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Hitomi Mochizuki 🐉  Forest Nymph ~ Radiating that good good 🌿Ambassador for @seebenow. Use code "hitomi" for 33% off. VEGAN. NYC


✨Truly ✨
Although I find the need to apologize for not always responding back to texts or DMs. Before I can share my love and energy with others I have to find peace and love within myself. So if I don't respond, know I'm doing the work. Staying off social media & my phone in general helps me stay SO present with myself so I can truly experience everything I'm feeling in the moment. It just feels more real. But I am content, and I am sad. I am mellow and overjoyed at the same time. I am speaking my truth and manifesting my dreams. It just all happening man! On and off this device :) I feel the oneness not only from person to person, but with the energy & events held in every moment. I feel no separation from today or tomorrow, only now. And as always I feel So Much Gratitude! I feel so loved and safe. Thank You!

The most beautiful woman, who needs absolutely no introduction... we just get each other man! ✨#twoeggies #powerpose

I took time for myself and it was great and I enjoyed it and found a lot in it. Grew a lot, let go of a lot, really began to see myself and be able to say "I love myself". I think that alone time for growth is important, but I got too comfortable in it and was no longer growing. Started to think " I could really be alone forever I don't need to be in any kind of romantic relationship again." - From my notes
I love and miss u... videos soon!!

When manifesting :
1. Always stay positive
2. Say it like it's already done
3. Do not spend time thinking about anything opposite to what you want
4. Meditate on what you want
5. See it, smell it, feel it, hear it
6. If it's real in your brain, it will be real in the physical [this is my sister Laura, she was put up for adoption when she was born and neither of us knew each other existed until a few months ago.. Aaannnd here we are! Topless, on an epic road trip, sharing so much love and energy. Might do a Q&A so ask anything you'd like to know if you're curious]

I decided to let myself feel love
And days later it was knocking at my door
I called upon you
I wished for you
And you came to me without even seeing me
But feeling me

A lil off the grid time will do u SO much good baby!! 🌿 So will a daily practice of yoga & meditation - download @seebenow app and use my code 'hitomi' for 33% off and check out all the AMAZING classes. [Literally $5/month] I've been doing them everyday and it has been life changing. Will (hopefully) be uploading a vlog tonight or tomorrow on where I work and what I do 🤘🏼Thank you so so much for 200K on my channel U angels 😭 I fucking love U! I love myself! And I love this earth! But all those things are one in the same aren't they ✨You have shown me so much support and I'm eternally grateful. I'm rooting for us. We got DIS. What ever "dis" is .. we got it. Sending u all my love 💓#lightwarriors

The forest is my element. I was supercharged this past weekend but I think I'm making these trips a monthly thing.. also.. the moment you decide you aren't enough, immediately makes you not enough. You are deciding for yourself not to have what you desire. When you affirm you are enough you are allowing opportunities in. It may be scary but don't sell yourself short baby! I'm in the process of feeling worthy to receive certain love from others and I am bowing down and accepting. You are worthy of this. You are worthy of this. You are worthy of this.. Song | Everywhere You Go - Mari Kvien Brunvoll

EDIT : MEETUP CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER //IT WILL BE TOO MUDDY | 😭😭😭I'm hosting a guided meditation sesh this Friday at 6pm at Sheeps Meadow in Central Park. Come through if you wanna connect or try meditation for the first time ✨

Sending impulses of love to everyone out there after my practice this morning. We're all reflections of each other and I see absolutely no separation, I could have been you in a past life. I could have been born with your circumstances. I see you. My intention today is to really practice oneness. And allowing myself to exhale into the infinite bliss of right now. Life really lasts so much longer when you are only focused on the present. Try it! Surrender to it.

A woman with a moon falling from her mouth. Roses between her legs and tiaras of Spanish moss. This woman is a consort of the spirits

"What are your fears" he asked.
"What I'd rather tell you are all the fears I've overcome..."

Yeww, come meet me ! And Lex! For an evening of poetry sharing and story telling! Everyone is welcome, come with peace and love. Let's connect homies 🤗

hey man, it's okay! Our past is just a story we tell ourselves. We are nothing in this moment except how we feel and what we do Now. Let go of the past, let go of your expectations on what right now should look like, let gooo. Experience every day as the new unexpected gift it is! I have no idea what I will gain or lose. I know what I feel now and the gifts I am lucky to have and I cherish them so dearly, but if it all changes I will cherish that too. Liberate yo selves ✨also love the fine witch I am growing into 🔮

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