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ICHI // S  • Zygma Entertainment Talent• •Cosplayer | 🇮🇩 • •Beauty & SFX Makeup Artist• For business inquiries, please DM me for personal contact 💌

Pureblood maniac 🖤🐍 WAA FINALLY! Some of the photos are coming out one by one 😭 im so happy with all the results ( i’ll post it here soon ! 💚 ). Cosplaying as a girl will always be a BIG BIG challenge for me since my faceshape and the bone structure made it difficult sighhhhh but im glad the results turned out REALLY well 😭 thanks to the awesome photog @stefanusren for the best shots i could expect 🙏🏻💚🖤
#bellatrixlestrange #slytherin #harrypotter #harrypottercosplay

Last night’s costest ! ! 🖤❤️ still edited the wig bcs i don’t have the proper one 😭#harleyquinn #harleyquinncosplay #cosplayindonesia

When you wonder how fuckedup your future gonna be 💭💭💭 📷: @kokohtony

When you extremely tired with all the bullshits life told you 👀🔥
📷 : @13.kgs

“You gotta kiss the sun” ☀️
• 📷 : Ko Rico

I’ve been busy for the last 3 weeks im sorry ;—; i finally got some times to do some makeup test.
Here’s another struggle-of-a-lifetime makeup (and yes, the costume is manually drawn) 🔥💪🏻 #wonderwoman #wonderwomancosplay #galgadot #cosplayindonesia #cosplayer

I got to spend 3 great days with these folks 😭💕 its been sometimes since i had a proper vacation (hmmm 3-4 years maybe?) . Friends told me to get a short escape, but i always refused since things keep talking inside my head 😅 but since i met my limit this week, i decided to follow these guys’ path and went to Bandung for a proper vacation. I mean.. its a real vacation it feels weird for me since i always went out of town for jobs 😂😂😂😂 and honestly? I really need times like this, i feel fully refreshed and fully charged for reality! I regret nothing joining my great pals into this trip (even they have to adjust the trip with my schedule so i can join them, im sorry guys 😭) 💕☀️

Naisho day 2 , go go go ! !
Thankyou @naisho_uaj for having us 2 days straight 😭💜 #kakyoinnoriaki #gentiana #cosplayindonesia

Today at @naisho_uaj with @risacrimson ! ! 🔥❄️ Will see you on the 2nd day ! #cosplayindonesia #cosplayer #cosplayjakarta #todorokishouto #todorokicosplay

Ennichi day 1 ! Cos as casual!Mrs Kujo bcs i got no time to progress the actual costume 😢😢 and i only last for an hour with female cos iM DY ING H AHA HA AHA A

But today was fun ///// i enjoy the event a lot ! See you on day 2 🦋 #jolynekujocosplay #jolynekujo #ennichisai2018


Hello-ing the nature on yesterday’s job! Thankyou Imel for trusting me as your team’s model AND (sort of) photographer~ 🖤🖤

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