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Yanfitgear #YAN  The Official Fitness Gear of @iamnayfit. Fitness, Exotic and Fun Gear For All Women. Powered by @THEFITMELIFE 👚 •••••⬇️CLICK LINK ⬇️


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Stopped by the @6packbags booth at the Europa Expo. Try out the bag and the sauces they have! I love my bag! Rocking my @yanfitgear outfit!

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I know y'all didn't think that first video was the WHOLE workout. Y'all know me better than that. We go in. Crushed abs then burn outs with this treadmill hop finisher. 1 min of hops x 3 Sets. And no I don't know the treadmill speed so don't ask. Put it on a speed comfortable for you ! #absworkout #gluteworkout #glutes #teamnatural #WSHHFITNESS #blackwomenworkouttoo

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When I tell you this is like the perfect shirt to wear both in and out of the gym and feel sexy...I'm not exaggerating. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽The back is out so my booty shows more than a regular shirt and the material is very nice and light. Cheers to no more tying the back of my shirt with a rubber band while working out!!!!! Y'all better go get y'all one for real before she has no more. I'm looking for the African print!!!!!!! I love this shirt!!!!!!!!!! @iamnayfit @yanfitgear @yanfitgear @yanfitgear #americanfitexpo #bodybuildingmotivation #fitnessjourney #wrightlossjourney #bootyworkout #nayfit #bodytransformation #thickwomen #transformationtuesday #flexfriday #

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Check out this Kneeling Squat Tutorial. I want to leave a note with this tutorial. A lot of you all squat and cannot figure out ... why are my buns not GROWING! I can tell you why ! Here are two reasons. 1. poorly developed movement patterns and lack of Mind muscle/ connection. Squat are actually the exercise i preform the LEASTfor glute development. Unless you are adept in activating your muscles , you are likely overloading your quad and hamstring and not getting much , if any glute work. Now Remember!
Kneeling Squats are probably not the best for building glutes in size (it can be difficult to add the necessary resistance to this exercise that you will need to build a lot of muscle), they aregreat for learning muscle activation and helping to keep your glute muscles firing properly! If you looking for a glute program to learn which exercise are the most effective and how to activate the glute then click the link in my bio www.GladiatorAthlete.com #FitFam #Fitmom
Pants by @yanfitgear 👖👑

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Today was shoulder day with my girl @ceciliaavelar_ and the pump was real ! Here are some of my favorite shoulder workouts :

Upright Cable Row.
Front Barbell Raise.
Cable Front Raise.
Machine Shoulder Press.
LeaningDumbbell Lateral Raise.
Cable Rear-Delt Fly.
Arnold Dumbbell Press.
Smith Machine Upright Row.

#Shoulderday #Gains 💕 pants by @yanfitgear designed by me !
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Today was back day. I was getting it in with my new crop hoodie from @yanfitgear and booty boosting leggings !! 😜😜😜 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
If you watch the video you will notice I use the same machine for my first few sets , but I change the grips. You may ask ... why change the grips, it's the same exercise. WRONG! Here is why :
The lat pulldown exercise is a great way to build upper-body strength and stability, and you can make it even better — and work more muscle — by varying your grips.
I use several different grips :
* Wide overhand (twice shoulder width, palms facing away)
* Narrow overhand (shoulder width, palms facing away)
* Narrow underhand (shoulder width, palms facing you)
To reduce the risk of injury, always pull the bar down in front of you — never behind your head.
The effect of the lat pulldown exercise on your lats is relatively similar with all grips.  By changing your grips, however, you change the impact on the secondary muscle groups of the shoulders and arms.

Here are some grip tips :
1. Change your grip to build more muscle. Changes in grip can stimulate more muscle activity, leading to strength boosts and new muscle growth.
2. Use an offset grip when doing curls and rear-delt flyes. Hold the dumbbell handle close to the thumb side for curls and close to the pinky side for rear-delt flyes.
3. For pulldowns, a wide grip doesn't necessary build wide lats. All grip widths will hit the lats. A medium-width grip targets the biceps a little more.
4. A close-grip bench press hits the triceps better. However, it also reduces pec involvement. A reverse-grip bench press targets the biceps more.
5. Ditch the close-grip V-handle on seated rows. Use a bar that positions the hands about shoulder-width apart for greater range of motion.
6. Use a wider hand spacing on upright rows. Elevate the bar to just under 90 degrees to make it safer.

The right grip stimulates the most muscle activity. #BackDay #lats #Savage

Workout fuel by : @hitechpharma Lipodrene !! Oooo weeeeee !!! Post workout 45 min cardio as well

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Today was all about the glutes , Hammies , quads. I really loved the hamstring cable curls at the end , my Hammies are on fire !! 🔥🔥 I also like the hip flexor exercises which is how I got that muscle everyone ask me about. Tensor fascia lata 😉 look that one up! What did y'all train today ? What routine should I do tomorrow ??? #relationshipgoals #transformationtuesday #workforit

Top @yanfitgear
Shorts @thefitmelife
Workout fueled by @hitechpharma Lipodrene 🔥🔥
@apsnutrition Mesomorph. !!!! #workforit #motivation #fitness #fit#gohard#train#iger#igfit#diet#lift#sofit

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