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RAJA রাহমান  junoon || press/media: johnt@ei-pr.com

Man I didn’t even release anything this year lol. Y’all are crazy. Love you all 💙💙
Be prepared for 2019. Ya boy will be everywhere. 🥶🥶

been in album mode for the past year. super excited to kick off #RAJASZN again this Winter 💙
(📸: @ishitamili)

with the man who saved my life 2 years ago 🖤
(📷: @ashxxy)

hey y’all! I just quit my job today. here’s to a brighter future and much more music-making.
also here’s a video of my momma being as cute as she always is. 💙


2018 is less than 30 days away, & I’m already ready to come @ y’all completely different than Gracious. but for now, I hope y’all enjoy my EP ❤️🌶✨
(📷: @trmfotos)

happy birthday to me.
“Gracious” now streaming on all platforms. listen & read more in my bio. 🌶✨
#RAJASZN #GraciousEP

Rahmaan - 'Gracious' EP 💽
• 10 tracks — out everywhere on my birthday, November 29.
• Creative direction by @elevenx29 , photo by @iamdeverano .
••• It's #RAJASZN , hoe. 🌶✨

I'll buy you a Bentley one day. 💙

hey buddy, it's been a while since we last talked... remember when you first messaged me on instagram about asking to work? man honestly i got SO excited, i just never told you hahaha. i immediately called @iamdeverano about it and i swear i was screaming in the phone for at least an hour, it was surreal to me. and then you, me, Dev and @arrigalimedia met, and we pranced around Venice Beach and dealt with schizophrenic homeless dudes and opened a screwdriver smirnoff (lolol), and we even shot a music video... god damn. you literally MADE my summer this year. i was supposed to teach you how to sing, and you were supposed to come stay at my house this winter break so we could kick cans and explore the city. heck, we were supposed to meet way more than just in California... but that's okay. i hope you're in a better place now. i hope all your suffering is gone now. you were and still are truly an angel. the world will miss you lots, because i know i will.

rest in peace Yari Vanessaa, you were a great friend. thanks a lot for the time with you.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

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