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I had a great day in Kosice,Slovakia. This is my first time here, it's a beautiful old city.

#tourlife #travel #europe #kosice #solvakia #tourmanager #foh #photography

3.5.18 Aarau,Switzerland

Let's just say it's going to be a fun summer!
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I believe this is my 7th printer I've purchased for the sole purpose of Tour Managing since 2012. Anyone that's toured with me (Especially @theamityaffliction and @blessthefall ) has most likely seen me lose my shit on a printer. I hate printers. I'm debating going all "Office Space" on this printers ass March 21, or leaving it in Europe for future frustration.
#printerswillbethedeathofme #ihateprinters #fuckepson #youcantbuyepson215blackinkineurope #29bucksforthispieceofshit #iforgottobuytheusbcable #justkillme #doireallyneedtoprintthedaysheet #doesanyonereadthedaysheet #theyonlyreaditonlytofindmymistakesandtellmeaboutit

I'm really proud of myself. February 25, 2018 marks 9 years that I've been Vegetarian. Anyone who knew me from back then would have said I wouldn't have lasted a week eating Vegetarian. I still love it though! It's definitely the reason that I've tried some foods and changed the way I look at food and cooking and the food industry as a whole. January 1, 2018 I started eating Vegan, and so far I really like that too. I'm making the switch slowly, I still have a little dairy here and there, but I'm about 80% Vegan.
If this is something that interests you, look into it. If you're happy eating meat, eat meat. I believe everyone need to find their own path and no one should shame you for the life you want to live. Be happy ❤

#vegetarian #vegan #eatingclean #makeadifference #behappy #9years #noway

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It's been a really fun and wild ride with plenty of ups and downs. It's also been a great learning experience, but yesterday I signed the papers and sold @kingofheartstattoo . It's definitely a bitter sweet day. I can still remember the excitement of signing my first lease and getting the keys. I have so many people to thank for helping me, trusting me and teaching me, and for that I'm forever grateful. They say not to mix business with pleasure, but I can honestly say I've made some great friends here and we've had a lot of fun along the way. It's gives me a lot of joy to know that I'm handing over a five star shop and that's thanks to the hard work from the following people:

A huge thank you to: Ernie of Early American Development, @kfixx @ninjazone @zensay315 @juliogomeztattoos Buddy and @drwoodsguitars and crew! @tattoosbytracihope @christofalosj @k.richard.art @kenoshatattoocotyler @nenad.made @pandadoll13 Jake Evans and Alex. It's been an honor to work with each and every one of you. I'm very proud to have been part of this with shop with this team!

I Also Want to Thank all of our Clients, of course all of my Family!! And everyone who supported us through the years. Please continue to support these guys and this shop, I expect to see some cool changes coming very soon.


I'm seriously so proud of my dudes in @ftfdband . This record is amazing. I'm pumped to be driving to Detroit for the release of this Album tomorrow. Who will I see there?

Heading back to Europe this Wednesday with @carnifex @oceanometal @aversions_crown and @disentomb_ pretty stoked for this run, I'm hoping to see some friends while I'm back in Europe!

I just lost my best friend of the last 14 and a half years. I'm a trainwreck.

She was the best little pup, so smart, she had so much personally and Character. Puppy learned tricks so easily and she always loved to show them off. I'm really going to miss how excited she was to see me whenever I got home. She was the best.
I'm just so grateful that I was home and by her side comforting her as she passed and not on tour or in a vets office. This is seriously so hard. I had a really weird feeling all day today, just a bad feeling. I'm happy she's not suffering any more.
R.I.P. Puppy,I love you.
July 27 2003- February 12 2018

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