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Yanyah (Janja) Milutinović  • @performixdriven Pro Athlete • Former Open World Cup Karate Champion • @dayslayerhimself • Subscribe to @pregnantandfitapp for a 7-day free trial

You are worthy.
You are capable.
You are beautiful.
You are strong.
You are a warrior.
You are a champion.
Create the dream.
Celebrate yourself.
Rule your Queendom.
Finish off your work week the right way, come and ‘Get Made’ at Performix House tonight!
’Get Made’
Monday’s at 7.45pm
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And starting May 30th every
Thursday at 6.30pm as well!

I’ve got a lot of messages from younger and middle aged women telling me that they fear pregnancy, and what it will do to their bodies.
I understand their concern and worries, because your body will never be the same again. But I want you guys to know, that despite of the physical changes we go through to create a child it is still possible to rebuild your body. Maybe not to the exactly same one you once had, but with enough dedicated work you can rebuild it even stronger and better than what once was. Both visually and performance vise.
With the right guidance and support it is possible to build strength/muscle mass while dropping body-fat at the same time, with minimal time on the cardio machines and I am the proof of that.
This is my #6MonthsPostpartum transformation. I went from not being able to lift my wounded body to now being capable of squatting 225lbs ass to grass for 3 reps, Deadlifting 315lbs for 2 reps and Single arm dumbell back row 115Ibs for 6 reps. I have also managed to drop my body-fat at the same time from over 30% down to 21% , with no usage of banned substances.
For information on costume tailored meal/training plans or personal training one on one, click on the email link in my bio (This apply to everyone - pregnant not pregnant man or woman)
And for pregnancy/postpartum workout plans check out @pregnantandfitapp or click on the link in my bio for a 7-day free trial!

At #5MonthsPostpartum I had the pleasure to begin training with the legendary #BevFrancis herself at @bevsgym
Our first workout together was a very intense leg day, that left my hamstrings sore for several days after.
The motivation, inspiration and absolute empowerment I felt while training and talking/discussing with her between sets was exactly what I needed in my recovery. She had so much great advice, and introduced me to new outlooks in both fitness and in life. It was truly a honor and I can’t wait for our next workout, which will be a chest day: and who better to hit chest with than with a woman who’s bench press PR was more than what many men could squat - 335lbs!
🎥 Videographer: @lukafunduck
💊 Fueled by: @performixdriven
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#ThrowbackTuesday to when @kai.york.official was shooting me for this @nypost documentary

Life has given @tiffanygeigel reasons to make excuses, and she hasn’t made not one.
So now tell me, what’s yours?!

This photoshoot was so lit that the NY Fire Department arrived.. LITerally, no jokes.
Location: @performixdriven 🏡
Photographer: @paulacciardi.film 📸

This woman is from my world, the world of #NOEXCUSES !!
It was a honor and true pleasure to have @tiffanygeigel come and #OwnEverything at ‘Get Made’ last night.
I will be posting a video of this class to my page; keep your eyes open, if you are down for some new refreshing and super inspirational motivation by a true warrior of life.
And I would also like to give a huge shoutout to @nycbully6 for really kicking ass at my classes, week after week! It’s been amazing to see your transformation and progress, keep it up girl! 💕
#OwnYourExcuses #OwnYourShit #OwnEverything #OwnYourMind #OwnYourBody #FemaleEmpowement #WorkHard #NeverGiveUp #StrongWomen #WhatsYourExcuse

A question I often get is
- Why do you cover up Serfis eyes?
Let me start by reminding you all that we live in a new type of world, a different type of world than the one we grew up in. A world where social media is a open gate into peoples personal lives and one where privacy have became a luxury.
Baby photos once used to belong in photo-albums that only a few people where privileged enough to look through while visiting somebody's home.
Today however, all those photos are open to the public through various social media platforms and this is something that me and @dayslayerhimself would not like to partake in.
We want our baby girl to grow up with her natural born right of privacy, and keeping the integrity of that choice for her to make one day.
So now you know why we always cover up Serfis eyes..
Mommy and Daddy love you more than anything in this world; and we will do everything in our power to care, love and protect you as long as we breathe 💕

#BTS from tonight’s photoshoot at #PerformixHouse
This is the first photoshoot I’ve done since becoming a Mother and this shoot also marks my #6MonthsPostpartum
Location: @performixdriven 🏡
Photographer: @paulacciardi.film 📸
#OwnYourPostpartum #PospartumRecovery #PostpartumBody #MomBod #MomsWithMuscles #StrongMom #FitMom #FitMomsOfIG #IDiditSoCanYou #NoExcuses

The 4th trimester - probably the worst one of them all.
And for me it begun already in the hospital, a short moment after giving birth to my daughter.
After 36h of bone shattering pain from pushing out a almost 10lbs baby vaginally, my vulnerable and debilitated body was neglected the care that it needed from the hospital staff.
I was showed into a corner of a extremely small, cold and old room that I had to share with another woman. I wasn’t given the medication, nor the proper tools to clean my wound and soothe the pain.
I was weak and vulnerable and treated like a cattle animal in one of NYC best hospitals. Quickly in and out, with no emotion and empathy.
Some time after this experience I started seeing the similar behavior within my close circle. I was no longer excused for a behavior that was caused by the pregnancy, whether it was my mood swings, appetite, tiredness or pain. As the baby left my body, so did all the understanding from others. “Its always something with you Yanyah..” and yes it is!
Creating a child, nourishing and giving birth to a child takes such toll on the female body. This is something only another mother can understand.
The physical pain, the emotional confusion, the mental and hormonal challenges that postpartum brings is a part of pregnancy.
But unfortunately we have a healthcare system that are failing our postpartum mothers and who sets the tone to what we as a society deem normal during the 4th trimester. Generic “take it easy for a few weeks” prescriptions are offered verbally until an eventual clearance to “slowly resume normal activity.” This is a part of the larger problem, of complete disregard for what pregnancy does anatomically and physiologically to a woman.
#42WeeksPregnant #Postpartum #5MonthsPostpartum #PostpartumBody

Since giving birth I have managed to drop 57lbs while building my strength back at the same time. Regardless of not looking, nor performing the same way I once used to I am extremely happy with the progress I’ve obtained so far.
It’s been a slow and challenging process that has been very discouraging and frustrating at times. As hard as it has been I always knew that it would have been even harder to deal with the reality of not doing what has to be done, and that thought motivated me through my #PostPartumRecovery
As I am entering #6MonthsPostpartum in a few more days I am happy to check out another successful month and to keep pushing forward to reach my goals.
#OwnEverything #OwnYourPostPartum #PerformixDriven #PerformixHouse @performixdriven

What motivates you when you feel like giving up in your workout?
For me.. it’s the music.
The music in my headphones have me pushing through that extra rep, those last minutes on the stairmaster or the heavy weights I lift, pull or push.
How about you?

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