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Hitomi Mochizuki 🐉  Forest Nymph ~ Radiating that good good 🌿 VEGAN. NYC


Yeww, come meet me ! And Lex! For an evening of poetry sharing and story telling! Everyone is welcome, come with peace and love. Let's connect homies 🤗

hey man, it's okay! Our past is just a story we tell ourselves. We are nothing in this moment except how we feel and what we do Now. Let go of the past, let go of your expectations on what right now should look like, let gooo. Experience every day as the new unexpected gift it is! I have no idea what I will gain or lose. I know what I feel now and the gifts I am lucky to have and I cherish them so dearly, but if it all changes I will cherish that too. Liberate yo selves ✨also love the fine witch I am growing into 🔮

SOME THINGS | I'm most likely going to Japan in September.
I'm going back to school for environmental studies this year (woot woot) the classroom was calling me.
My poetry book will be published this January and I can wait to share more with u closer to the date.
Lastly, a reminder to be gentle towards everyone n also don't take anyone's shit. :) 👍🏼

Would love it if you checked out my two latest videos :) | also follow @chella.man !

O F F D U T Y ⛱ (it's thrifted)

It's a double rainbow!!!

Still don't have a phone. Sorry for being That bitch

Meditation is good, trying the conform to societies distorted image of how you should live your life is Not

This was insane. "A natural mood enhancer" The sky is so mind blowing to me, our existence is so mind blowing to me. I am so humbled ahhh do u seee the rainbow in the first? Keep looking up and remember to forget sometimes

Laundry Day, NYC. 85°

“One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul.” - Women Who Run With The Wolves.
If you're reading this I love you so much. I woke up with a feeling that things are going to be better than I could ever imagine. That I'm going to rise and breakthrough and never look back. And the happiness I have yet to feel is inconceivable

Meet me in the garden & we'll meditate with the plants.🌿It's so wonderful when you realize that all of life is a meditation - even doing the dishes. #appleandseed (uploading a vlog of the past two weeks today!)

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