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ximena a. bañuelos lópez 🎶  BASS trombone

gotta keep my baby Rose warm in this cold weather <3

Happy Birthday to my Dad who does the most for us, so that we can have what we need and more, i’m so thankful for him. ❤️

why am i wearing a picnic blanket? lmao

Feliz cumpleaños a la mujer más fuerte e inteligente que conozco. Sin ella no sería nada, ella se merece el mundo y estoy tratando de darle algo parecido a eso jajaja Espero que hayas tenido un gran día mamá, te amo ❤️

these are the only things i captured from the process of the Rose Parade but it was such an amazing experience. what an honor being able to represent SoCal in the world famous Tournament of Roses Parade opening ceremony and the parade🌹 i made new crackhead friends and froze with my lovely section. and since i was front and center in the block, i was always watching the one and only Alexis lmaooo this picture shows how every one of our interactions go, he makes a stupid joke and i laugh😂 it was all great #2019RoseParade

🌹🌹Excited for the Tournament of Roses Parade!!!🌹🌹remember to watch it to see Kaiser perform in the opening ceremonies AND parade 💚🖤

here’s a picture i never posted from homecoming and i really like it :)

this isn’t everyone who went but it’s some of them and i love them <3 #LowBrassChristmasParty2018

La Virgen de Guadalupe❤️ #Dec12

here’s another one

happy birthday to this beautiful human being, esme. i think it’s safe to say that Esme is my bestfriend. there’s no friend that completes me as much as she does. i don’t know anyone who understands me so well, she understand my weird quirks and doesn’t make fun of them (well maybe she does at times) she laughs at my dumb jokes like no one else does. i’d feel so lonely without her, i remember when we were both awkward freshman with no friends, and then we found each other. it’s so crazy how close we’ve gotten and wouldn’t change it for anything else. i also can’t believe how we’ve improved on trombone, we went from being yelled at to making county together. we used to joke about us nothing making it together on bass and now we’ve actually done it. it’s not an understatement when we say we’re a package deal, it’s both or none. i hope you had a great day because you deserve it. happy 17th to this girl❤️

Happy Birthday to my other half aka my brother♥️ life without him would be so dull and i’m thankful to call him my brother, i joke around saying that i don’t love him buttt... i do😅 hope you had a great one😁 #24 💕 #Nov26

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