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We can't be friends if you don't like La Bouche.

Not at all impressed with the Pie update for Note9. Before the update I would be at 65% mid-afternoon the second day...

To be fair, the only reason I took this shot of the LP 770-4 Aventador SVJ was because I loved the color. Fell in love with this color back when Lamborghini had the Diablo SE30. Viola Pasifae is a gorgeous color

I have nothing but respect for lowriders. The time spent polishing components, hand carving metal inlays, the amazing paint jobs and chassis building... This is the definition of a "build". Nothing is left untouched. Always has me floored. Anyone can buy aero, a turbo kit, coilovers, roll some fenders, and go all out stancefag at car shows or on the opposite end, make some ratty shitbox without a clear theme outside of creating a reaction, but lowriders to me have always been the definition of talent.

I fuck with this.

That money car

Duck tail is best tail

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