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Jenny Begun  Passionate about helping people find, commission, and acquire artworks / contributor to artrprnr magazine


Riverside Symphony fall social
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Introducing @monica.pajarin 🤗 a good friend, who is a very energetic and enthusiastic supporter of the arts and artists, an art advisor and now a judge for the Americas with @riseart
See their website for submission guidelines.

5 Global Regions
1 London Exhibition
£10,000 Cash Prize

Apply at riseartprize.com
Ends Nov 12

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Curious and intellectual, David Paul Kay is a New York based artist most widely recognized for his playful black and white mazed iconography. “People always think that because it’s black and white I limit myself. But it is exactly because of that, I’m unlimited. That’s like my 1s and 0s and I can write any code.” David was always good at math and physics. When he creates abstract work, it’s all mathematics. Of course, he doesn’t see numbers, but it’s the rules and the equations that define the length of a line and decide on the shapes and directions. His brain is always looking for intellectual stimuli, puzzles, riddles. David is driven by constant desire to understand things, to make sense of new experiences. There is no time for boredom. Reality is intense, and so are David’s drawings. A musician, as well, he often compares his way of creating art to composing music, “You hear the melody in your head and you just continue writing it down. You are not pausing.” One time he worked 14 hours straight; not to purposely exhaust himself or meet a deadline, just because he was in the zone. “That has nothing to do with how long I do it, but how I do it. I enjoy it. And if I put myself in the zone, I can go to the end of the world and beyond. I become this device that creates abstract work. And whatever it is, wherever it takes me, let it take me. And when I approach it that way, things happen.” What really makes the work powerful is that in addition to all the energy, forcefulness and intensity, it has a beautiful soft rhythm and intricacy that leaves a lot of room for the imagination. One doesn't need to understand it to love it, just feel the energy and flow with it. The creations are as contradictory as the creator - David is an impatient, passionate, fiery philosopher with a charming smile, who likes classical music and jazz.

Read more about David on artrprnr.com @artrprnrmgzn link in bio
Photo credits @stevengabrielphotos @lueurphotography

#sculptors Another opportunity to Submit artwork - to be included in 100 PAINTERS OF TOMORROW publication, which went on to launch many artists' careers and is still a leading resource on some of the most important young artists worldwide.

100 SCULPTORS OF TOMORROW will present an insightful, diverse, and inspiring survey of emerging and unknown talent working in the field of #sculpture, selected by a distinguished and knowledgeable panel of international jurors.

The book will identify a 100 of the most exciting, up-and-coming sculptors. It will be the second book in the series and, like its predecessor, will be authored by Kurt Beers, Director of Beers London, and published by Thames & Hudson.

APPLY at www.100sculptorsoftomorrow.com

Applications Close: 30th November 2017

There is no age limit for entry and no specific educational or professional criteria for selection, but eligible applicants should have achieved some recognition. See their website for details.

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Wonderful weather for a walking tour organized by @ifdany and led by Miriam Berman, urban archivist and historian, author of "Madison Square: The Park and Its Celebrated Landmarks". Learning about the history of Madison Square and Flatiron area of Manhattan, which is fascinating! All these stories about artists, architects, real estate developers and businessmen of times past... .

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"Speaking to Clio: Introducing Alberto Savinio" interview with Enrica Antonini (second from the right), grand-daughter of Alberto Savinio – painter, writer, composer, critic, and younger brother of Giorgio de Chirico at the Center for Italian Modern Art.

Also on view at COMA now are select sculptures and prints by Louise Bourgeois, which are "presented in dialogue with Savinio's work, highlighting commonalities including a flirtation with Surrealism, a shared interest in the subconscious, and, most significantly, the profound influence that familial relations had on their respective artistic imagery." --- --- ---
#art #modernart #savinio #dechirico #CIMA #italy #heritage #clio #muse #history #mythology #metaphysics #arthistory #LouiseBourgeois #surrealism #artist

Artist @davidpaulkay
working on a #mural at the new #equinox #lowereastside #showroom on #Orchard street.

My interview with David coming up soon on @artrprnrmgzn
Stay tuned!

#Repost @equinox (@get_repost)
Alert 🚨: NYC's Lower East Side - your Equinox is coming. With all the downtown showroom vibes courtesy @davidpaulkay.

Visual storyteller @carolinalemmi is a budding photographer who I met in Venice. Originally from Modena, where she pursued Classical Studies, Carolina is now a sophomore in the Visual Arts program at Venice Iuav University. "My main medium is photography in all its forms, from photography books to installations; at the same time I'm conscious that my journey in the art field has just begun; so, I'm trying to experiment as much as I can." At the time of our meeting, I looked through one of Carolina's latest projects. And her photographs, but mostly her way of seeing, and the interesting story behind that undertaking made me want to put a spotlight on this young artist. The above slideshow consists of the shots from this series.

Carolina Lemmi: The photography work "Ex Ospedale al mare" (2017) was made during an afternoon in May, which I spent in the abandoned hospital in Lido. There I found a community of squatters; mostly all of them were drug addicts. Since I was "invading" their space, I had to ask for the permission to wander freely. At first I was a little bit scared, mainly because some of them were taking heroin in front of me. But they were extremely kind and friendly, in particular their "chief" Sheriff, and I begun taking photos of the space and the objects I found, trying to portray the advance status of abandonment.
The most intense part of the work was the exact moment when I started to think about all of this experience after I left the hospital. In those days I was reading "On photography" by Susan Sontag, where in the first chapter she says that "photography is essentially an act of not-intervention." And that's the way I felt when I was at home, looking through the photos I took. I felt guilty because, even if I documented the inhumane conditions of life, I didn't do anything for them concretely.
Thanks to this, and other, experiences, I began understanding what moves me to create and make art: exploring new places and getting to know people and their stories, in general connecting with the world, which helps me understand more about my self and my identity. Being in uncomfortable situation allowed me to redifine my borders, my limits

Great time at the studio of @jessicamaffia young and talented artist, who is on my watch list -I foresee a lot of interesting developments from Jessica in the future.

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