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Creature comforts are great. Never going back to ratty tatty 'project' cars.

Hurr durr all FWD cars do is understeer... Couldn't be more wrong. Lift-off oversteer and hard ultra-late turn-in is an awesome feeling. I think this feeling can only be achieved when driving an underpowered lightweight car near its limt. I don't think someone driving a more powerful FWD car with a biased mind would be able to appreciate it.

Went for a cruise. This car failed to disappoint. FWD is fun.

Biggest lie I've ever told.

White wheels will be the death of me... And these are easy to clean 16" TEs! #iftheywerefakeiprobablywouldntcare

Things that make my pp become the big pp

If (when) I refresh the NC's body, I'm fairly certain that Sunset Mauve Pearl (サンセットモーブ・パール) will be the color I go with. Been in love with this color since I first came across it. It's still dark like the NC's Brilliant Black, however you can see the body lines more easiky. This hits my purple/merlot soft spot too. This is a Japan-only color for the S2000.

#SunsetMauvePearl #RP42P

Today's task involves old adhesive removal and repair of the bumper corner tab. Next step is to re-do the mounting tabs on the valence, install new adhesive, and clean up the repaired bumper tab.

It's nice not having to rush small projects like this.

Would have preferred if it came longer than 1.5m rolls, but that's what I'm stuck with.

Selling 2008 NC GT PRHT 6MT, well cared for, mint af. No lowballers I know what I got. DM for info. Plans have changed and shit happens in life. Looking to fund turbo Yaris build.

What's slower than the Yaris? Uploading my phone contacts list to the Eclipse phone book. I need to do this to the NC as well...

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