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those magcon boys💕  there used to be emotional words here but then I said "wait hold up...i dont do that kinda stuff"☁️That Jack J kid is pretty cool...

um wow hey guys this is awkward so I miss this account so much but I left so i don't know if I could come back and even if I did I would want to start over so just comment please I want help ily guys so much

deleting my account

Hey guys sorry for not being on very much. I'll start posting more. COMMENT IF I SHOULD CONTINUE THE FANFIC

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Chapter 26~I woke up with my head snuggled into Jack's chest and my eyes sore. I looked up at his face and he was sleeping with his body wrapped around mine. "I love you," I whispered. I watched his eyes flutter open, look down at me, and smile. "I love you too princess" He bent down and kissed me. "Are you hungry?" "Mmhmm" "Ok. C'mon lets go get some breakfast" He said as we rolled out of bed and went down to the kitchen. He picked me up and sat me on the counter. He cupped my face and looked at my eye. "You have a black eye" I just looked down and started playing with my thumbs. "Alex....What happened?" I sighed "When you left I found out Danny was drunk, then I yelled at him...then he punched me and tripped me down the stairs" I examined Jack's eyes as they filled with rage. "Jack look its fine" "NO IT ISNT ALEX" "No. He just hasn't been himself lately and my mom and Tommy aren't really home that much and-" "ALEX THIS ISNT OK! NOBODY LAYS A HAND ON YOU NOBODY! I LOVE YOU AND And you're my everything. I just stand around and watch you get hurt" "Jack I'm fine. Really. It's just that I cant go back there. Well at least not until Danny's back to the normal self.." "Alex. You can just stay with me for a while" "Really?" "Of course. Anything for you" "Thanks so much Jack. I love you" I said pressing my lips against his. "I love you too princess" <Hey guys sorry for the sucky chapter☁️Comment what you thought💕>

So um... I was in math and they used a carpenter as an example and um..I kind of forgot what a carpenter was cuz all I thought of was aaron until one of my friends reminded me...

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•ever been jealous of a backpack•HEY GUYS💕 VOTE WHICH ONE I SHOULD MAKE~
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•Chapter 26
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Johnson Please💕 me name is Kate🍄

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