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Xutjja Plag  ★ Professional Fetish Model ★ DM for business only! ★ Business Email: xutssbbw@gmail.com ★ Paysite: www.clips4sale.com/44444 ★ Tags: #bbw #ssbbw #fat

Throughout the year I've been fattening up my latest piggy.  Although there's still work to be done she's on track to yield a wonderful Christmas ham.  As I grab her pudgy cheeks I can tell that they're filling out nicely.  To ensure that my pigs grow as fat as possible I restrict their movement throughout the fattening process. Forcing them to eat till they feel like they might just pop.  Their bodies heavy with sagging fat.  Their lives are devoted to feeding and growing fatter for my pleasure.  As I dig my fingers into the fat on her midsection my mouth begins to salivate at the thought of perfectly marbled belly steaks.  I flip over my sow to inspect her calves, thighs, and rump.  As I slap her ass I can't help but exclaim what an exquisite rump roast it will make!  Link to this clip and many more in my bio.  Tags: #bbw #ssbbw #fat #fatfetish #feederfeedee #gaining #gainingweight #weightgain #pigfetish

I told you that you could finish on my belly not my tits. 😕  Tags: #bbw #ssbbw #fat #fatfetish #feedee #gainer

If you like what you see check out the link in my bio.  Tags: #bbw #ssbbw #fat #fatfetish #bigbutts #biglegs #assfetish #assshaking #assgrabbing #asssmacking #spanking

I absolutely love filming content with @thickest.princess  She's as funny as she is gorgeous.  In this clip I'll slam my massive ass into her cute little bubble butt.  It's only a little bit of exertion yet it leaves us breathing heavy.  I'd say it was shocking how out of shape we both are, but that would be a lie.  It's expected when you're a couple of greedy glutinous sows like us.  We'll explore the fat covered expanse that we call our asses; grabbing, squeezing, slapping, and talking about the difference between them.  We also grind our oversize bodies against the wall and then shake blubbery backsides your viewing pleasure.  If that wasn't enough at the end I heft the immense pile of lard that is my gut onto her perky butt.  She tries to follow suit but I'm so tall I have to bend down as she gets on her tippy toes.  You can find the link to this clip and many more in my bio. Tags: #bbw #ssbbw #fat #fatfetish #bigbutts #biglegs #assfetish #assshaking #assgrabbing #asssmacking #spanking

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