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Barre, Pilates, HIIT, Yoga,TRX  1st class FREE 💕call us today to arrange - 0404843302💕 Invite the wonderful women in your life to experience an empowering full body work with us!

How incredible is this picture? It was taken by co-owner Xavier down in Esperance a few weekends ago! 🌊🌞 Do you think we've had the last of the hot weather before the storms start at the end of the week?! I hope not!! 🙅🏼

✨Golden Turmeric Latte✨

Turmeric is an amazing spice. It is antioxidant rich & has well renowned anti-inflammatory properties 🌿. Plus, it tastes absolutely incredible in Savory & sweet dishes. @kristenpavezhealth favourite way to have Turmeric is in a latte 💛🧡💛. The recipe for this will be going out in her newsletter tomorrow morning. Head over to Kristen's website to sign up, so you don’t miss out on this yummy recipe 💃💃 📷@Kristenpavezhealth

In a 45 minute Circuit 7 class you will - ✔️build endurance ✔️boost your metabolism ✔️burn maximum calories during class AND keep burning calories hours after you have completed your workout.
Book your spot NOW for Circuit 7 with Emma tomorrow at 6am!! 📷 @xtendbarredrummoyne

Did you know we use light hand weights in the upper body segment of the class to sculpt, tone and lengthen the muscles.
This works the muscle groups evenly to create long, lean limbs, and we do this with small movements and high reps. 💪🏼🔥

Have you got your VIX 100 socks yet?! These sparkly socks are reserved for our superstar clients who have come to 100 classes or more! Definitely something to work towards! Don't know how many classes you've done?
Next time you're in the studio just ask Xavier or Felice to check for you!

Our monthly Yin Yoga & Meditation class is on tonight at 6-7.30pm!


Yin is seated or lying poses that work the hips, legs and lower back; enabling deep release of tension, improved circulation and flexibility.

The poses are typically held for between 2 and 5 minutes and the pacing and transitions are slow. The idea is to stretch deeply and to then hold the stretch, this will result in enhanced flexibility and a feeling of ease and lightness in the body.

Yin is ideal for your mind, body and spirit ✨😌❤️ 📷 @bare_your_soul_photography

Clean Fuel for a Fit Body. Nourish yourself at every level with absorbable nutrition. Plant Based Elixir's, driven by nature, backed by science.

We are utterly OBSESSED with these @welleco products - is anyone else??

The world needs you to show up! Motivation to “show up” comes in ways we don’t always expect. Motivation to be the best version of ourselves doesn’t always have the same definition as the person standing next to us. What’s your unique motivation?
Once you’re motivated, how do you maintain your motivation? .
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When Xavier's work Flanno matches his eye! 🙈
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Have you tried XTEND STICK?? This class utilizes a Pilates stick with spring based resistance that is attached to the ballet barre. Like Xtend Barre, Stick has both an upper and lower body strength focus, plus cardio elements, but further challenges your core, balance and control due to the instability of the resistance.

We have Xtend Stick Fusion class on tonight at 5.15pm with Emma!

Looking for easy weeknight dinners? Then look no further than @thislittlepigwenttomarket - We can highly recommend!! 🐷🐽🍏🍑 “With life getting busier, This Little Pig makes life just that little bit easier, by delivering simple, good-for-you meal kits to your door that are, most importantly, bloody delicious. Everything you need comes in the box, from marinated meats to dressing to finish the dish. All you have to do is throw it all together (with the funny and adorable instructions clearly laid out for you), and nothing takes longer than 40 minutes.“
~ Bri from Eats Meets West

Discover the burn of an intense full body workout with all the elegance of the barre. We’re about mixing it up; bringing strength, cardio and confidence to everyone from first timers to hardcore workout warriors. Xtend Barre will help you sculpt, chisel and lengthen muscles with high energy classes for everyone at every level.

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