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Philia fam!!! ❤️  🔗🌹"Together forever, never apart, maybe in distance, but never at heart."🌹🔗 ❌If anyone ever needs to talk, we're always here!❌ 💙Love you all!!!💙


like some of you might have understood, our family is no longer a family. I don't know if I'm allowed to tell everyone what happened, but I wanted to tell everyone that you still can talk to us (at least you can talk to me, send me a DM, or kik me @ 4ndrea.m). this family really meant a lot to me, and they all helped me trough my toughest nights (and days), I don't know if we maybe can start talking again.. please everyone who was in our family, kik me, I miss all of you, and I would love to start talking to you again.
stay strong honeyboos - Kim

ok so im currently and forever leaving this family and leaving this Instagram because i feel like it has no use and this family basically fell apart.....i only talk to 3 people from this "family" and im just done and over with this.
Go ahead and talk crap in the comments do whatever I really dont care....
if you guys wanna follow go ahead @nemo_not.emo if you dont want to its okay....
But just to let yall know im done with this Instagram and this "family" its no use to me to keep being in this Instagram if this has no use most of the time
sorry to say this but oh well


I miss the Fam.. 😣 -Makay😛🐱

I need new friends. -Makay😛🐱

Hey, guy. Its been a while since I've posted on here. But I wanted to let you know that no matter what happens, I'm always here... I know I'm not really the best friend ever and I fuck shit up, a lot, but I'm trying to change that. I wanna be able to help you guys. I'm sorry... I'm sorry. I love you all ~Lenni ......if you just want me to delete the account, I will...

It fucking sucks that in a matter of a few weeks this family just fell apart....every day a person left from the group chat and now only theres only 4 people in the group chat....it fucking sucks not having the people that you trusted the more than anyone leave and it sucks not having anyone to talk to
Picture credit to @scarredmemories ~bubbles

I donno... The FAM is crumbling a bit sorry guys~Ducky

I'm about to pull out all my hair I'm stressed out and here is my vent--
My sisters friends r going to be coming over and I've been cleaning which is good because I can keep my mind of other things but bad because my brother is being a bit mean and yelling at me if I screw up or do something wrong. I am taking a break right now but to think people I barely know coming to my house, it's sorta nerve wrecking to be honest it's not the first time but just as hard

Thanks for listening~Ducky

Collar bones 💀😍 -Makay😛🐱

This song explains me perfectly.. Kinda the sad truth honestly~Ducky

#tb to when I was on holiday. It was so nice and anxiety free but now thats all gone... I didnt cut at all on holiday and now im back... Thats all for now guys, see ya soon ~Ollie

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