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Don't forget, this months shoot is still up for grabs and the Raven/Dante/Sonja sets will be dropping over the next week or so. If you purchased this months shoot the others will be heavily discounted!
Plus I just want to cause character chaos, so, yea.


Hey Twitch friends. I know that I was missed last week but I wanted to let you all know I'll be on tonight at 7pm, again on Friday and again on Sunday. Same time, same station. I know it's been hard to nail down a schedule and I apologize about that.
Thank you for your patience!

The quiet things.

Some days drag, and they seem hard to pull yourself through.
But it isn't every day. A nice day is on the horizon. Just be patient and hold tight. 💜

New mini lewd shoot now available. DM me for details. St. Paddy's sale too ;) they include, denim shorts, a nice dress and a few other things~

If you are purchasing this shoot please note that I will discount the Dante/Raven/Sonja shoots as well when they are unlocked within the next 2 weeks! I sincerely appreciate all of your support and love! ^_^
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Good morning.~

Comfy weens

Sometimes sleep is a fleeting lover teasing you one moment with a gentle caress, lulling you into it's arms with a warm smile.. ...& then in the next moment it's banging pots & pans in your ear at 12am screaming about watering the oleanders.

Except, you don't have any oleanders.

Diamond push ups. Everything I do is to try and improve. As badly as I want to give up some days I didn't come as far as I have just to quit.
Neither did you.

I have some of those most amazing and talented friends with big hearts.
@wendingus_art made this for me of my OC The Bone Collector and I just... I'm in love, she's absolutely beautiful~
Support this amazing artist with likes and love plz!

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