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🔎j e n n a🔍  🔦only fb stranger things accs🔦 🤞🏼friends don't lie🤞🏼 🖤millieven & jancy 🖤 🥀pretty? yeah! pretty. really pretty!🥀 🔍acc started 2/9/17🔎


lol i'm dying finn

hey guys long time no post!! how did u guys feel about the teaser trailer? i'm so hyped up!!

Hola friends :))



what up guys🙃

NEWS READ BELOW!:!$:$?:)2$2!:$:$3)(3(373)):):66:636:):).7$:):7:7$:!3$:$3!$:73$3$3$$3$3$373)$:73))3$:$3$$:73!)3$:$3)3))3)3637,773
so i won't be very active for the next few weeks. i am very busy with sports bc my season is staring to come. as you prob noticed already i'm not posting as much as i did before. i will be logging out but i will come and visit once in a while😇lygsm please understand💘💘

guys can someone explain why millie is kissing finn? #helpimconfused

millie, ignore them. you are beautiful, talented and an amazing person. the obviously have no lives and if they do it's hating on people to make them feel bad. ignore them and play it cool. stay strong mills💘😘 ( do what the pic says and make her feel good or i unf😊) #staystrongmillie @milliebobbybrown @milliebobbybrown @milliebobbybrown


welp i tried :/

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