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SO many of you have asked me about whitening, I really can't reply everyone! Those of you who aren't comfortable with jabs/drips, please try this alternative!
I've seen "Wink White" Brand products sold everywhere in Bangkok, so when @swanheartx sent me a box of Gluta
Pancea Whitening Supplements, I was super excited to try cause they're very popular and highly-reviewed here!

I'm now on my 2nd slab, and I'm pleasantly surprised and glad to say that I'm really fairer, despite being in the hot sun at least twice a week without sunblock!

I'm not someone with a lot of patience/perseverance when it comes to oral products. If I don't see results, I'd just be lazy and give up(esp cause I tried so many alr and have so many new ones to try lol). This really worked for me and it costs like $1 a day?? Really amazed by how fast it worked for me.
Just FYI, @swanheartx is an authorised distributor with a cert issued by the Wink White company, and all their products come with a holographic sticker as well as their unique code number printed on the box.
Check out Swanheartx's website for more product details, as well as Before/After results of real life consumers!

Now for the best part, quote: KAYKAYGP for $2 off Gluta Pancea orders at their website ♥️www.swanheartx.com♥️ While stocks last! -sp


if you're nothing without the suit, then you shouldn't have it 🕷️

Monday's baby blues.

One giant step towards being Snow White fair. If you've seen my IG stories a couple of days ago, you'd have seen the results of this instant whitening product. If you've seen me irl, you'd know I'm already quite fair. I didn't think a topical product could make me even fairer by this much? Scroll to see the difference between my left and right legs (the last vid features a lil cameo by bby Kash 😂). Being someone who's HUGE on whitening, I've legit tried everything except for bleaching lol. The jabs/drips are banned in SG, pills take time and can be pricey and you've to take daily for a significant difference. So if you're impatient and/or wanna be fair INSTANTLY in time for events or special days, this Voox DD cream is the perfect solution! There's also SPF 50 so it multi-tasks as a sunblock, and the texture is light plus it gives a natural glow(some whitening creams give this fake grey tinge, y'all whitening addicts cfm know what I mean) AND it is waterproof omg. CAN YOU TELL I LOVE THIS YET?? .
It's under $20 on @swanheartx, plus use this code: KAYKAY3 for $3 off at ♥️www.SwanHeartx.com ♥️And yes this is a v long caption but read on cause @swanheartx is giving this away FREE to one of you!
1. Just follow them on their IG account @swanheartx
2. And tag 3 friends in the comments section below this post!
The winner will be announced on @swanheartx next Tuesday 27th June! Good luck, my fellow Snow White wannabes! 😙 #sp

stop your crying baby
it's a sign of the times
we gotta get away 💛

shimmy shimmy yay shimmy yay shimmy ya. 👟: @adidas_sg

Too much hair for JJ Market. 🔥
If you guys are here, cross the road to JJ Green, it's the night version. More vintage and much cooler(both temperature and vibes). Opens Thurs-Sun, evening till midnight or a bit after.

New fave ripped baby blues from @103officialstore. 💦💦💦

BUT 'SCUSE ME MISTER WATCH YOUR HANDS. Just cause you've one brown eye and one blue eye... And you're the most handsome one around... And you're missing a tail... OKAY. YOU CAN PUT THEM ANYWHERE ON ME.

Found my true love at True Love Cafe. ♥️

Last night outside the secret and wonderful world of fairies and karma. Those are little bottles of sparkly rainbow magic fairy dust. ✨✨✨

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