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Today is #peaceday and our current state of affairs leaves a lot to be desired, so let's all start a ripple effect, do one nice thing today...spread some love πŸ’•

Sick days=experiments with wire... #whatcanidowiththis #earringscomingsoon


Tbt to the most magical day, on a super not great day...hope everyone is staying safe in Florida! #FUIrma

Immigration policy is a complicated issue, with far-reaching ramifications, i understand that, but my country is supposed to be the land of opportunity. Our president is working to overturn the dreamers' act, punishing young people for their parents' desperation or lack of resources. Those of you who support this decision, check out this picture...it's from CNN, it was taken in a part of Venezuela very close to where I grew up...this is the reality in a lot of these places...it's not a reality here, this is why immigrants come to the United States, the land of opportunity, the land of stability, the home of the just and the brave. #isupportdaca

#aboutlastnight thank you to everyone that made yesterday so amazing...still walking on clouds today...

Doin this shit!

Flower spam 😍😍😍

When the big day is almost here and you're slowly losing your mind... #almostmarried

I'm seven days, these very emo kids are making the biggest promise ever, before so so many loved ones...I cannot wait, I could not be happier!

@taradise1988 's magic: forever the only reason I'll take a selfie lol! Thank you for making my day, lady!

The events of this past weekend, in Virginia, have broken my heart. Let us all embrace one another and continue to show love, acceptance and open mindedness, in the face of hatred. Repost from @refinery29

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