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F!TNE$$ BY Y@NN!  Trainer❌ yoga❌ weights❌ selfie's❌ This is my lifestyle❌

Just showing off, minding my businezzzz!🍷🍫🍫🍫

Chocolate fondue 😭When you're body is ALL natural and you rocking your real hair with NO make up 😜😜 natural girls are winning stop praising the fake shit 🙈🔥❤️👌🏾👍🏾

Upside down cake 🎂

#Motivationmonday Starting this week off right💪🏾 Challenge yourself❗️
set goals❗️ and conquer that shit❗️ HappyMonday 👌🏾

You bitchs can't even SPELL GYM 💪🏾🏋🏾😭 @nickiminaj

My first love ❤️ yoga on the beach 🌊

June 2016- July 2017 Same bathing suit- different results with a bomb ass chocolate tan 🍫🔥 in both pictures I weigh around the same weight😳 how you asks? 160-165
In the past few months I found myself gaining weight.. I was a little confused at first but then I learned muscle weighs way more than fat! In the first picture I'm just a little extra meaty 😂😂 Second picture I'm getting to my goal and leaning out and getting these gains💪🏾 I don't expect everyone to accept this lifestyle I chose.. "Yanni I don't want you looking like a man" 😒straight ignorance! I don't plan on competing or taking any extra supplements to enhance anything-don't worry I'm good 😊 Health is wealth! I take good care of my body and I plan on doing it until the day I die... #gymrat #gymlover #lifestyle #bodybuilding #bodyart #bodytransformation #iammyowntrainer #flexing #ebonyaesthetics #ebonyfitness #fitnessByYanni #saturday #eatclean #nutrition #YouAreWhatYouEat

Everyone wants a bigger firmer butt, but no one wants to work for it😩😩😩 save yourself the trouble of getting care credit and try this exercise often at the gym for $10 a month🤗. Targets the glutes more than squats and ladies you have to squeeze YES SQUEEZEEEEEE those Glutes to get the full affect.
yes it makes the movement tougher but it's 1000% worth it💪🏾

🍫 🍦

BEST bundles I have had in a LONG time!!!!!! Silky straight.... NO frizz, NO Shed💁🏽 @a1bundles_ baby🔥🔥🔥🔥 ladies this is the real deal At a VERY affordable price 💰!! Installed by @sumikosetgood @sumikofabulous #brooklynstylist #brooklynbundles #ItsTheBrooklynWay 💁🏽

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