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A collagraph plate prepping in process, this could be most photogenic part of my project for Young Printmakers 8 week program. My first foray into dabbling with fine arts where I'm learning to get my hands dirty and making endless trips to art stores. Thankful to all those who have been supportive! I've uploaded more videos of my printmaking process on @woodandlead instastory. :•) #woodandlead #youngprintmakersleague17

Happy Mother's Day to my momma, this petite lady with the biggest heart! She never fails to show her unconditional love for us in her everyday, always putting herself last. I love you more than "mmm", "yaa", "okay", "coming back", can say. I know I haven't done much to make you worry less but I hope one day I'll make you proud. 妈咪,母亲节快乐!💕💕

Missing Japan today and here's a drawing I made in the company of @adehogan as we hunt down the last of the sakura blooms in the area while intoxicated by sugar-laden melon calpis. 🙃

Hello, is it May you're looking for? #lionelrichie #tearablepunmonday

be easy.
take your time.
you are coming home.
to yourself. - the becoming | wing

Excerpts from our annual Hell picnic, with the most stylish couple I know, who have always welcomed me with arms wide open from the time I stumbled my way to their apartment as their first @airbnb guest. :-) They are the ones who never failed to watch over me since day 1 and I'm so blessed to be their Sidedish! ♡♡♡ Always glad that it's not a long goodbye until the next time we meet again, thanks for always making the time we have together crazy and memorable!! 👹👹

Post Tour de France with my dear @tiny_lp and @johntokyoreallife at Tachikawa Park. ♡♡♡ I was admiring how the evening sun had thrown a beautiful light over these bare overhanging Sakura branches. They looked like a net of stars cast over us, and it was all yellow. 💛

Kamo River proudly donned a new coat of colours 🍂🍁

This tiny cafe helmed by Wife&Husband fits no more than 10 people, and it was the sweetest end to my Kyoto trip. Never mind the stressful one hour wait while I have a train bound for Tokyo to catch due to a change of plans, my worries dissipated the moment I stepped in. Surrounded by Japanese antiques, and the aroma of freshly roasted coffee, time stops and sits you down for coffee served with a side of honey cheese toast. I've been spoiled again. ☕️


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