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Sick as a dog but still, the show must go on....#NOexcuses #Nocomplaints #JustResults

Long day, yesterday. Hopped on a flight to Chicago at 1am, couldn’t sleep the entire flight. Way too much going on in my head to do so. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just how I process when I have a lot on my plate. Just landing now and this was what I see, Beautiful. #extraordinaryleaugeofpowerfulpeople

I miss my father. He was the only person on the planet that wanted nothing from me but to see me happy and successful. I miss being able to call him and pick his brain about everything I may have been going thru or about to go thru. Well, I’ve been blessed with his knowledge and insight, I apply it in my life, it makes me feel connected to his spirit and his heart. Miss you pop. I will continue to watch my six, and never procrastinate. 💯 #RestInPower #Dad

@ohmyburger is always blowing up on my timeline, so I went there earlier today before we hit the park, THAT SHIT WAS BOMB!!! they have a challenge to eat a 8 lb burger with all the trimmings, you have to do it in 55 min. This young lady Just so happened to be trying it while we were there, here’s what we saw.... #Daaaaaamn. Ps I’m trying to tell ya, the food is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

@bigprotector77 had to dress differently today since we was at Disney Land. #StormProtector #2018 #extraordinaryleaugeofpowerfulpeople

Gatlyn is feeling himself. As he should. Carry on mini me. Carry on.

That’s me in the front on the right side....I’m the only one out the group that got on this one. Bunch of chickens, so what it goes upside down!!! #disneyland

#disneyland was a blast today, always like to take pics with my son in his costume every year! Going back to the park now to get a bunch of candy and Shit he don’t need. 🤣 #Minecraft #steve #proudfather

Ok. Here it is. Here’s the date. You already know what it do. #BrassWoods from @therealbrassknucklesog_ #innovation #followtheleader #710 #Knuckleup

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