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  •MendesArmy❤️❤️❤️ • acc since 12/9/2017 🇳🇱 • saw him 5/1/2017 • may 25th 2018🌹🌴 No, I can't lift the weight

this is the worst opening sentence I have ever heard😂😂😂😂❤️

Me But they have to live with it😝😏

Two legends, One picture

Omg i can’t😂😂❤️

Hope u had a great day

Can’t believe he’s 20

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAWN❤️ I remember well that when you were 17, I thought you were getting old. now you're no longer a teenager but 20, 20 years and then already 3 albums! you can be proud of yourself!. You deserve it!❤️I hope you have a great birthday, have fun in Amsterdam! Lots of Love from me,

He is turning 20 in one hour

I am back after 3 weeks Spain, unfortunately I did not have wifi in the past few days. I drove past Amsterdam, not knowing that he was so close. completely depressed now. a translation of google translate because it fails to find the right words now

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