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Iliana 👙🐚  west coast of florida⠀ ☼ i do a little bit of everything ♡ greek and proud of it ツ teddy’s mine☆ Snapchat: ilid ⠀⠀⠀vsco: ili-

bout to munch before this flight 🍔

I can sit here all day :)

golden hour feelin immaculate ☀️🌸

All I have to say is YUM

don’t expect anything special from this session besides embracing this breathtaking sunset that we are gifted with tonight. I haven’t stretched in over 2 weeks because I’ve been away from home so I decided this was the way to get back into my routine.🌤

up up and awayyy.. that’s what they say 🌤

My two moods when a crepe is in front of me :)

Views with you are never disappointing .. happy Sunday :p


Not going to lie, the sand was disgusting. But the view was great!

on the top with you <3

feeling like a florist 🌸:)

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