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Xutjja Plag  ★ Professional Fetish Model ★ DM for business only! ★ Business Email: xutssbbw@gmail.com ★ Paysite: www.clips4sale.com/44444 ★ Tags: #bbw #ssbbw #fat

I just posted a new #squashsmother clip.  Here's the description:  You're going to do exactly what I say.  You're going to put yourself in his place.  You're going to imagine all of this weight crushing down upon you.  Do you understand what a privilege that is?  Only the most obedient and loyal of my subs ever get the opportunity to be dominated by all of this weight; to feel my big blubbery body upon theirs.  Your breathing becoming shallow by all the added weight on your chest.  My hand wrapped in your hair as I ask if you're enjoying the feeling of being compressed.  I am your glutinous goddess and you will obey every word that I say and worship every inch of my massive body.  Follow the link in my bio to find this video and many more like it. Tags: #bbw #ssbbw #fat #fatfetish #bbwwiththinmen #ssbbwwiththinmen #bbwfemaledomination #bbwfemdom #squashing #smothering #chestsitting #facesitting

Check out my latest update.  Here's the description: There I was, sitting in my room minding my own business when my feeder burst through the door and started jiggling my big blubbery belly!  I suppose I can’t be too angry with him.  I mean, would you be able to resist grabbing a handful of all of this soft supple fat? Kneading it between your fingers like you would dough.  Hefting it upward to let it come crashing down into my thighs with a resounding slap. Watching as a every inch of me jiggles as you grab a handful and give it a shake.  As our eyes meet we both know that you were the one that helped turn me into such a quivering pile of lard.  Follow the link in my bio to find this clip and many more like it.  Tags: #fat #fatfetish #bbw #ssbbw #bbwwiththinmen #ssbbwwiththinmen #fatapron #bellyfetish #bellyplay #fatplay

Check out my latest clip Gorging Myself Fatter.  Here's the description:  My eyes were instantly draw away from Bianca's lithe body and to the large platter that she held.  I saw piled upon it all of my favorite foods; there was six pieces of toast with cream cheese and blueberry jam, scrambled eggs smothered in cheddar cheese, and what looked to be a whole pound of thick cut bacon!  Almost simultaneously my mouth started to salivate and my pussy started to get moist. Despite the proximity of Bianca's nearly naked body all I could think about was gorging myself.  An all consuming need had me in its grip.  I needed to glut myself to the point where my stomach was stretched in agony. The sultry seductress at my side was ready to enable my addiction.  She brought the first bite to my lips.  The taste of the food made me moan in pleasure.  Bianca handed me the fork and instructed me to eat.  She wanted to watch as the last remnants of my willpower melted away leaving only a insatiable sow in its wake; a hungry pig ready to greedily devour every last morsel on the plate.  You can find this clip and many more by following the link in my bio.  Tags: #kink #fetish #fetishes #fatfetish #fat #feederism #feedism #feedist #feedists #feederfeedee #feeder #femalefeeder #feedee #femalefeedee #gainer #femalegainer #gaining #gainingweight #weightgain #handfeeding #forcefeeding #facestuffing

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