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Still quite a bit to be done to finish the Nero build, but so far I'm in love with the aesthetic.

EDIT: oh god, look how garbage the image quality is after uploading. I'm seriously debating on switching over to an iPhone because IG is so much better optimized for it...

Decided to stick with the full red trigger. Still waiting for gold magwell, grip safety, mag release, and slide catch, plus the midframe will be cerakoted gloss white, don't want it busier than it already is.

New trigger who dis? Airsoft Masterpiece gold puzzle base with red flat long trigger both on Airsoft Masterpiece trigger frame. Because the black Guns Modify fluted guide rod came with a longer spring base it caused the black portion to stick out of my black Gold Match, I ended up swapping it out for the spring base from the gold fluted guide rod so it sat flush. This in turn made the guide rod stick out a little bit on Nero, but I really don't mind. I find it looks better than being 3mm sunken inside the guide rod plug.

2pc Guns Modify black spiral fluted guide rod + Airsoft Masterpiece silver flat long trigger with red base. Just some spare parts I got from a package deal.

NCP91 left - NCEC right

I'm actually super-late on winter prep this year. Normally I'd have done my annual brake service, fluids, and oil spray by now and would just be waiting to swap over the winter wheels. I just don't have the time like I used to. Brake service tomorrow evening followed by rustproofing two or three days after the last wet day, then I'll be good.

No lift oil changes are still king.

For the people who've never seen the menu. I want to try the aloha and yum burger next time.

Cylinder hella fucked on the Striker, causes piston ride off-kilter down the cylinder and seize on the walls requiring full disassembly. Sears are also fuuucked. Looks like @hpairsoft.ca will be getting an order sooner rather than later. This one's gonna hurt 😧

Guy at the front said Jollibee employee hats weren't for sale, but he'd sell me the hat that he was wearing. If I had a $20 on me at that moment I would've offered.

Had to repost this because this was an epic turn of events. FB messenger ftw

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