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When a fly lands on your forehead during meditation. πŸ•ΈπŸ•‰

@zackattack.247 hooked me up with my own bitmoji. Perhaps my cred with the 10-12 year old demographic is up. (Or most likely not) :)

This year's Maverick Summit was all about impact. We were scheduled to be in Puerto Rico and then Maria came. We thought about moving the event - but instead we stepped fully into making a difference.
Couple highlights:
Day 1) We held candid conversations with local Puerto Rican business owners on the theme of "Overcoming adversity and rising stronger." It was a truly moving day and we are going to get recordings out w proceeds for hurricane relief.
Day 2) Our own candid conversations with members on the same topic and had a surprise drop-in guest. (See if you can spot him in the group pic.) Then we headed out to the mountains to deliver life-saving water filters to 200 families that still haven't had clean water. Several Mavericks stepped up and donated even more funds we are using to multiply those efforts. πŸ‘Š
Day 3) rappelling down a 80 ft waterfall and adventure in Puerto Rico. We were the first group since Maria to come on the tour. It was awesome! Puerto Rico needs our tourism dollars and they're thankful for guests who come. We also intentionally tried to source as much as we could from local entrepreneurs to support them, including an unusual coconut tour.
The island is a bit beat up but will "rise stronger" πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·

If you have kids 6-16, this is a totally unique family gathering...

1,000 Suns who can each light another 1,000 Suns. That's the big idea behind Maverick1000. Our first morning in Puerto Rico to catalyze the catalysts

And so it begins...Maverick Summit to help make an impact in Puerto Rico #prstrong πŸ‡΅πŸ‡·

Nice start to @giveandcakeinc new business to make a difference selling cookies in a jar. Two delicious thumbs up here πŸ‘πŸ‘

Holiday season giving impact. This is a seismic shift going on right now to use business to help make a difference. Walking around the mall for 30 min - I saw 2 examples from @nordstrom and @jcrew. #EvolvedEnterprise

This leaf pile was calling my name... Leaving my hockey game tonight I saw several huge piles of leaves that were just too tempting.
I turned the car around and jumped in there like a kid. I probably dove in about 6-7 times before heading back to my car.
Some beeping inside alerted me that my remote was not present. Oh boy!

I checked my pockets with no luck. I kinda where they must have fallen out...that same leaf pile. I could have been annoyed but I just laughed at the situation I get myself into.
Searching through the leaf pile wasn't quite like a needle in a haystack but darn close.
I finally got smart and took out my hockey stick to move all the leaves around. That did it. I saw my Kenyan beaded keychain poking out.
Moral of the story - let your inner child out to play but zip your pockets. πŸ‚πŸ

Spotted at Giant super market store. This is a pretty big initiative based on data. Consumers want better choices and more transparency or else they'll spend their dollars elsewhere. Every company (big and small) needs to pay attention to this seismic shift. #EvolvedEnterprise

Yes it can be that easy if we open ourselves up to the idea that we are the only ones who can lead the way to more love, laughter and happily ever after. It's not going to happen from someone else or a thing you get or something you achieve. #wearetheoneswevebeenwaitingfor

Feeding @zogo28 her first oyster. I love the reactions and faces.

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