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Yanic Truesdale  Actor, Business owner.

Today is not a day to be cynical. The power of one action does make a difference! Go vote, believe and hope for the best! #vote #hope

Great movie with an important subject matter. The world could use more compassion, acceptance and love right now. Impeccable cast with two Mtl buddies. Nicely done @xavierdolan Lucas Hedges blows my mind every time I see him on screen!

Reflecting on the meaning of life and what I’d like my future to be. 🙏🏻

Having my yearly Cape Cod fix. So charming, so relaxing! Ran into 3 LA friends, small world.

Reminiscing about Italy and having nothing else to do but talk about the next meal. Maybe I’ll be Italian in my next life. 😇Btw, this is the view from a restaurant. Ciao!

For the record, Im sober on the picture but got drunk on whiskey sours ( my new favorite drink) an hour later when we found this cool little bar at the other end of Regina Giovanna beach. Who are you to judge me?!😂 leaving Sorrento for Ischia tomorrow!

Hello lovely people, I just wrapped up a much needed social media detox, I figured you’d all be busy following some cool people that you wouldn’t notice. 😘 Italy as always is fantastic. Don’t worry, Im not shying away from eating pasta every day and getting fat. You only live one, or twice!! 🤪 hope you’re all enjoying your summer! #positano #italy #italianfood #emergencydiet

I was raised by a single mom. She was a photographer, a leather clothing designer, a painter, a midwife and she has been a yoga teacher for the last 35 years. Her main focus has always been her spiritual journey. She thought me to be creative, unconventional and spiritual. Happy mother’s day to my one of a kind loving mom!

Hanging out at my favorite terrace, could stay here all day. Happy Friday!

Fun weekend playing tourist guide for my dear friend @frederic_loury_as His first visit in 15 years, long overdue!#friendship #lagunabeach

Happy to march and stand tall with those inspiring kids. Feels good to be surounded by people who care.#march4ourlives #resist

Im on my way to the march in LA. The only way to change and improve society is to get involved. Hope to see you there guys!#marchforourlives

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