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If you've been following my stories, you'd have seen these precious sparkles. These lab-made diamonds look just like the real thing but at a tiny fraction of the price tag. The quality is superb-- the solitaires are insanely brilliant and I find myself always staring into them. Since receiving my 2CT Eclat ring and tennis bracelet, I haven't taken them off. So stress-free when you know you can wear it in the shower, gym, club(someone told me she lost her diamond ring playing 5, 10 when she was partying 😂) or on a trip and never have to worry that much about it! Go shop at @eclatbyoui, use the code Kay30 for $30 off all orders up till this Sun. They have ♥️-shaped solitaires and with halos and pavé bands, and you can customize what you like, and there's even Angelababy's engagement ring omg I need more hands... #notsoguiltypleasures #sp

P/S: the limited ed tennis bracelet is only available this Wed-Fri at $600. And the brilliance is 💯💯💯, my gf has a $10k one and she can't tell the diff! 🙈

Excited to share that I'll be flying back and hosting the Martini event, Terrazza Night, at Cé La Vi this Thursday... Cause guess who's gon be there?? FELIPE MASSA 😍😍😍 and I'll be interviewing him 😱😱😱.
Got them butterflies in my belly just thinking about it! Event will be open to the public after 9pm, see you if you're there! @celavisingapore
#Playwithtime #MyMartiniTime #MartiniSundowner #MartiniSG #sp

Have you watched the latest ep of BOAT? This time, I'm a Sous Chef! It looks easy I know, but BTS, I spilled the entire platter of ice and seafood and caused the crew much grief #sorry! Still a super great experience overall! Special thanks to Martini and Angie's Oyster Kitchen for making this episode so fun! ♥️ Go watch the full video, link in my bio! #PlayWithTime #MyMartiniTime #MartiniSundowners #sp

and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true 🌈

Been wanting to share this since I received it weeks ago and tried it. I was using drugstore brand shampoos and my hair was legit falling out so much. Long hair is very heavy and even basic shampoo and styling(esp in some salons where they scrub/brush damn hard?) and someone putting their arm around my shoulder roughly(I hate this!) can cause my hair to break and fall. After using this Ian Zachary anti-loss shampoo(it's salon grade btw), my hair really doesn't fall out nearly as much and my scalp feels so much cleaner. It's very lightweight and there's a minty sensation when you leave it on for a couple of mins, I love it omg. The anti-dandruff one is 😍 also and smells v good(I only have 1 of each so I use that in sg). Please try this range, it is LOVE. @swanheartx always brings in the good stuff! Shop at 💙 www.swanheartx.com 💙
SwanHeartx is giving away a Free Shampoo + Conditioner set to 3 lucky winners!

Just follow @SwanHeartx on Instagram and tag 3 friends in the comments below this post to qualify!

Results will be announced on their IG this Fri 15th Sept, so rem to check to see if you've won!

Perfect lounge days in @cupsandkisses. Everything fits and is sooooo comfy I wanna just stay like this all day. 💜
Special love for the bralettes with the back hooks so my long hair doesn't have to go to battle with them 😂 long-haired girls feeling me?

Matte blood red nails with blush nude roses lovingly sculpted petal by petal by the madly talented @thistlebellenail. I say she's mad talented cause we chat the entire time I'm there and she's just as into the convo as I am and I don't even realize that the time has passed or that she has done this much work, and I leave with these. 😱 She's now home-based in Toa Payoh which is pretty central, but if you know her work, you'd know the address doesn't matter cause she's worth traveling any distance for. ♥️
Text her 90261583!

Had a shoot a couple of weeks back that left me with an unwanted tan. Got a bad heat rash and had to take meds to recover. 😞 Thankful for my trusty Gluta Pancea to get back my original fairness. I'm still not as fair as 2 weeks ago but I'm getting there! Introduced this to my Snow-white babies @ponyyzz and @shaniceawy and it's been working well for them too!
Just wanna say that there are a lot of dupes of this around that are not from the original Wink White Company in Thailand. If it's under $30, imo it's either a dupe or expiring. If you're not sure, ask to see the certificate that all official distributors should have. I've seen the @swanheartx one and they're legit. If you do buy from them, quote "GPSURPRISE" when you cart out for a free top (limited stock so hurry!). Also, stay close cause Imma jio you girls this super awesome new shampoo I'm been using that made my hair so much thicker. I'll post in my stories soon. X #Ialwaysjiothegoodstuff (some of you have asked abt the other Wink White products but I haven't tried myself so I don't wanna comment. Wait for me to try first!)

Me after 2 days of filming in SG, just hopping into a pink vintage Jag with a cloud of pink roses at Dior. #nbd #missdiorforlove #diorlovechain

Friday night vibin' in @bernscofficial. ⚡️

♡ W H I T E ♡
Those of you asked me about this beautiful piece I wore a couple of weeks ago, it's now available at @swanheartx. You can purchase it at its full price or at $5 off when you get a Beautiful Teeth Whitening Kit! Just cart out the kit with the code KAYKAYGIFT (for a free beach wear item: bikinis, sun dresses, floral and lace pieces etc) and a discount code for the romper will be sent to you. Direct link in bio. X

i'm not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts

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