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RAHMAAN • রাহমান  rhymes w/ “c’mon.” 💙🇧🇩 | @elevenx29

happy birthday & happy mother’s day to my beautiful Queen 💙💙💙

had a chance to meet with & listen to fellow Bengali @shomipatwary ‘s talk tonight. excuse the bad lighting lol. 💙🇧🇩

so yea go listen to ‘HEAVENLY’ w/ @iamdeverano & @drerodner everywhere now, link in bio!!!! 🦋🦋
shoutout @soundsbyak for the video 💀💀💀💀

Vocals by Rahmaan & @iamdeverano
Produced by @drerodner
Available everywhere, now. ✨
Link in bio. 💙🦋

catch the quick vita coco flex inna studio... and Ishita doin... something... at the end. 😶
HEAVENLY w/ @iamdeverano & @drerodner , available everywhere tomorrow. 💙🌹
(🎥: @ishitamili / @elevenx29)

new music in 7 days, habibiz. be ready. 💙💙
(📷: @andylvlac)

new music in two weeks. I promise this time. for real. seriously. 😐
(📷: @ishitamili , 🎨: @elevenx29)
(👕: @tashm0ney & @shomipatwary)

OSHANTI, a track I featured on with @maximusmmc and @creativekage last year.
Choreography by @ishitamili , filmed by @aaronlaserna , edited by yours truly at @elevenx29 .
Full video in Ishita’s bio. ⚔️⚔️⚔️

jus your friendly neighborhood dumbasses lookin dum as hell as usual 😀

we boutta have some fun, habibiz & habibtiz. new music this month, next month, the month after, and some more fun surprises headed your way. 💙🌶✨
(📷: @saveimage_)

babyboyz lookin dum tired
📷: @ashxxy

hope y’all have been well. new music... this month? what do y’all say? 💙🤭
(📷: @saveimage_)

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