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v de marco  day dreamer//maker of pretty stuff//part-time flower child//UO1013//pretty much living in a fairytale


Am I doing this “Sunday funday” thing right?

Roses are red, denim is blue...I’m not good at rhyming, but you should def pass by urban outfitters in Tallahassee to customize some denim, snag some deals and garb a free beer 😉 @uoflorida

A year ago today, we decided to get married! Spending the night celebrating love with my favorite human 💕

Friendly reminder from @oyemathias

When pretty coffee makes your Monday sparkle ✨ @magdastallahassee

The party’s over...

The light in me honors and reflects the light in you 💕 namasté

More bday surprises! I am one lucky lady!

Cultivo una rosa blanca, en Junio como en Enero, para el amigo sincero que me da su mano franca. Y para el cruel que me arranca el corazón con que vivo, cardo ni irrigo cultivo, cultivo una rosa blanca.

I share my birthday with a Cuban revolutionary, polyglot and academic. He wrote this poem, about cultivating peace and love in the face of those who harm us- an unbelievable strength to possess and a beautiful lesson to teach. It made my heart smile to see all the white roses at the grammy’s.

More of today’s magic 😍

Had the most magical day today! Definitely feeling like a Disney princess 👑 thank you @tulichediak & @achediak for surprising me! 😍

Vacay victories with a cameo from Betsey

Living my best bubble gum punk life thanks to @taradise1988 and the miracles she performs 💕 #notcoolenoughtobecourtneylove

Last year I joined thousands of people across the globe as they marched for equality. We’ve had many conversations, as a global community, since then-about rights, consent, standards, etc. Let’s continue to nurture each other, even when that requires some tough love and guidance, so that we can all learn to respect and be respected as equals. Image reposted from @alexisrusselljewelry

Thinking today of the man who taught me to love the ocean, who taught me to be brave, who inspired my love of politics and knowledge, who taught me to always try to be better and who believed in me more than I ever have...viejuco, I don’t think I’ll ever liberate Cuba, but I’ll always work harder, try harder and love more because of the lessons you taught me so many years ago. Happy birthday to the man with the lizard earrings and the funny sneezes 💕

#timesup on “know your place”, “smile more”, “accept the compliment”, “you’d be so pretty if you tried”, and the million other ways we tell women, since they’re young, that their worth is measured by how beautiful and docile they are. Say what’s on your mind, don’t smile if you don’t want to, read, be informed and become involved. I wear black today in solidarity. @timesupnow

Snowy Florida rooftops

2017 brought me so many amazing surprises, so many challenges, so much growth and so much love. Here’s to hoping 2018 brings me more of the same! Happy New Years everyone 💕

I’ve been doing a lot of learning and growing lately, and this is one of the most difficult ones. Repost from @emberandaura

Wishing this spectacular little human the most amazing birthday!!! #tialoveshertinydancer 😍

36 hours of laughs, hugs, too many rounds of cards against humanity, soooo much food and some of my favorite people (and animals) on the planet. Feeling extra lucky today 💕

I’m so excited for these two, I can’t even begin to express it. It makes me so unbelievably happy to know my baby sister found a partner to share life’s crazy adventures with that makes her smile so much! @natasinpata & @rengiforlando love you both so so much! Also, super excited I don’t have to avoid you so as to not blow the surprise! Photo cred: @aliciaosbornephotography

Jolly AF

After a few weeks of challenges, I end today feeling centered, happy and full of love, thanks to some truly amazing people...I am one lucky lady.

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