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Yani Gellman  Epic bra


like two ships in the early evening

@cristiano aint got nothing on this kid

nephews part three

nephews part two


big love & thanks to this little gem of a theatre @imaginecarlton for showing @47metersdown!!! If you haven't seen #47metersdown yet go see it at @imaginecarlton !!! Best theatre in Toronto, bar none !!!

Last week I was bestowed with the most humbling honor of my life - a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by my teacher & great friend, Professor Shawn Williams. I’ve studied BJJ for over 20 years, & been enriched by so many of the greatest people I have ever known. I’ll spend the rest of my days trying to pay back, & forward, the debt I owe the extraordinary people who blessed me with their experience. My Dad, black belt in Karate, took me to Kung fu movies & showed me how to block a punch. When I was bullied as a kid, he sent me to train with the Gracies in California. He passed on 4 years ago. I wish he were here so we could wear our belts together. He gave me a gift that has allowed me to face many of life’s challenges. It’s been incredible to see so many people I started with become champions & open academies. Of these warriors, none more important to me than my dear friend Elliott Bayev, who I introduced to BJJ, but who became so good that he became my teacher, & more than that, my brother. A stalwart of community, empowering countless students with a vast arsenal of techniques. Without him I’d have quit & strayed from my other dreams. @elliottbayev has taught me so much. And introduced me to Prof. Shawn Williams in LA. When I started with @shawnwilliamsbjj years ago, my training started over. He teaches real jiu jitsu, concepts that go beyond trends. Prof. Williams makes clear how we learn, train & compete, is what we do in the world outside. Inch by inch he has turned me around. I’d have been lost without his guidance, which kept me sharp for my work & means more to me than he knows. As much as I’ve been given by my teachers, I have learnt as much from their students, my family @openmatmma TO @5starmartialarts LA @leveragebjjhq KL whose generosity has given me a constant home in my travel between these cities. Prof. @dane_molina u are the standard I try to live up to. KruJohn,Soto,Taka,Armand, Jeremyx2,Marshall, Mike,Benji,Gabe,Jacques,Nick,Howard,Royce,Al,Rowan,Matt,Jorge, Tania,Matt K,Josh,Val,Trevor, Taro,Carlos,Dennis,Dan,Aaron Goh&everyone at these fine schools - thank u so much for all yr help. Can’t wait to continue the adventure with you all #OSS

Big congrats to @imarleneking and the rest of the cast and crew of @prettylittleliars for an amazing finale. Such a joy to be a small part of this rollercoaster. now is there gonna be a movie or what??? #pll #movie #petition #signed

One more from the premiere! With my ❤️Jacqui Kotyk. #47metersdown #sharkbait #cantwait

the real stars of @47metersdown, @hemsworthluke & @kidmoro

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