite some time. Ever since we moved to Bozeman I've been eager to learn how to fly fish. My father in law @tommywhite2 gifted me a fly rod before the trip and on the river @davidwalter13 spent meticulous time showing me the ways.
For me, my most memorable experience was the fact that I learned to fish out there. The Middle Fork of the Salmon will always be special to me because of that.

We taught @ladylucyofyarby the way of the river yesterday. Clearly she had the best time. Floated the entire time we did and even partook of some craft river @coorslight.

First off, the Middle Fork of the Salmon River is one of the most amazing stretches of wilderness I've ever been in. .
Secondly, while gearing up to spend six days on the Salmon River, I quickly realized that I didn't necessarily have the proper gear to spend 6-8 hour a day on the river. The elements can be brutal (call it a by product of reading too many outdoor blogs). Here's what I learned: 6-8 hours a day on the river definitely requires the right gear, for both protection from the and coolness from the blaring sun. My friends at @stiomountain came through in a MAJOR way. .
I basically lived in these shorts and this jacket all week long. The jacket....Guys, this jacket is everything. It has an SPF of 50 and get it wet and I swear to you it actually stays cool for an hour. It's amazing and it'll be on every adventure from here on out. Thanks STIO!

We spent the last week on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. @iamsamwhite tried to prepare for the experience and countless people chimed with how incredible the river and the surrounding wilderness is. Nothing prepared me for what we experienced out there. If you know me, you know I love adventure, the outdoors, and new experiences, and this was one that not only set a new standard for adventures, but established a reconnection with nature that I didn't know I needed. More on all of those thoughts to come. For now, just enjoy this picture of the most glorious piece of wilderness I've experienced. Thanks for the memories @idahoriverjourneys.

It was a pretty memorable day taking Susan* up to Sacajawea Pass and testing it's terrain limits. We sledded, saw some mountain goats, caught in a sleet/thunderstorm, and finally saw the majestic Fairy Lake. Catch it all in my Story! .
*Susan is our #KiaSorento so graciously provided to us by @kiamotorsamerica for such adventures.

@dadyarby is the kind of guy that once you meet him, you never forget him. And he never forgets you. He's the kind of guy that hugs you and you feel his love for you. He's the guy that if you're having a bad day is the first to step up in your corner. He's the embodiment of genuine and the most selfless human you'll ever encounter. I can't believe I get to call him dad. And today, I get to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Happy Birthday, Dad!

The overwhelming sense of life that this girl brings me every single day is the source of my gratitude in which I live mine. She's constantly reminding me to stop and be more aware of what surrounds us. To consistently improve who I am & who we are as husband and wife. Whether we are alone or in a flood of people, she is always giving me a reason to smile, and mostly laugh. To the most genuine women, who refuses to sit still and is always willing to be apart of whatever crazy idea I might have, just as if it was her own....I LOVE YOU.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY @iamsamwhite! I can't believe I get to share and celebrate this life with you!

For @anthonybourdain
Bourdain called The Murray Hotel one of his top 10 favorites in the world. Right here in Montana.
"There’s something surprisingly outsized about Montana, something that reminds you constantly of the limits of yourself, that both inspires you and keeps you in check,” Bourdain said then. “Paradise Valley: One of the few places that looks as advertised. Paradise is about right.”

GIVEAWAY TIME: These are @kenetrekboots - the best damn hiking boots I've ever owned - locally made here in Bozeman and built for the trail. Lucky you! I'm giving away a pair here on Instagram! Here's all you have to do to win
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PS. They have men's AND women's boots.

What a day! The youngest yarby brother, @yardubs, married his love, @_thedailykale and threw a helluva fiesta! Congrats bud & welcome to the family Kaley!!

I've been in #Montana for 8 months now and countless adventures with @iamsamwhite. They're all new and offer an experience unlike anything I'm used to. It's April 15th and @bigskyresort is still buried in snow. Which is unreal to me. Spring skiing might be my new favorite thing. Then @iamsamwhite & @tommywhite2 said let's go to the top. I've been skiing a total of 7 times. Sure, I said, let's give it a go. It was way up there. Higher & steeper than anything I'm used to. So we went for it, obviously. Thanks to the patience & lessons of @tommywhite2 @iamsamwhite, I made it down the steepest slope ever been on. One of the best Montana days I've had yet. I have a serious weakness for these new experiences. (These images are all of Lone Peak, the mountain we hurled ourselves down)

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