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Probably the only selfie you'll ever see me posted 😛 #brown #pout💋


Or whatever Social Media you post in?

It's an old tag game, but I decided to do it because I wanted to see how well I know myself

so, here's 24 random facts about me:

1. I was born at the same day as one of a (biggest) X Japan concert, 破滅に向かって, January 7th, 1992
2. I'm part Chinese
3. If I were to suggest a movie you must watch before you die, it would be "Battle Royale" (Jpn, 2000). "Predestination& #34; (US, 2014) would be at the 2nd place
4. If hipster are the first person to know about something before it goes mainstream, I'm the LAST person to know about anything before it goes mainstream
5. I have around 5 SSVVIP who I considered as a family
6. I got soo many nickname; Yanuar, Oskar, Badil, just to name a few..
7. X JAPAN = Life
8. Fav Color: Navy/ Blue
9. Fav Number: 7
10. I don't believe in Zodiac & Blood Type stereotypes; I do believe in stuffs like Quantum Physics & The Law of Attraction
11. My name could probably be a pun (meaning "In January He was Born" )
12. I'm an Anarchist
13. Fav Manga: ONE PIECE
14. I'm more of a "Music& #34; kind of person, instead of a "Movie& #34; or "Book& #34;; I read/ watch a lot of book/ movie lately, but music is still no. 1
15. I like/ prefer to hang out with people who older than me
16. I'm not religious, but I study a thing or two about religion n spiritualism especially
17. I'm an Ambivert
18. One practice/ principal I really hold dear in my life is "Radical Honesty"
19. The type of guy who will try the weird menu on the restaurant
20. The type of guy who, when he like/ on into something, usually ended up knowing everything he could possibly knew about that particular thing
21. I suffered from Depression n Anxiety at one point in my life
22. I was a Journalist for JaME (Japanese Music Entertainment) back in 2013, never thought it would be JaME! :D
23. As for what I'm doing right now (I have a business), I never thought I would be doing something like this, but looking back I guess it was meant to be
24. Want me to instantly like you? Name me something I didn't know about myself! 😉 #factsofme

They say "Always do your best! Your best may vary as when you are healthy and when you are sick. At any moment, simply do your best, to avoid regret" . But sometimes I wonder when "simply do your best" just not enough, what if I could do something better? Better than best *this was supposed to be a #galau post, but turns out to be a somewhat motivational -_-" gonna delete it soon

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