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Just a Minke Whale on a flawless day. #xploreoffshore #minkewhale

Ordinarily not a very interesting video of another magnificent Blue Whale. If you notice carefully there is a length of green poly wrapped around its body. In the other photos are images of the 55 pounds of line cut off the Whale after the line came too close to the rudder and prop of a whale watching boat. Their interest in removing the gear to keep it from the vessel inadvertently cut it free from the Whale. All in all a crazy day for San Diego Whale watching and a local Blue Whale. #entanglement #xploreoffshore #bluewhale

When you work a 13 hour day on the water, you end your day with Ocean LED. #xploreoffshore #oceanled

Sushi anyone? #xploreoffshore

Rissos. Not much to add. They are majestic, almost ethereal. Such a treat.

When your day includes more Mylar trash at least the Happy Birthday balloons are grabbed by an actual birthday boy. HBD George. Great day with the family. 🐬🎂🎈#xploreoffshore #balloonsblow

We parked over a massive bait ball and watched the buffet table feed gulls, sea lions, and Commons for almost thirty minutes today. Water 75 degrees, Air 75 degrees! #bestdayever #xploreoffshore #commondolphin

Today's plastic trash courtesy of presumably more ocean loving people. These from south of the border which add significant Mylar to our Southern California gyre. #Fiesta #hoyestudia #xploreoffshore #balloonsblow

Is it a Sunfish? A resting dolphin? Nope just more human waste from (oddly enough) a marine animal lover. Collectively the whale watching boats and RIBS pull 40 mostly Mylar balloons out of our waters each day. 7 days a week. That's over 14,000 balloons a year due to laziness or ignorance. Such a waste and so preventable through education, deposits, or fines. We should be able to do better. #xploreoffshore #balloonsblow

Yesterday's Humpback trailing fishing gear and a large laceration from the line cutting into her back. So sad #xploreoffshore #humpbackwhales #entanglement

It's only Common dolphin, but they rarely left us for 3 hours today. Pregnant Moms and babies, thousands of dolphin. It's nice to see an environment that we haven't ruined yet. Hang in there little ones. #xploreoffshore #commondolphin

It's getting hard not to get discouraged. Some folks have renounced single use plastic; some folks are embracing their own shopping bags and now for three straight days, I find a Hefty bag full of trash thrown overboard by an idiot. Come on people. Time to catch up. #xploreoffshore #peoplesuck

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