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A friendly face, mammoth tower, resident otter, mudfest feet and vegan ice-cream fest, all in one run:) All the best for CCC, Tejo!


Yen's all-time favourite sanctuary.

tsk tsk;)

The Great British Bake-Off (with proper pie dishes this time)

Cake face-off at the Yenory;)

Had the privilege to meet Kittakong, Master Printer-Artist who owns C.A.P Studio. His collection of works is a treasure trove and we had an interesting banter about this piece next to the altar that was created by his friend. The wooden block above the Blue-Tiger portrait is the Thai script for digit-2. This piece is a play on the idiom "一山不容二虎". (One mountain cannot contain two tigers.) I begged to differ as there can be a possibility to allow co-existence when Space is delineated. In the end, I bought a pair of Kittakong's own prints.😛

Magic happens when we pause and allow synchronicity to surface. Beautiful conversation with the beautiful Lady Kaylen xx

Om-nom-nom at Anchan last week. Been averaging 2-3 meals there per week. Food cooked with love:)

Enroute Baan Kang Wat.

The House next door. Bawa could've been here.

O Mystic, how the trees speak soft.

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