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Yanina Nikitina  Transformational Coach. Londoner. Dreamer. Yoga🙇, books📚, cosmos🙏, all things green🌱, cinema 🎥

Today was one of those bizarre days when you feel happy without any visible reason. Like no reason at all, whatsoever. I woke up late today, late enough to have no choice but to get ready within 25 min which means shower, wet hair, no make-up, no breakfast, you really have to rush. I don't like it. Usually situations like this make me really annoyed but not today. I also didn't sleep enough. Just went to bed late. And, my eyes felt sticky and puffy in the morning because of the rain which was supposed to come in the night but it didn't. (Hangover-feeling eyes without actual hangover). Usually these 3 factors together turn me into a fury, but weirdly enough today it didn't happen. I was walking to work through quiet streets of Belgravia, smiling at dogs, flowers, buildings and feeling amazing. I felt so good that I really started to question myself why it was happening (just curiosity, I like to get to the root of the problem). I still haven't found an answer. And I am still curious. It would be good to know to whom I should say "thank you". Oh, and I took probably 25 selfies before I got one more or less decent. My face decided to remind me how asymmetric it was, as if I didn't know it. But even this is fine for me today. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🌸🌸🌸🌸
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Chasing the dream or divine redirection.
Episode 6. Finally. 1 month later than I intended to post it and probably it won’t make any sense for anyone who didn’t read previous episodes. Yes, I know. I am learning to be consistent though it is hard. Anyway, I know at least 2 people who are waiting for it so it’s already enough to make me write this in the night. Nights, they are for writing. Sometimes the best thoughts come around 5 in the morning, this is when you are the most honest and vulnerable. How well I know this.
So if you want to know what happened in 5 previous episodes, just scroll down. You will find them. The whole story is about how I ended up (professionally) where I am now and what was those happy events, synchronicities and blow of angel’s wings which gently directed me towards the right path. My path. As I said British airways was my plan A. As I said, it didn’t work out. My plan B was Emirates. Yes, exactly. Emirates fly everywhere in the world. I have always been a fun of their uniform, more precisely that red hat with a white veil attached to it. By some reason I find that hat extremely beautiful. To work for Emirates I would have to move to Dubai. I have never been there and according to what I knew about this city it was not really my cup of tea but why wouldn’t I give it a try and live there for few years? What an adventure it would be! And me, a dreamer as I am, straight away I pictured in my head my new life in Dubai in all details. It was beautiful. I was ready to leave London for some time. I was looking at my room and deciding what I was going to do with all my stuff. Some of the things were going to Russia, some on Ebay (it’s a planet 🌘), some to storage. I started to think which books I was going to take with me. And which of my denim shirts and my summer shoes would follow me. I am not joking. It was a dilemma. I watched all videos about Emirates crew life which I could find on Youtube. Hashtag 'emiratescabincrew' on Instagram became my favourite. In my head I was already living that life wearing that red hat and red lipstick, flying all over the world, enjoying +40 degrees Celsius and finally learning Arabic. ⬇️

Heat in London, a black cat chilling outside. I couldn't pass by. While I was taking his picture, a drunken man was passing behind me and he said "You are a witch!" I smiled and asked him "How do you know?" He said "Because this is a black cat." And I replied "I am a witch actually!" ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
"If all women were in touch with their inner wisdom and unafraid to own their natural power then the world would be a very different place... Let's make being called a 'witch' mean someone who knows her power, trusts her intuition, and isn't afraid to share her authentic magic and medicine with the world." - Rebecca Campbell #risesisterrise
#witch #iamhonored #blackcat #cat #wisdom #community #love #life #authenticity #truth

One of the most beautiful qualities in a human being is the ability of not taking yourself seriously and accepting yourself with all your quirks. @celestebarber , thank you so much for showing "the real life" on Instagram because lets admit, all of us can be girl number 1 sometimes, but honestly, girl number 2 is so much closer to our heart which doesn't make us less of a woman.
P.S. My dear girlfriends, please leave a comment below if you are girl number 2 most of the time. 😉🤗
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Hitchhiker in training. Behind me - hitchhiker Pro/juggler/globe trotter is giving me invaluable lesson in how to stop a car. Few tips: visualise the place where you want to go, choose the car, take off your sunglasses, send the right energy, respect other hitchhikers and many others which I don't remember. What a cosmic science it is... @dominika.prazmowska , love this photo! 👯

#sweetmemories #cyprus #holidays #may2017 #nicosia #friends #girlfriends #wildwomansisterhood #hitchhiking #travel #adventure #roadslesstraveled #life #feelingcomplete #purehappiness #littlethings #enjoyingthemoment #grateful #greenlife #always

A little bit of showoff. Just a liiiitle bit... This is @mamamooncandles and @moonfat and this filter is called "Moon" and I am so over the moon today, so so over the moon!!! Because today is another day, not the one which was yesterday. And today in the morning a postman knocked our door. We don't have a doorbell, it has been broken since the beginning of time, so people knock which makes it so old fashioned and a bit magical. I know he was coming for me. I mean he was delivering something for me. I was waiting for this delivery almost like a kid. I open the door, I see a box in his hand and I know this is THE box. So I don't even let him start, I smile and say "This is for me, I was expecting this, I am Yanina". Signature, business done, I close the door, take a knife, open the box and looks inside... Because I have no ideas what it contains. It is a cosmic gift from a cosmic friend for my (hopefully cosmic) birthday. I look inside and I start producing this sound; something between baby pig, little puppy and happy cat's kind of sound. And I start jumping. There are 3 things inside and I don't know which one to open first, which on to smell first and which one to hug first. They all are too amazing to be true! And There is this ecstatic wave of happiness and content passing through my body all the way down to Earth. And though I do believe that things don't make us happy and that real happiness lays within us, I also admit that it feels amazing to receive a gift from a friend who knows you so well that his / her choice makes you jump on one leg. I definitely wouldn't feel so ecstatic if I bought those things myself. How different today is from yesterday!!! And to make me even more crazy happy Kensington library gave me a day and space to give a talk about self-love! Just like this! Because they liked the topic and because they like to help people who begin with whatever they begin. I have 3 months to write it, to rehearse it in front of the mirror, friends, my flatmate. And I am super excited about it. What a day... ⤵️

A reminder much needed yesterday. Today is indeed a new day. #synchronicity
#magic #reminder #todayisanewday #londontube #energy #shift #5D #now #coincidence #flowoflife

The grumpy mood visited me today. I wish I knew why it happened. I didn't plan it, I didn't feel it was coming. All, seriously all my "to do" list went to the bin. Yoga class in the morning -missed, attempt to go to the library to do some work - failed, doing some work on computer which needed to be done made me furious and I was swearing out loud in the silence of my room, felt tired 2 hours after waking up, blamed my thyroid condition for it, decided to take a nap for 1 hour but slept 2, woke up even more grumpy and missed evening yoga class, wanted to go to the cinema but was too lazy to go out of the flat, spoke with a friend over the phone and cheered up, but later the grumpiness came back, cooked a dinner and told my flatmate that I hate cooking (as if it was the 1st time I was telling it to him). He advised me to marry a Middle Eastern man who works with petrol so I could have a cook. Not sure about the petrol, but like the idea about Middle Eastern man, and love the idea about the cook. I have been dreaming about a house keeper for some time already. It is on my wish list. The Universe knows about it. Now, instead or trying to figure out whether I should blame for all this today's mess my thyroid or telepathy and the fact that I can pick up someone's moods sometimes (too cosmic to be true but is true), I'd better do some work if I want to have a house keeper any time soon.
Tomorrow is another day.
#thinkingoutloud #whataday #grumpy #sunday #london #life #surrender #acceptwhatis #now #allwehaveisnow #moment #tomorrowisanotherday #telepathy #moodswings

In support of single bananas: 🍌🍌🍌🍌
Have you ever noticed that in supermarket nobody buys single bananas? People usually buy bananas by bunch (basically, every bunch is a family of bananas). Sometimes some weird people who probably eat a half of banana per day, buy only 1 banana (OMG, bananas are full of sugar, they are evil...🙈). And how are they doing it? Right, they tear off one banana from the bunch, separating family members forever. As if there was not enough of single bananas around on the shelf. Single bananas are also bananas! They have been separated from their loved ones, they are orphans and they went through a lot, but it doesn't meet that they are unable to bring some sweetness to your life. Lets all give an orphan banana a second chance! Lets give them a family they're longing for! By helping one single banana to find a family you are spreading kindness and adding sweetness to your life! Do it today!
#banana #singlebanana #happiness #supportsinglebananas #bekind #sugar #sososweet #bemindful #savebananatoday #today #thinkingaboutbananas

When in doubt about any situation in life, thinking whether your decision is right or wrong, whether you are doing enough or not really, and finally when you just don't know what to do next - ask for a sign. Ask the Universe, God, angels, higher consciousness, clouds; at the end of the day it doesn't matter how you call it. It has so many names but in essence it is the same thing. Just ask that thing in which you believe to show you the way. And it will, sooner or later, but most probably sooner, show you a very clear sign. Just look out for it.
For the past few days I felt a bit overwhelmed with my professional situation, constantly doubting whether I was doing enough or not (Procrastination? Laziness? Fear? Or all together?). Not only I tortured myself with this question, but I also "reported" to two of my friends asking for their opinion. (A girl can not exist without her like-minded girlfriends' opinion. Period.). Then today, all of a sudden, I opened this book on a random page. And this is what I saw. Isn't it a perfect message? "Journey to the heart" by Melody Beattie, a great book full of wisdom. One of those books which I want to have next to me all the time.
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Dream vs reality.
When you so very badly want an acai bowl ( and not only) from @lovejuicebarparis but are currently in London, so you try to recreate it... The one from Pret is quite good actually, but THAT acai bowl from @lovejuicebarparis...😻😻😻 #daydreaming #acaibowl #sovegan #lunchinlondon #acceptwhatis #orgotoparis #lunchtime #happy #londonlife #today #now

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