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I got it. I totally got the fun and unpredictability and the taste of adventure which hitchhiking brings with it. Someone who is as used to hitchhike as I am used to take Piccadilly line in London tube, might raise his brow and say "surprised that you have never done it before..." No, I have never done it before and I Ioved the experience. We lost the count of cars we took on our way back to Nicosia, but this one was a highlight- a truck carrying long pipes in his trunk; it was high enough so we had to make an effort to get in, which, obviously, made it even more exciting. Sitting at the backseat with a hard hat and other building stuff laying around, staring at the golden fields stretched on both side of a country road, thinking that life is so simple and so beautiful and not wanting this moment to end.
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Celebrating my 38th birthday in hippy style - hitch hiking in Northern Cyprus. @dominika.prazmowska said that I needed to try something new today. I must admit, for a girl who is a bit obsessed with her personal security, this idea didn't appear very attractive at the beginning. But there was a guy with us, so I gave it a try. 3 car drives and 1 nice conversation later we safely arrived to Famagusta.
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Spontaneous photos are the best photos. 1 snap is enough to get a real picture of self. Thank you, @dominika.prazmowska
So episode 5 of my never ending series "Chasing the dream or divine redirection". Finally out, with a slight delay due to me being actually of holidays.
Last episode finished with me heading to Heathrow for my assessment with British Airways. To cut long story short (if I am able to do so), I didn't get it. I knew what to expect, I was prepared. I passed the first group assignment. And then during the 2nd tour, which was one-to-one role play with a trainer something went wrong. I will never know what made that nice gentleman think that I was not suitable or ready or whatever else it was to become one of the BA stewardesses. I believe that it was an angel who quietly whispered into his ear "This girl shall not pass. She has another road to take. So ask her another question for which she won't have an answer". And so he did. The trainer was playing a client and I was a customer service representative. After we had played the scenario he asked me two more questions and I didn't know how to react and what to say. If I had completed the BA training, I would have known the right answers. But I was just applying for the job and I didn't have those answers in my head yet. So I had to use my common sense and improvise the answers. But as life shows, we all have very different understanding of what "common sense" actually is. And in this particular case, mine and the trainer's common senses apparently didn't match. But he didn't tell me about it straight away. I had to wait until everybody was done. Then we were divided into two groups. Group number 1 left and my group was invited to another room. At this point I didn't know yet whether I was in the group of winners or losers but my gut was telling me that something was wrong here. My gut was right. Then, with faces as if somebody died (or maybe all of us died for BA for this time), one of the trainers informed us that "unfortunately this time we were unsuccessful and our assessment day was finishing right in this room." ⬇️

As you can notice, the girl from the left lives in Cyprus, the girls from the right came from London and is in need of vitamin D... Friends reunited, this time in Cyprus. According to my plans, this trip was supposed to happen last November. According to the plan of the Universe, it was supposed to happen this week. Well, better later than never. Perfect timing, as usually. I had to cross Europe, come to Cyprus, then cross the border with the Turkish part of the island, land in this cafe in a small coastal town and realise a very simple thing - I forgot what it means to slow down and just to chill. To slow down and to chill is also a skill, and as any skill, you have to exercise it regularly in order to maintain it. I have to admit, I haven't done it for a while. And I guess my body and my mind just forgot how to do it. We were sitting and chatting and having coffee and it was one of those magic moments when you don't need anything else right now because the moment is just perfect. And still I said "Domi, listen, I feel like I can't fully relax, I have something sitting inside of my chest which makes me feel that I have to do something, rush somewhere, I am almost feeling guilty for doing nothing". And Dominika replied "Yana, relax, this is Cyprus, nobody is rushing here..." Ok, I get it, but how to make myself feel this way? This is the question... My landlady once said that "we are the product of the country where we live". I couldn't agree more on this. There is so much of London in me and I have only realised it today when being put in a completely different environment. I am one of those crazy goers, doers, fast walkers, fast eaters, fast decision takers and so on, everything with "fast" in the prefix. I never really chill in London. At least I don't do it in Cypriot kind of way. (="total chill"). I watch Netflix ( it is chilling, right), but only for 1 hour (max 2), I do yoga (1 hour), I read (few hours). But to allow myself not to do anything productive the whole day - this sounds bloody scary. The feeling of guilt will cover me from the top of my head to the bottom... ->I guess I found a topic for the next session with my coach.

I wanted to buy a luggage tag. Not that the quality of my life would dramatically improve if I bought it but it would feel safer when giving my suitcase away. You know how they do it sometimes: you are boarding the plane, your cabin size suitcase next to you, it looks normal but in reality it is about to explode because going away for few days you decided to take all your life with you and of course, you don't want to pay for bigger size luggage. So you're walking towards the plane and suddenly a nice airport staff approaches you and asks if you would like to give your luggage away because the plane is full and there is not enough room in the cabin to fit all 150 or more suitcases, bags and so on. Because of course out of all 150 passengers no one wants to pay for big luggage. So you want so much to say "NO, go away, I want to have my suitcase next to me during the flight because it might happen that I will need something from it at any time (of course, because all your life is in there...)", but instead you smile and say "Yes, sure..." and give your little baby suitcase away. It happened to me couple of times with Ryanair and it felt horrible. Like I was giving a part of myself away. So to avoid this heartbreak again I decided to buy a luggage tag. And I stumbled upon one in a shop yesterday. There was 3 of them actually. All from the same family. The first one - Easyjet kind of orange with Bon Voyage written on it. I thought it was stupid to have "Bon Voyage" tag just because, well, my voyage is always "bon". It is an axiom. Another one was neon green with "Upgrade me" written on it. I found it even more stupid. Also because what kind of upgrade do you expect flying with Easyjet or Ryanair? And as a proud girl, I am actually very happy sitting on my seat 28B. Yes, I am up in the air now. And it is dark outside. So the last option. It was fuchsia pink. Cheesy as hell. With cheesy inscription on it. And I got it. Because the truth is, I am a cheesy girl. A healthy portion of cheesiness is always good. And this thing even matches the rim of my Converse. Which makes me think that me and this pink tag were meant to meet and to travel together for some time.

“Chasing the dream or divine redirection”. Episode 4.
Written and directed by The Universe
Starring Yanina Nikitina and co.
Where are we? Back in September 2016. As I said previously, this is when I bid “farewell” to my dream to become a stylist. It felt really good. There was no mourning, no doubt, no “what if”, no hesitation. I didn’t care about the money which I, potentially, could have made out of styling. I was done. But then when you don’t have a professional dream anymore, it kind of becomes boring, so you need to get another dream asap. And that another dream showed up on the horizon and it was so exciting and fresh and full of adventure that I just fell in love with it instantly and actually I was wondering why I had never considered this job before. (Well, actually I know why but I will tell about it later). Two of my former colleagues almost simultaneously got a job as flight attendant with British Airways. Both of them were super excited about it and both of them suggested me to apply to BA saying literally this “Yanina, you would be perfect for this job!!!You have so many years of experience in luxury retail, you have the look, you have everything to get this job!” I was agree with them and it took me few days to think about it and to realise that all I wanted was this job with British Airways. The truth is, travelling is the thing that attracts me the most in life. I did travel in my life, much more than some people, but much less than others. All I wanted and still want is to travel. I have a heart of a gipsy and a hunger for new places. I inherited it from my mom. So my logic was easy: if I can’t afford to take a year off and travel the world, I can become a flight attendant, work in the air and enjoy my life on the ground wherever my job would bring me. Yes, I wouldn’t probably go to the most wild and remote places on Earth, but still I would fly all over Europe, I would fly to all big cities around the world, I would stay in beautiful hotels and I would still visit new places, even if for 1 night only. That was already enough, that was better than not to travel at all or to travel just a bit. So I fell in love with this idea. ⬇️

Episode 3 of the same bloody series “Chasing the dream or divine redirection”. Check my 2 previous posts if you want to know what it is all about. So yes, year 2016 came and I was asking myself more and more the same question “Is styling what I really want to do?” Somewhere in spring I went to Mind Body festival and stumbled upon a stand of a coaching school. It happened that the lady at the stand was really really nice, we had a really good chat and she suggested to come for an open day. So I did somewhere in July. Meanwhile my styling was not moving anywhere and I came to realised that I was not enjoying styling photoshoots anymore. Not that I wasn’t enjoying at all but my passion and enthusiasm about it were clearly evaporating. I couldn’t control it. During the open day for that coaching school I almost decided to do their coaching course at some point. Yes, exactly, at some point because as usually there was certain amount of money involved in this course. I needed to get that money from somewhere Idon’tknowehere. I also decided to do an open day for another school called Animas which a friend of mine did a couple of years ago. And I did. Everything the founder of the school was telling during that day just resonated with me; it became clear that I was going to do their course, at some point of course. But I was not sure when. One day. Around that time I also had few coaching sessions with a coach who I met at that first school. They were very helpful. I came to realise that even though I didn’t want to be a stylist anymore because simply it lost any meaning and sense for me, it was still a good way to make money for my coaching studies. My restaurant job was paying my bills but I couldn’t save any money from it at all. My coach brought me to realise that with few decent styling jobs (even if I didn’t enjoy doing them anymore) I could easily get some money for the deposit for my studies whereas to get money for a deposit from working in a restaurant would be hard and it would take much longer. So I decided to give to my styling the last chance and to push it hard. Hahaha, “to push” is probably The Universe’s the least favourite word. ⬇️

Photo from 1,5 years ago when I still considered myself a stylist. I look like one of those editors of fashion magazines who powerfully walk to attend fashion shows. Btw, I have French Vogue in my hands. 😂 Now ready for the episode 2?It is out now. ⬇️
Episode 2 of the mini-series “Chasing the dream". If you want to know what happened in the episode 1, read my yesterday post.
So back to my dreams. After I clearly realised that I didn’t want to become a celebrity stylist, I still kept another part of my dream – to shoot ad campaigns for big high street brands. And then one day my fellow creatives and I were shooting a fashion editorial for one magazine. For those who don’t know what editorial means: it is a story told in pictures. You open any fashion magazine and there will be a story told through the pictures with the purpose of advertising different brands. Sometimes, when shot by really good photographer and starring really good models who can act, those stories are amazing and they can carry you away and make you dream. So there were 2 characters in our editorial, a girl and a guy, and obviously some romantic stuff was happening between them. The photos came out really beautiful. I was looking at the final selection for the magazine and a thought crossed my mind “If I was a teenage girl and I was looking at those photos, I would badly want to be that girl on the photos, I would want to have such a handsome boyfriend and I would want to have those apparently full of passion relationship”. But, being that teenage girl, I would probably tell myself that I will never have such a love story because I am not as pretty as the model, my legs are not as long as hers and that guy is way too gorgeous to pay attention to the girl like me. I am not saying that every teenage girl would feel this way about herself but as we all know that teens is such a dangerous age when self-esteem really fluctuates and we don’t really know who we are. But what that teenage girl wouldn’t know is what happened behind the scenes. ⬇️

Two years ago one of the @yoga_girl posts drew my attention to the point that I took a screen shot of it. I had no ideas (yet) what was there for me but it just resonated. The post was saying “Sometimes on your way to a dream you get lost and find a better one”. 1,5 years later I realised that that post was probably a message and that’s why I saved it because in my heart I knew that it will make sense one day. 10 years ago I dreamt to become a celebrity stylist. (Check the photo above, this is such a “a stylist in her kingdom” photo and every stylist has one like this). 2 things in particular attracted me in this job: a possibility to use my creativity for finding a perfect outfit for a person and the money which come with this job. And this job pays a lot. I knew that for this job I would have to move either to New York or to LA but it didn’t scare me. I was sure that one day I would make it. But meanwhile I started my styling career in London and was walking this path probably every stylist did: assisting to other more experienced stylists (mostly for free), styling editorial photoshoots for some small magazines (for free, of course), testing, travelling all over London and beyond with my suitcase (sometimes two) in order to meet designers and borrow theirs garments for photo shoots, working for e-commerce (one of the most boring jobs I have ever done). On top of doing all this, I had a job in a restaurant to pay my bills. Funny how just by putting this on the paper I realised how intense my life has been for the past 4 years. It was intense in terms of always doing something, meeting someone, going somewhere but I liked it. And I met so many great people on my way to become a big(huge) stylist and some of them even became friends. Somewhere along the line I also realised that I wanted to shoot advertising campaigns for high street brands such as H&M (my favourite one) and the like. For this I also had to be a stylist with a name. I was going to get there. So I was doing and doing my stuff, I was very patient and believed that things would happen at the right moment. And the right moment came. Not one, but even few of those. All of them at the perfect time.⬇️

There is something about London that I can't stop loving... I know I have said this before but there are days when I can repeat it again and again.
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