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With your love nobody can drag me down

Asking Alexandria- Into the fire.
"i can't let go of the hatred 'cause I love the way it tastes...take it all back". 🎢
So, yeah, those elements are here for the reason, matching the lyrics. Front lever(regular lol) was the shit I learned the fastest, like a bit more then 4 years ago, because you know..was skinny and..em chicken legs bruh! So, here is the fun fact. I love the front lever and I loved the one arming in general. I hate 1 static element more then I hate all around acrobatics and competitions. One handed...front lever. This shit is destroying shoulders since it was invented lol, and I am doing it(attempting) basically once in 3 months, just to check the form, and this time..it tasted so amazing. So, in my own vision..this is perfection, and how for my one will ever go. And for the transition at the end.."old Zoran" would say that it's his fav shit. The hand is locked, the angle is the worst one possible. But yeah, the lightning and the haircolor..must upload. *many of you asked me..this white straps I have around my wrists/forearms are just basic bandages, that sometimes just look different.
Enough bullshit..Enjoy! (:


I just wanna wife her up.

@aleksandar.sakovic made this fucking awesome shit out of me and my entrada de angel ! LOOK AT EM DETAILS! Thank you my white motherfucker! πŸ˜‚ *I love the fact that eyes are not here, that tattoes on the hand are kinda fucked up(because the paint actually is), and..DEM LEGS. How they shall look on the training: non-chicken, and no white socks, Zoran u idiot!

I am not really a huge fan of handbalancing. To be honest, I actually hate it(and that's not only because I suck at it lol). #shadowhunters

Many people are not making a difference between an entrada the angel and the wide hefesto, so here you go. After spending a week on only acrobatics, and in process having bad landing for 540Β° on my right leg and breaking the ligaments, in process of healing I've earned even more power on the bars.
My favoruite song back in the 2014. "Starset- Carnivore". 🎢 And yeah, I uploaded short videos these days including light sets, just to share that I can mix elements. I just like to edit single ones much more. Enjoy! (:

Your god of strenght and Goddess of beauty, in one photo hehe

After the last night live video of mine and all the questions of "who is the best in sw in your opinion", my mind was not able to decide between Viktor and Eryc ahaha, but yeah..planches, malteses, balance, hefesto..I would go and say Viktor, but that's just my opinion, and that doesnt mean that Eryc shall not be the world champion also. Still, I am just not about those competitions anymore. I've lost that will to battle, to show, to win. What am I all about now? Strenght, creativity, inspiring and inventing. This time..I am all about the front lever.
Here, you can see, in my opinion, the hardest front lever variation out there(not counting the actual victorian cross). And 3+ seconds hold of this supinated pull touch position impressed even me lol. So yeah, until I bring you something new (hopefully soon), enjoy in Ed. (:

30 000 wuhuu!

X back lever. Front lever pull UPS.
Wide grip front lever touch. One handed dragon press.

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