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Yana Amur  it’s a one-woman show: writer / photographer / psychoactivist ⠀ #психогласность #psychoglasnost ⠀ ✖️ мои эссе: @kotmizantrop ⠀ ⚓️ melbourne, AU

I stopped knowing which was it’s all supposed to go.

No one chased me down the street
Demanding posts or novels
No one asks me how I’ve been
(I mean, creative process)

No one eagerly awaits
My music or my poems
So what, fuck you,
You’re dumb, I’m smart
Please leave my soul’s lobby

Doctor, I see faces
Mama, I’m scared

“The appearance of the father’s face”
Amsterdam, oct. 2018

Hoodie, wallet, plastic bag, earplugs, earbuds, silver bracelet, ticket, scarf, tag, paper cup, travel bag, guide to Amsterdam

I know you’re there. And I know you’re listening.

Bonjour mesdames et monsieurs, je suis à Paris mais maintenant I’m already going to Amsterdam because I’m anything but insta these days!
Loved: Architecture, Centre Pompidou, chausson aux pommes, Paris rats
Hated: heat&drafts in Paris metro *sniffing*, lack of English (my French has shrunk to ‘c’est bon’ et ‘par carte’), Catacombs being closed 😿

Yana: growing as a photographer since 1992 😹
Also, yesterday I tried riding a longboard for the first time (not pictured). Oh man, how great it is to be turning back into a teenager.

I think, everyone should know what cake I want for my birthday, if it just happens to be my birthday, of course.
#laurentbakery #cakes #passionfruittart #boulangerie #dessert

Timtin in a possum wonderland.

Taking a decent shot from a train window is a definition of happy accidents (plus the great LivePhoto feature).
#melbournelandscapes #landscape #regionalvictoria #vline #traintrip #sunrise #earlymorning #fog #foggymorning #pinkmorning #australia #australia_vic

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