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YASEMIN🌸  22 | 🇹🇷🇳🇱 Step by step makeup tutorials y.elagoz@hotmail.com ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

When you find the perfect lightning and you look like a complety different person😂 I’am curious what are you guys studying?👇🏻
@maccosmeticsnl Beaming Blush highlighter / @benefitnetherlands Hoola bronzer / @diormakeup lipgloss / @hudabeauty New Nude palette ✨
#everydaymakeup #softglam #greeneye #glowyskin #glowy #makeupinspo #huda

Natural makeup with a twist💞 what do you guys think?!😍
@toofaced Chocolate bar palette / @hudabeauty Obsessions palette / @lorealmakeup Telescopic mascara / @pixibeauty BlackNoir pencil / @hudabeauty SheEo Demi matte lipstick .
#colourfulmakeup #wingedeyeliner #huda #lorealmakeup #toofacedcosmetics #partymakeup #simplemakeup #everydaymakeup #lipswatch

Soft gold glam eye makeup!💛✨
I’m pretty proud of that lip close up😂 I don’t have those big luscious lips but heyy maybe 2019 is going to be the year of natural lips 💋 .
@toofaced Chocolate bar palette 💛 @pixibeauty BlackNoir eye pencil 💛 @lorealmakeup Telescopic mascara 💛 @wetnwild & @lagirlcosmetics foundation 💛 @kryolan concealer wheel 💛 @hudabeauty Solstice palette 💛 @pixibeauty PinkChampagne blush 💛 @diormakeup 675 lipgloss 💛
🎼 Massari- so long ( gon haziri & Bess,Doss remix .
#sofglam #goldmakeup #lorealmakeup #eyeshadowtutorial #makeupfeed #huda #lipswatch #toofacedcosmetics

Simple romantic Rose gold glam makeup!✨
Rate this look from 1 to 10🤗 & don’t forget to ❤️ and save this video😘
@hudabeauty Rose Gold remastered palette / @hudabeauty Matte&Metal liquid eyeshadows / @pixibeauty 77 Lashlift mascara /
@maccosmeticsnl Beaming Blush highlighter / @inglot_usa natural lipliner / @diormakeup 765 Addict lipgloss /
Song: Gon Haziri Ft. Luar - Dy
#rosegold #huda #softglam #makeupinspiration #makeupfeed #eyeshadowtutorial #greeneye #glammakeup

SWIPE TO SEE THE FACE TUTORIAL👉🏻✨ don’t forget to ❤️ this video to show me some love🙏🏻
It’s my birthday tommorow😮
@maccosmeticsnl Brunette eyebrow pencil / @pixibeauty BlackNoir pencil / @makeupgeekcosmetics eyeshadows & @maccosmeticsnl I Like 2 Watch dazzleshadow / @pixibeauty 77Lashlift mascara / @gerardcosmetics Nude lipstick & Inglot clear gloss .
#simplemakeup #makeupvideos #eyemakeupideas #kylie #huda

Sooo I had to take a picture for my passport and driver license today ( bc yesss your girl finally passed her driving exam😭🙌🏻 ) so I tought why not film this look for you guys. It’s super simple and also perfect for everyday✨
@pixibeauty BlackNoir pencil ✨ @thebalmeu Nude Tude palette ✨ @pixibeauty 77 Lashlift mascara ✨ false lashes are cut in half ( don’t remember the brand anymore☹️ )
@nyxcosmeticsnl Angel Veil primer ✨ @lagirlcosmetics Pro matte foundation ✨ @hudabeauty Baking powder Pound Cake ✨ @thebalmeu Bahama Mama ✨ @apieu_cosmetics Cheek Chok blush ✨ @benefitnetherlands whats up highlighter ✨ Inglot natural lipliner ✨ @maccosmeticsnl Honeylove lipstick
#huda #fenty #hudabeauty #makeupfeed #eyemakeuptutorial #eyeshadowtutorial #greeneye #makeuptransformation #makeupinspo #makeupnatural #everydaymakeup #simplemakeup

New Years Eve makeup look! Rate this look from 1-10!🤔 I kinda look like a big baby in this video, i’m guessing it’s the hairstyle😂
This is going to be my last video of 2018! I really hope that you guys enjoyed my tutorials this year and I just wanted to thank you for all the love&support!! You guys mean everything to me and i’m just so grateful for you all!!❤️ I can’t wait for 2019 and I hope I will keep inspire you✨😘 Eyes/Gözler:
@pixibeauty eye pencil ‘BlackNoir’ / @sigmabeauty Smoke Screen palette / @hudabeauty Matte&Metal Liquid shadow / @essencemakeup glitter (very old) @pixibeauty 77 Lashlift mascara /
Face/ Yüz:
@pixibeauty t -zone mask / @klairs.global Vitamine C serum + Vitamine E mask / @wetnwildbeauty Photofocus foundation / @maccosmetics Beaming Blush highlighter / .
#greeneye #makeupideas #newyearseve #hudabeauty #makeupinspiration #partymakeup #glammakeup #makeupfeed #softglam #fullfacemakeup #fenty #huda #glitterliner

So as you guys may know i’m not the biggest eyeliner fan bc I feel like it just doesn’t look the best on me 😕I get a lot of people asking me for a eyeliner tutorial so I decided to repost this video 1 more time for my new followers haha! Also I’am going to upload a new years eve makeup look ASAP✨🙌🏻🤗 Eyeliner; Inglot 77 gel liner ✨ Brush; @sigmabeauty e06
#eyelinertutorial #wingedeyeliner #liner #greeneye #makeuptutorial #makeupfeed #everydaymakeup #softglam #hudabeauty #wakeupandmakeup

Swipe to see the face makeup!!👉🏻
Which lip would you choose? 1 or 2? 🤔🤗
you guys my lashes look horrible at the moment😭Few times a year my lashes start to fall out in the middle part and luckely they grow back very fast but for now it just looks weird ☹️ I really need to find some superrr natural looking lashes bc dramatic lashes look ugly on me but I don’t seem to find any I really like😒
@anastasiabeverlyhills Modern renaissance palette / @hudabeauty Matte&Metal liquid shadow / @pixibeauty BlackNoir eye pencil / @lorealnl Telescopic mascara /
@hudabeauty overachiever concealer / @toofaced Born this way powder / @makeuprevolution Golden lights highlighter / @hudabeauty Dayslayer Demi Matte lipstick & @nyxcosmetics Liquid suède crème in Kitten Heels✨
Song; Burak Yeter - Wanna Know U .
#redlip #hudabeautymeltedshadows #simplemakeup #makeupinspiration #eyemakeuptutorial #holidaymakeup #greeneye #makeuptransformation #everydaymakeup

Happy sunday my loves!❤️✨🙌🏻
Do you guys have any plans for christmas or new years eve?
#holidaymakeup #hudabeautymeltedshadows #greeneyes #makeupinspiration #makeuptutorial #makeupideas

Don’t forget to swipe👉🏻 to see the face part of this look ✨🤗
I guess I will call this a natural look with a bit of glam 🤔😜
I used the new @hudabeauty Matte&Metal Melted shadows and I loveeee them 😍 perfect for a simple everyday look with a little of sparkle✨
@hudabeauty Matte&Metal shadows in Private jet/ Shimmering sunset & Faux-Fur/ Bamboo Hoops ✨ @hudabeauty New Nude palette ✨ @pixibeauty Eye pencil / @pixibeauty Lashlift mascara / @clinique moisture surge ✨ @clarinsofficial Golden Glow Booster ✨ @coverfx enhancer drops ✨ @nyxcosmetics Lace Detail / .
Song: Ilkay Sencan - No Sweat

#hudabeauty #hudabeautymeltedshadows #makeupinspiration #eyemakeuptutorial #makeupideas #everydaymakeup #holidaymakeup #simplemakeup #hudabeautypowerbullet

Blue glittery smokey eyesss without false lashes✨💙💙
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@thebalmeu Nude Tude palette / @hudabeauty Sapphire Obsessions palette / @pixibeauty BlackNoir eye pencil / @maccosmetics Honeylove lipstick & Inglot Clear gloss
#smokeyeyes #partymakeup #holidaymakeup #greeneyes #eyeshadowtutorial #hudabeauty #hudabeautypreciousstones #makeupvideo

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