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Jason Yarborough  📍Bozeman, MT | Travel | Coffee | Vlogger | A serious weakness for new experiences | Founder @TheWildLetters

Just a boy and his dog.
And the boys fleece for fall. Check out the new gear rolling out from @stiomountain. Seriously in love with everything they're putting out.

Fall in Montana is a constant Season of conflict. I love it.

This weekend will consist of adventures & pancakes. Who's with me?

For YEARS I wore glasses. Most people don't know why (check the story to find out why...It's kinda gruesome). They were a solid part of my identity.
But then I got Lasik and it changed everything. But now I'm staring at a computer screen for 8+ hours a day and the strain is causjng problems. Bright bursts of light and loss of sleep.
My friends over @pixeleyewear recently came to the rescue and sent me these computer glasses to protect from that strain & glare. They've already made a difference in how my eyes feel t the end of the day.
Do yourself a favor, pick up some Pixel glasses to protect those eyeballs. And watch my story to learn more about my eyeballs.

Evening strolls in a Thomas Kinkade.

Idaho Dreamin'
Hot Springing on the Middle Fork of the Salmon.
Taking the @stiomountain gear to its happy place.

Happy birthday to this little bundle of joy. Sure am glad I get to learn the joys of being an uncle from you. Just stop growing up so fast, but never be too grown up to jump on Uncle Jason, ok?!

Let me tell you about Debbie Burns.
First off, she's my mother. Secondly, she's the most selfless, genuine, compassionate and generous person you'll meet in your life. I've learned a lot from her recently. About two months ago, I got the call no son wants to receive. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, it was caught early. But due to the type of cancer and a dumb gene she has to go through chemo and radiation. She just finished the tough rounds of chemo called "red-devil." Sounds terrifying but she's making it seem like a walk in the park. While I know the treatments aren't easy and that the cancer itself is scary, she's brave, strong, and somehow looking g more vibrant than ever. If there's ever been a woman to kick cancers ass it's her, right now and staring down its ugly face with a smile on hers while she's doing so.
I'm watching her from afar go through this, and what I've seen is not. Woman who's afraid, but a woman who has had friends rally around her, finding strength from those friends, and embracing the moments shes going through with grace and strength. I look at her in these pictures and on FaceTime, post-hair-falling-out, and I see a strength in my mom I've never seen before. I see a smile and vibrance that's showed up more in the face of fear than I've ever seen on her. I'm learning strength and resilience from this unlikely source.
Rally around your people, during their moments. Strengthen them. Be with them. Enable their greatness. It helps. And it shows.

As the days get shorter and colder our desire to get outside is intensifying. Fall is an incredible time here in Montana, it's very short, but it's magical. Cool mornings and the eager expectation of the upcoming winter season. Around here, winter doesn't come with hostility, but with an expectancy of the new season of adventures and layers that accompany the adventures. This @stiomountain fleece is going to be a constant in adventures and everyday life. Functional fashion is everything when you live in a place such as this. Trust me, get this fleece over on the link in @stiomountain's bio. #fallingforfleece

Discovering new views like this is one of the many reasons I love adventuring around Bozeman with @iamsamwhite. Even though she grew up around these views, she's still just as enamored with them as I am when seeing them for the first time. One of the many reasons I love her beyond belief. The beauty that surrounds us never goes unnoticed.

He's always been by my side. He's taught me more about life and love and brotherhood than he'll ever realize. He's been there when I needed him most. He's cried through the bad times with me and been there to celebrate the great times. He was the best man in my wedding and his selflessness throughout the week is something I'll never forget. It's a quality that defines a Yarborough and he embodies with strength I admire. Sometimes the little brothers become someone you look up to and admire. But we never tell them that because we're the big brother and we're stronger than that. I love you @dyarby19 and I couldn't imagine going through this life with anyone else. You'll forever be MY best man and the strength in my corner. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE BROTHER!!

1 year
It's hard to believe that exactly 1 year ago, we exchanged vows and committed our forevers to each other. For the past 365 days, this woman has made me laugh, fervently stood by my side when things didn't go as planned, celebrated harder than anyone when things were great, and been the best partner on every new experience of moving to Montana. There's no one on this planet I'd rather share my days with.
@iamsamwhite, you're the one whose smile lights up the room, the on the party revolves around and the one who makes every day count. Here's to our forever days and holding hanies through all of them.

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