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em ๐ŸŒˆ  Really just here for a good time; mainly got | longclaw | lannister | spooky


cersei took your man, you upset huh
(Wow quality turned to 144fp)
really simple edit cause I don't got time but gotta edit my kween
[ #lannistergrp #spookygrp #longclawgrp ]
Forgot logos again whoop

+ she's a whistle in the catacombs, a paradox
I love my bby Sansa like she's overrated but also seriously underrated
I tried to be a lil creative and it's no good whoops -
heart effect ib angelicorigin -
#longclawgrp | #spookygrp | #lannistergrp

+ one badass woman
I haven't posted a edit in like 2 weeks I'm so sorry whoops ! Ae was a pain in the ass
I think I forgot how to edit
but thanks for still sticking around :)
dt -@issathenerd @infinitetvs @jaysromell @cerseilena @fraryys @const4ntine -
#longclawgrp #lannistergrp #omgpage -
[ #daenerystargaryen #daenerystargadyenedit #khalessi #omggot #gotedit #gameofthronesedit #gameofthrones #emiliaclarke #emiliaclarkeedit {

| winter is here
ac: thri1ft + my voiceover
[turn up the brightness! It's super dark]
I tried to be a lil artsy here didn't go very well
#omgpage #longclawgrp #lanmistergrp #chaosrct2

| I mean drizella said the facts herself so..
whoops this is super simple & the transition sucks but hope no ones done this before -
#longclawgrp #lannistergrp #omgpage
[ #drizella #ivybelfrey #drizellatremaine #reginamillsedit #reginamills #omgouat #onceuponatime #onceuponatimeedit ]

| you better pay attention to her [turn up brightness and sound by heaps]
I was so unmotivated whoops and just got lazy -
dt - all those people who love to edit cersei -
#lannistergrp #longclawgrp #omgpage -
[ #gameofthrones #gameofthronesedit #cerseilannister #cerseilannisteredit #omggot #lannister #gotedit #lenaheadey ]

| strawberry kisses; petra
I hardly post jtv so don't flop yo
dt: any Petra lovers & ty @cordueva for the scenes
ty guys for 200, It means so much and also my 3 recents have been doing pretty well and it makes me feel so proud that people actually enjoy what I create
thank you !! ๐Ÿ˜Š
#omgpage #longclawgrp #lannistergrp

| home; regina & emma
this made me fall back in love with them god I miss them sm!
crap nearly at 200 tysm but ppl keep unfollowing ? -
dt - @fraryys @wondermalfoy.mp4 @mystic.starks @xolapei @cerseilena @hybridsdiary + all other sq shippers
oc -hannahvids
(Ignore the glitch at the end whoops)
tested a lotta new things out I guess
#omgpage | #lannistergrp | #longclawgrp

+ the gays are shooketh
colouring is super dark whoops
so geed for o8 and I love all the actresses
dt - @lannistervibe @cerseilena @xolapei @wondermalfoy.mp4 @ninebxll -
#omgpage | #lannistergrp | #longclawgrp

+ hottest milf out there
can you imagine being this iconic in one episode? 3x10 for reference
turn up brightness & I swear it looped before
dt: @const4ntine @lorelaigilmoure | @cerseiouslyy @cerseilena @salmonscrubs ๐Ÿ’—
bruh the quality was so crisp before wtf ig
#omgpage | #longclawgrp | #lannistergrp

starting the year off with a bang ๐Ÿ’ฅ (with mayor milfs)
happy new year! hope ya have a good year filled with great memes & clear skin
quality was so good before ig
ac - httpmia.x
dt - @satanmills cause her clips were a lifesaver -
#omgpage | #lannistergrp | #longclawgrp

| did someone call for the true king ??
I've waited so long to make a edit of tywin cause he's a fav
Bruh don't steal cause you can't see the watermark :( also audios ducked
dt : Lannister grp and any Tywin stans -
#lannistergrp | #longclawgrp | #omgpage

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