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There's engaged and then there's committed. I've been signed up with @virgingalactic since 2007. I literally cried when the first ship crashed Oct 31, 2014. It wasnt because I was upset I'd have to wait longer to fly but because of the bigger picture of commercial space exploration. And my friends and family asked if I was still going - my answer was absolutely! On the Mojave factory tour I just met @gislason.is and his answer was inscribed even deeper. #futureastronaut

As you leave @thrivemkt headquarters. Team can visually see if they are all making progress (or not). #culture #evolvedenterprise

Zoe got out of the shower with inspiration to take some of our extra bath tile blocks and turn them into mini artworks. She has been really sad about the damage to BVI (one of our family's most special places) and wants to help in her own way. She's going to sell these soon with 3/8 (she's into fractions) going to support Hurricane Irma relief. #everylittlebithelps

Dewey Beach - exactly 21 years ago meeting @missybf A 3-hr conversation and kiss on the cheek = πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

There's always a "silver" lining...

Ice cream angel. The way to @missybf's heart 😍

Happy 12th birthday to my favorite dude. I remember driving home the day you were born and the world just seemed brighter and filled with love. It's so much fun seeing you grow up into the wonderfully kind, authentic and athletic young man you have become. πŸš€πŸ’βš½οΈβšΎοΈπŸŒ πŸ…πŸŽ‚

"See-food" daddy daughter dinner date. 🍴

Total Eclipse that almost wasn't. Our family picked the SC shore as the final place to see the #greatamericaneclipse in the U.S. The forecast wasn't so optimistic. And as the afternoon progressed more clouds rolled in. You can see a tiny little patch of light here and there until the big event. The clouds seriously parted just moments before totality. It was absolutely awe inspiring. And there was this amazing grouping of colors including a bright pink/red that the ABC pic showed.

When will your Pixar moment be?
Matching up your deepest aspiration with no other option but to see your destiny fulfilled.... "For twenty years my life has been defined by the goal of making the first computer graphics movie." - Ed Catmull, Pixar

Pixar got its start in 1974 as Computer Graphics Lab. The team recruited computer scientists who shared his ambitions about creating the world's first computer-animated film including Ed Catmull at the helm. The team was hired as the Computer Division of Lucasfilm in 1979 to work on digital editing and effects.
Spun out as a separate corporation in February 1986 trying to sell hardware to government agencies and the scientific and medical community.

The Image Computer never sold well.
Inadequate sales threatened to put the company out of business as financial losses grew. Steve Jobs came in to buy the company for $5M from Lucas.
As loses mounted, Jobs invested more and more money in the failing hardware company - eventually totaling $54M

Three times between 1987-1991 Jobs tried to sell Pixar. Microsoft even offered $90M. Jobs wanted 120. But this kind of offer gave more validation the company was worth something.
All the sales for the hardware evaporated and Pixar was forced to make the leap to the only thing the team has ever wanted - computer animation even though nobody knew how to make a movie.

Toy Story was born!

Toy Story went on to gross more than $362M worldwide and, when Pixar held its initial public offering in 1995, it exceeded Netscape's as the biggest IPO of the year.

Nice touch for reaffirming mindfulness and connection while at @miraval_resort πŸ’€ Cute, clever and much needed for so many people.

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