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Today was not a pretty day, but lucky for me, my team is beautiful, amazing, spectacular, [insert any and all great adjectives here], and we were just some really nice people today. 💕 #team1013love

Poppies last night in Tallahassee before becoming an Oxford man

Had a beautiful breakfast picnic at our favorite spot,this morning 💕 #poopieslastweekintally

Tally friends, the day has come where we need to say good bye to this cutie. If you’re interested, DM me! She’s been maintained, and is in pretty good shape-just needs some minor things checked out.

A year ago today, we went to our favorite tree, with all our friends and family, made a promise and threw a party...a year later, I’m still the happiest girl on earth, married to my best friend 💕
Photo cred: @aliciaosbornephotography

Spent the day, yesterday, cleaning up this pretty lady...sad to not be a bus mom soon 😭💕

Just watched @hannah_gadsby comedy special, Nanette. It’s not exactly a comedy, but it’s an amazing story that everyone should hear. Highly recommend 🌻🌻 #yourresilienceisyourhumanity

It’s no longer The Warehouse, but I’m still obsessed with taking its picture

Days that kick your ass deserve to end with beer, feel good tv, silly conversations with your sibs (thanks @natasinpata @rengiforlando & @nicosaxx_x ) and some organizing 😜

Being a beach bum for the day

I’ve been thinking a lot about where I am, the decisions that lie ahead of me, and where I want to be in the future, and I know many others who find themselves at a standstill or at an intense juncture in their lives...here’s a little @stacylondonreal inspiration, shared by @danielvosovic for a little hump day push 💕

This super happy graduate became a Ph.D. this weekend. Seeing his dedication his passions, his commitment to growing and educating himself and others, and just about everything about him, inspires me, motivates me and makes me the proudest lady ever. 😍

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