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Michael Yamashita  National Geographic Photographer; Author; Keynote Speaker; Workshop Leader; Asia Specialist; Sony Shooter. @thesilkroadjourney

A young man herds his gaggle on an early morning search for food, before leading the geese to the Grand Canal just south of Huaian for a swim. Many small-scale farmers in rural communities along the canal support themselves by supplying boat crews with waterfowl meat. #grandcanal #Huaian #geese

Fruits of the sea: The last rays of the day are reflected in oyster beds off Xiamen, China. China was the first to practice aquaculture, dating back to about 3500 BC. #aquaculture #oysters #Fujian #xiamen

Xitang is a historic water town crisscrossed by nine rivers, numerous canals, and many old-fashioned stone bridges. It dates back to the Spring and Autumn period (770BC-476BC), with many well preserved buildings dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). #Zhejiang #watertown #canal

Sponsored by @sonysingapore | Winter’s last blast with a rare April snow at Five Color Lake in Jiuzhaigou National Park. The intimate detail of this winter wonderland is easily captured with the 42.4 megapixels and 5 axis in-body image stabilization of the Sony A7Rlll. The colors and textures are amazingly reproduced.
EXIF: 1/200sec, f/4.0, ISO100
#SonyAlpha #A7RIII + #SonyGMaster #SEL70200GM @sonysingapore

London Bridge Station and Tower Bridge from the top of the Shard, London’s tallest building, a 95 story glass tower designed by noted Italian architect Renzo Piano. The best views are from the loos of the Aqua Bar. #shardview #shardlondon #towerbridge

Great Green Wall: China is building a new Great Wall – this one aimed not at repelling invading Mongols, but a more insidious menace from the northern drylands. This wall is being built not of stone but of trees – billions of trees, enough to stretch nearly the distance from San Francisco to Boston. Its purpose: to push back China’s vast deserts.
The project, officially dubbed the Green Great Wall, was launched in 1978, and is slated to continue until 2050. It aims to plant some 88 million acres of protective forests, in a belt nearly 3,000 miles long and as wide as 900 miles in places. It all adds up to what is easily the biggest tree-planting project in human history. #greatgreenwall #hexicorridor #gansu #poplartrees #gobidesert

Ringside seats for Tibetan Gedong Mask Dancing: Joseph Rock, the legendary National Geographic explorer in the 1920's called it "devil dancing" as the masks have an enraged and menacing look, to strike terror into evil spirits and chase them off, but they don't symbolize demons. Monks perform this yearly ritual dancing on one foot to the beat of cymbals, drums, and traditional Tibetan horns to the delight of the local crowd. The occasion is the New Moon festival. #shangrila #yunnan #Tibetanculture #tibetanbuddhism

Dongzhulin: This 350 year old monastery houses over a 1000 monks belonging to the Gelug, or “Yellow Hat” school of Tibetan Buddhism. Gelug is the newest, and most well know sect to much of the world, with the Dalai Lama being the most influential figure. Here, monks enter the main prayer hall for morning meditation. There are still some spots available for my photography workshop in Tibet this fall. Visit @visionarywild for all the details. #tibet #photoworkshop #tibetanbuddhism #yellowhat

Jiuzhaigou Reflections: Best known for its dozens of blue, green, and turquoise-colored lakes, this national park is China’s most popular and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. #Jiuzhaigou #JiuzhaigouValley #JiuzhaiValley #Sichuan

Sponsored by @sonysingapore | At first it was this woman’s Thanaka, a distinctive cosmetic paste made from ground bark worn in Myanmar, that caught my attention. But as my camera’s Eye Autofocus locked on her dark, penetrating eyes, I knew they would be the soul of this shot. Sony’s Eye Autofocus technology — the game-changing innovation for the perfect portrait.
EXIF: 1/250sec, f/4.5, ISO250
#SonyAlpha #A7RIII + #SonyGMaster #SEL70200GM #SonyEyeAF @sonysingapore

Shilin National Geo Park, also known as the Stone Forest for the resemblance of its limestone formations to petrified trees creating the illusion of a forest made of stone. The locals call it ‘First Wonder of the World” #worldheritagesite #shilin #kunming #yunnan #stoneforest #sonyalpha #sonysingapore @natgeo.media

Every May 5, it is Kodomo no Hi or "Children’s Day" in Japan. Families fly koinobori banners in the shape of a carp or koi for each child in their house. In Japanese folklore, the carp is a symbol of determination and vigor, overcoming all obstacles to swim upstream. Samurai warrior figurines and samurai kabuto helmets are also displayed in homes to inspire strength and bravery. #kodomonohi #childrensday #koinobori #goldenweek

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