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XZIBIT  #motivation #insipration #Determination

My son......is amazing. I wonder where he gets his sense of humor from?? 😂 #buttergrits

@childishmajor crushing shit in #ThePharmacy today!! Don’t miss it. We also have @royceda59 giving us the preview of #TheBookOfRyan it’s going to go up!!!! @drdre @beats1official @djpooh @djbattlecat @jrocc210 @wyanna @johnnybarba @yourboyeddie

Today on #ThePharmacy by @drdre we have THE beast himself, @royceda59 !!! Hands down, pound for pound, knock your face off MC and I’m really excited to have him with us today! Don’t miss this, @beats1official @djbattlecat @djpooh @jrocc210 @yourboyeddie @wyanna @johnnybarba #BookOfRyan

My cat loves me. No matter what, she finds me and then she’s posted. #ThunderCatJoiner

#budapest #LIT #harikrishna swag 🤣💯

“I don’t rock bathing apes, scrap your face like a .38, my fist weigh a ton make em shake, make em salivate, I don’t fear hate I escape in the nick of time, strychnine, I’ll take you to war for some peace of mind, we surround your building, homicide your villains, burn down your village, violate your feelings, contract killa, RIP #JDilla, in the middle of the street, we can meet, I figure, Im a 5 star general, 4 alarm fire, 3 time felon, 2 guns, 1 writer, backwoods burn, I return inspired, now watch the real deal set the ring on fire.....he’s the TRUTH! @rd_goat @bellatorkb

About last night.... @rd_goat @bellatorkb #Champion #wetakenoLs

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