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YAnna Crawley😘  bookyannacrawley@gmail.com

United Christian Fellowship International Ministries #UnitedForAPurpose Woodbridge VA

Gooot Morning! The Inner Me can become my worse enemy at times...Progression only commence when we start to fine tunes the areas in our lives we need to change. Create in me a clean heart Lord.... Clear the clutter in my cerebral space that replays and try to pull me back into the old me... I can't go back there. It'll cost me too much! Going back will only set me back!! My truth today! I'm not perfect but the Word of God I stand on will help me BECoMe and will continue to fine tune me on this life's journey!!! I will not be a repeated offender. I have to let go.... I gotta let go!! God Take over and guide me every step of the way!! From my heart! Your daughter #morninginspiration #yayamoments #Change #StillBecoming

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There is a stigma that suggests blended families can't peacefully exist, and thrive. We are here to prove that stigma to be FALSE! The "My Blended Family Rocks" One Day conference will be one to remember. In just TWO WEEKS join us in Atlanta, Ga as we help you find YOUR perfect formula by teaching how Love, Patience, Understanding, & Forgiveness will allow you to conquer every issue that may come with your Blended Family Lifestyle! Between the 8 power packed classes to choose from, the knowledge filled "General Session", and our "Blended Family" EXPERT panelists you will leave enlightened, encouraged, and EMPOWERED! This is sure to be one of the biggest investments you can make for your family's future, because YOUR FAMILY IS WORTH IT!!!! Singles w/ kids, Seriously dating w/ kids, Engaged w/ kids, Married w/ kids #WeAre #BlendedFamiliesRock Helping you create a more stable and healthy environment within your blended family. #BlendedFamilies #TheNewNorm #ItsALifestyle #Blended #BiologicalParents #BiologicalChildren #BonusParents #BonusChildren @blendedfamiliesrock REGISTER TODAY!!!! Link in bio. See you there.

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I came home after bible study and I believe I heard the father sing this song to me...i smiled and began to cry.... I pray the way I heard it blesses you ❤... no matter what you feel like..no matter what you did last night...no matter what you think you are or what you think you have failed to be it is not finished ...let the love of God heal and encouarge you tonight .....I heard him say *** You are so beautiful to me.....❤****
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In life we have moments where we just need to let it all go! Don't allow the pressure to bust your pipes! God is watching.. He's listening! He may not have been expedient in granting your prayer request but he hasn't forgotten you!! The change is coming! Please hold Fast to the confession of our Faith because he who has Promised is Still Faithful to manifest it!! Hebrews 10:23 Meditate on it today!! What a friend we have in him all our sins and grieves to bare Oh what a privilege it is to carry everything to God in prayer!!! Oh what Peace we often forfeit...<~~~~ We Forfeit the Peace that is available to us!!!! What needless pain we bare.... All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer! Leave it on him... You can not carry the weight!! His capacity is big enough to carry your load!! Talk to him!! He loves us and will never let us Go!! #morninginspiration #yayamoments #HoldOn #StillBecoming #ClassAct

Season of life!!! Change is constant; inevitable... ... Nothing stays the same! Life... Evolving... #StillBecoming Embrace this season of your life Wherever you are!The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” But one thing stands The Word of God! Heaven and earth shall pass away but my word never pass away Mathew 24:35 #yayamoments #morninginspiration

Well What can I say!! If I start this will end up a whole IG Book!! Just know this guy here has a portion of my Heart and he has a Bday today! I thank God for your life! Brother enjoy your day to the fullest! Love you so much! Hey everyone help me wish my BrotherFriend4Life a Happy Birthday!! @hart2heart 😘😘😘😘 Get Low<~~~ in my Dontavias voice!!lol

Goooot Mornting!!! Fast pace.... running the race... Living life and just going.... We have all these things to do yet we tend forget we need our Bodies to be Well to accomplish these things! Our Health... Our Minds and our bodies need "time out" some times! It's ok! Take that rest! Be well... Love y'all!! #yayamoments #morninginspiration #StillBecoming #ClassAct👑

ORLANDO I'm headed your way!!!! Alive Worship Conference!!!! Camp Hawthorn #ministry #yayamoments #singer #kingdomwoman

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@yannasoulsings and @romonarobinson will be giving you amazement on Saturday, August 5th!!!
Get your Tickets Now!! I am inviting you to attend @unitedwomeninwhite CLE
This event will provoke UNITY, BEAUTY, LOVE & WHOLENESS how exciting is that?
We have several presentations and speakers that will motivate you, make you laugh or even cry through upclose and personal interactions which are rare now a days.
This impactful event is for Ladies only.
The mission of this event is to "Embrace Other Women You Don't KNOW what it takes to be Her." We all matter and no matter the differences can be significant in the reBuilding of our communities. I am personally inviting you to come out. We know there are many events that may look similar however this is "One of its kind"
This is going to OUTSTANDING my team and I would love to have you with us.
This event is from 4:00PM to 7:00PM
Tickets are selling fast!
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LADIES...STRIPPED CONTINUES!!!! The 1st night of The Hope Conference!!!! Don't miss it!!! #TheHopeConference #FridayNightLadies #SaturdayCOED #July14&;15

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