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a salty person :)))))  Try fail? Try again. P/s: I'm from Vietnam

Ghiền vãi

That's my wallpaper...

Now the time to set down everything that's bothering you. Throw away your worries, shakin' up!

It's too long to put on My Story so I have to post it here ><
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I just edit my post with a lot of tagged and i dont know where's it from :))

Đừng nhìn tau, nhìn cái cửa sổ đó
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Oppa Hwaiting! Don't be sad, We always love you more and more <3
@bravpunxh 😙😙😙

Hell ya 😑😑😑 my name is Truc Quynh 😑😑😑

Just wait...

My story... OMG 🎉🎉🎉 thank all you guys ❤❤❤ I'm going to die...


My little brother // @littlecupcakev 8 days left :))

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