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a salty person :)))))  Try fail? Try again. P/s: I'm from Vietnam

Ghiền vãi

That's my wallpaper...

Nếu bạn nào muốn trúng thì nhanh nhanh vào @rosiebeautie chơi nha hiuhiu, bảng mắt + contour đẹp hết xảy con bà bảy, còn có Kat Von D nữa nạ <3

Now the time to set down everything that's bothering you. Throw away your worries, shakin' up!

It's too long to put on My Story so I have to post it here ><
#slime #slimmingworldtargetmember #slimepressing #slimmingworldfollowers
I just edit my post with a lot of tagged and i dont know where's it from :))

Đừng nhìn tau, nhìn cái cửa sổ đó
#lookatthewindow #kokobop #exo #deep

Oppa Hwaiting! Don't be sad, We always love you more and more <3
@bravpunxh 😙😙😙

Hell ya 😑😑😑 my name is Truc Quynh 😑😑😑

Just wait...

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